Novaform vs. TempurPedic Comparison Reviews 2020

Are you a fan of memory foam? If that’s the case then you better not miss out the interesting parts in this article. What we have here right now are both candidates for producing the best memory foam mattresses. Whether you’re a Novaform or a TempurPedic fan, we’ll see which one deserves the crown. Read on and see how each excels on different aspects of our comparison.


  •  At a glance:More affordable 
  • Headline: Novaform is a popular brand that produces a wide range of memory foam mattress on the market. But what made them more popular are their affordable price tag no matter how firm or big is the mattress.


  •  At a glance:Premium foams 
  • Headline: For a “mattress like no other”, Tempur-Pedic it is. Tempur-Pedic mattress responds to unique body shape, weight, and temperature with 2x more pressure-relieving power than other mattresses.
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Quick Synopsis

Before we dive into a deeper comparison between these two mattress brands, let’s see this quick synopsis first:

Quick Comparison


When the price is a big factor for you to consider, Novaform is the more affordable option over Tempur-Pedic.


Both mattresses offer different levels of mattress firmness from soft, medium, medium-firm, to firm. However, you will only get the Medium Hybrid firmness at Tempur-Pedic.


Novaform is a memory foam mattress company while Tempur-Pedic offers both memory foam and hybrid mattresses.

Novaform Mattress

Best For:

  • Hot sleepers who usually suffer from sweating a lot
  • Back, side, and stomach sleepers who want a consistently cool mattress for additional comfort
  • Anyone who wants a memory foam mattress at an affordable price
  • Memory foam lovers with different firmness levels
  • Sleepers who need extra support or additional pressure point relief

Novaform Gel Memory Foam 3 Inch Mattress Topper Queen Size Bedding

Mattress Construction

First thing’s first, we will focus on Novaform’sSerafina Pearl firmness since this brand offers lots of mattresses. Besides, this is also the only mattress from Novaform that is available in different firmness levels. This 14 inches gel memory foam mattress contains different layers of foams to ensure its durable construction and longevity. The first layer is a 2-3 inches ComfortLuxe Gel-Pearl technology which keeps the mattress cool whenever necessary. Unlike regular memory foam mattresses, it can keep you at your ideal sleeping temperature all night with this technology. The second layer is 3 inches CustomWave Foam which provides a customized level of comfort and support. This is due to its ability to adapt and respond to your movements even if you’re on your back, side, or stomach. At the same time, it ensures the mattress’ breathability and proper airflow while you sleep. Now, the third layer is 8-9 inches support foam which provides therapeutic support and superior mattress stability. Instead of CustomWave Foam, the Plush version contains LURAcor Air Channel Foam which adds more softness to the top layer. This layer can also contour and respond individually to you and your partner’s movement with unmatched support and weight distribution. The air channels are also designed to enhance its comfort level by maintaining the proper airflow through the mattress.

Pressure Point Relief and Proper Spinal Alignment

Of course, NovaformSerafina Pearl is topped with a quilted cover that is specifically tailored with intricate details. Its high-performance fabric gets rid of moisture to make sure that you feel cool and comfortable throughout the night. Also, all 3 layers of Serafina Pearl mattress work together to gently adapt to your body curves. This is where the magic of this gel-infused memory foam mattress works by relieving pressure points. While this mattress gives your joints a break, it also helps promote proper spinal alignment. Thus, you can sleep better without feeling pressure on your joints, neck, shoulders, back, hips, and knees. You can also avoid tossing and turning to wake up feeling more fresh and energetic.


Unlike TempurPedic mattresses, Serafine Pearl is available only in a couple of firmness levels from Soft, Medium, to Firm. Thus, this gives TempurPedic an advantage when it comes to offering more choices for firmness level. If you want a softer and more breathable mattress for a plush feel, we recommend the Soft version. But if you want a thicker layer of support foam for deeper support and superior stability, get the Firm version. For something in between, the Medium version is a must if you want to experience the “just right” feel. But if you’re looking for a combination of foam layers and a coil layer, only TempurPedic can satisfy you with that. They got a hybrid mattress that combines the comfort and support level of foams and coils.

