Amerisleep vs. Purple Comparison Reviews 2021

Purple and Amerisleep are two popular mattress brands because of their unique features. So if you’re confused about which one is the best pick, we’re here to help.

Through this comparison review, we will help you find out which one is more worth it to purchase. Does color matter when it comes to mattresses? Read on to get the answers you want.

Amerisleep Mattress

  •  At a glance: High-performance and eco-friendly American-made mattress  
  • Headline: Since 2010, Amerisleep has led a sleep revolution that promotes the evolution of better sleep. Acclaimed by Allure, Forbes, Inc., and AdWeek, Amerisleep is indeed one of the best mattresses that you can buy online.

Purple Mattress

  •  At a glance: Ultimate no-pressure and eye-catching mattress   
  • Headline: From creating wheelchairs, the Pearce brothers invented Hyper-Elastic Polymer and had more than 30 cushioning technology patents. These patents led to the creation of the Purple Mattress that promotes advanced cushioning technology.

Quick Synopsis

Not a fan of reading long posts? No worries. Here’s a quick overview of the points that we will cover in this review:

Quick Comparison

  • Price – Purple is more affordable than Amerisleep
  • Warranty – Amerisleep offers a longer warranty period than Purple
  • Feel – Both have a medium-firm feel but Purple accommodates more types of sleepers

Of course, these are not the only points that you can get from this review. We also prepared a quite hefty part which contains all the important details about the Amerisleep and Purple Mattress.

Amerisleep Mattress

Best For:

  • Anyone who wants an eco-friendly mattress
  • Side, back, and combo sleepers
  • Those who prefer a more supportive and durable mattress
  • Sleepers who want an all-foam mattress
  • Hot or cold sleepers

AMERISLEEP AS3 Memory Foam Mattress

Amerisleep offers five mattresses in its collection which range from soft to firm. Each mattress is designed to target a specific type of sleepers from AS5 to AS3. So for this review, we will review the best seller model from Amerisleep which is the AS3 mattress.


Acclaimed by huge names in the industry, AS3 is the most popular mattress from Amerisleep. This mattress model consists of 3 different layers that make up its 12 inches profile. So, let’s start with its cover which is made of Celliant technology that is approved by the FDA. Compared with other types of mattress covers, this technology includes 13 Thermo-reactive minerals. These minerals reflect the body’s heat as infrared light which helps increase the flow of blood. Therefore, its cover alone can help you enjoy a more rejuvenating sleep. Aside from this 21% part of the cover, its fabric also has a blend of 77% and 2% spandex. These materials complete its high-performance cover that showcases Amerisleep’s signature minimalist look. Peeking under its cover, AS3 has a layer of Bio Pur foam that has a more advanced construction. This is the layer that is responsible for the mattress’ bounce and fast response. Thus, you can never complain about feeling stuck into the mattress regardless of your preferred sleeping position. Underneath this foam is a transition layer that is responsible for ensuring that floating feeling and offering more comfort. This Hive transition layer is also designed to adjust more freely according to your sleeping position. Finally, its third and thickest layer is made of Bio-Core base foam which provides long-term support. This layer makes sure that you can make the most of your investment in a sag-free and eco-friendly mattress. To match its 20-year warranty, Amerisleep replaces petroleum with natural plants to create this base foam.


Known as the best-selling mattress of Amerisleep, this model offers a perfect blend of softness and support. Engineered using advanced and proprietary materials, the AS3 mattress offers versatility that other brands can’t match. With a medium-firm feel, this bed comes in handy for side, back, and combo sleepers. If you’re a stomach sleeper but prefer that “just right” feel, this mattress is suitable for you. Since it bounces back into its original shape in less than 5 seconds, no need to worry about feeling trapped. No wonder Forbes called it as one of the “masterpieces of midnight melatonin replenishment”. Crafted in America with long-lasting comfort, Amerisleep designed this bed to target pressure points and offer relief. This means that it is built to last for decades with just enough soft spots and backed by two decades of warranty.


Based on the mentioned level of comfort level and materials of the mattress, AS3 has a very supportive construction. For instance, its Bio-Pur foam can contour to your unique body curves for comforting support. Meanwhile, its Hive transition layer delivers targeted support and pressure point relief so you can sleep peacefully in perfect alignment. This is thanks to its additional support under your legs, back, and head to keep your spine properly aligned. If you need more cushioning under your hips and shoulders, this transition layer can also ensure that to prevent/ease body pains.

Temperature Regulation

Compared to traditional memory foams in the market, the AS3 mattress offers a cooler sleeping surface. As a matter of fact, it is 5x cooler due to its plant-based Bio-Pur foam which has an open-cell design. This design allows more air to pass through the mattress, especially your excess body heat to avoid sweating or any discomfort.

Purple Mattress

Best For:

  • Shoppers who seek an affordable mattress
  • Back, side, stomach, and combo sleepers
  • Hot sleepers with allergy issues
  • Couples who need a motion isolating technology
  • Those who weigh 230 pounds or less

Purple Queen Mattress

If Amerisleep has 5 unique mattress models, Purple has 3 mattress models only. These models include the Purple Mattress, Purple Hybrid, and Purple Hybrid Premier. But for now, we will focus on the original model which is the Purple Mattress.


The Purple Mattress is almost as thick as the Helix mattress with a 10 inches profile. Its thick profile is built with 3 layers of materials. Starting with the cover, the mattress has a new Soft Flex fabric with a super-soft wave knit design. This knit fabric has a combination of 67%, 29% polyester, and 4% lycra materials to maximize the benefits of Purple Grid. Under this cover is the popular Purple Grid that is laterally has a purple color. This hyper-elastic polymer with non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder coating is 2 inches thick. Next to this Purple Grid is a layer of polyurethane foam with 1.8 pounds density and 3.5 inches height. Since this is part of the “dual-layered” comfort foam, it is followed by another layer of polyurethane foam. This final layer with 2 pounds density and 4 inches height serves as the base layer that adds stability to the mattress. Most importantly, this mattress comes with 10 years of guaranteed full warranty under Purple and hypoallergenic properties. Thus, you can make the most of the hard-earned money you invested to get a new mattress.


The Purple Mattress has a medium-firm feel which is specially designed to support your back without breaking your pocket. Its combination of high-density foams and hyper-elastic polymer allows it to accommodate different types of sleepers. Whether you like sleeping on your back, side, stomach, or all of the above, this mattress helps you sleep better. It can conform to your body and promote spine alignment while you sleep. With its patented technology, sleeping on this mattress will also give you that “floating” feeling. Not only that, but Purple Grid also allows the mattress to provide sufficient comfort that can match ordinary mattresses.


When it comes to the supportive layers of the Purple Mattress, it has a thick base layer to handle that. Its dual-layered comfort foam has a combination of soft and responsive foam on top of firm support foam. It also has the Purple Grid to back it up and flex dynamically under pressure while cradling your hips and shoulders. This delivers a balanced “no pressure” support to help improve your sleep. Even side sleepers who usually end up on or near the edge of the bed can tell how great its edge support is. Built to last for years with the help of its high-density foam, this Purple Mattress is 100% made in the USA. However, other large stomach sleepers may find it a little uncomfortable since it can be prone to sagging.

Temperature Regulation

Nobody wants to wake up to that uncomforting feeling due to night sweats. But whether you are a hot sleeper or cold sleeper, the Purple Mattress will do. Designed to deliver all your needed comfort, this mattress comes with a Soft Flex cover that enhances the Purple Grid layer. This fabric has a breathable design that promotes better air circulation through the mattress and prevents trapping heat.