Tempur-Pedic Mattress

Best For:

  • Sleepers who want to sleep on a premium mattress
  • Anyone who wants a wide range of memory foam and hybrid mattresses
  • Sleepers who have existing back issues and need more back support
  • Couples who need more edge support to avoid anyone falling out of bed
  • Customers who are willing to invest in a pricey but durable mattress that can last for more than 5 years

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProForm Supreme 3-Inch Queen Mattress Topper

ProAdapt Construction

Just like Novaform’sSerafina Pearl mattress, TempurPedic’sProAdapt Series contains multiple layers of foam. Its Medium version has a SmartClimate Dual Cover System which is a next-generation technology that features a zip-off enclosure. It has a cool outer layer and a stretchable inner layer to provide you with comfort and convenience. Its Original TEMPUR Comfort Layer is designed with advanced adaptability to provide a customized level of comfort and support.

Of course, its TEMPUR-APR Support Layer is made to ensure a deeper and more refreshing sleep. This is due to its most pressure-relieving material though it is 2 inches thinner than Novaform’sSerafina Pearl mattress. For the Soft version has TEMPUR-ES Comfort Layer instead of the Original TEMPUR Comfort Layer. This one provides a softer feel which works well with its other layers to increase its more relaxing support. For the Firm version, it has a TEMPUR-APR Comfort Layer for a more pressure relieving feeling and rejuvenating sleep. Its Support Layer is made from Original TEMPUR with premium quality to provide more flexible comfort and support. This is good for those who want the best of both worlds in a single mattress.

Medium Hybrid

This is the biggest advantage of TempurPedic over Novaform which focuses on memory foam mattresses only. This hybrid version of TEMPUR-ProAdapt combines the benefits of both foam and coil mattress. Just like the Soft version of Serafina Pearl, it has the SmartClimate Dual Cover System, TEMPUR-ES Comfort Layer, TEMPUR-APR Support Layer, and a Hybrid Technology. This Hybrid Technology consists of more than 1,000 spring coils with premium quality.

TempurPedic Support

Depending on the firmness level you prefer from the ProAdapt Series, the availability of size may vary. But when it comes with support, TempurPedic mattresses can provide more, especially on the edge support. Its memory foam can slowly soften under your body weight while it conforms to your body curves. This creates the sinking feeling just seconds after you lay your body on the mattress but not too much. If you want a premium mattress with more back and edge support, you might enjoy sleeping on a TempurPedic mattress. Just remember that not all Soft, Medium, Medium Hybrid, and Firm mattress feels the same for every sleeper. The Novaform’s Soft Serafina Pearl mattress might be softer than TempurPedic’sProAdapt Series’ Soft version. We can’t decide that for customers so it is up to you to try both yourselves.


Regardless of the firmness level, you prefer for the NovaformSerafina Pearl mattress, you can only choose from 3 sizes. This includes the Queen, King, and California King. Depending on the size and firmness level, the price tag may range from $599.99 up to $949.99. Given that this mattress is 14 inches thick and made from high-quality foam materials, its price is still affordable. Meanwhile, TempurPedic’s 12 inches ProAdapt series is available in more firmness levels including the Medium Hybrid version. At the same time, this series is available in more sizes. These include the Twin, Twin Long, Double, Queen, King, Split King, California King, and Split California King. Its price tag ranges from $2,499.00 up to $4,998.00 with Twin as the least price and the Split California King with the highest price. Both brands and models have a big difference in their prices as well. Despite offering thinner memory foam and hybrid options, TempurPedic mattresses are more expensive. TempurPedic also offers shorter warranty period which puts 10 years of limited warranty only on its mattresses. But, its return policy includes up to 90 days of night trial. On the other hand, Novaform mattresses have up to 20 years of limited warranty on all its mattresses. If you want a longer warranty, we’d say go for Novaform mattresses. But if you want a free and longer return policy, go for TempurPedic.


Memory foam is no doubt one of the most popular mattresses today in the market. It is softer and more versatile than the traditional innerspring mattress. But since there are already lots of memory foam mattresses out there, we know that it can be overwhelming. To help you reach your final verdict, we’re here to give you some keys which can narrow down your route. First, how firm do you want your mattress to be? Both Novaform and TempurPedic offer Soft, Medium, and Firm mattresses. However, TempurPedic is the only one that offers a Medium Hybrid mattress. Second, do you want an additional layer for support? TempurPedic offers a hybrid mattress with combined the memory foam and coil springs. Third, do you sleep alone or with someone? If you sleep with someone or even with just your pet, you need more edge support which TempurPedic can offer. Fourth, do you want a mattress that retains a comfortable sleeping temperature all night? Novaform offers gel-infused memory foam mattresses that can keep you cool all night so they’re also ideal for hot sleepers.

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I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.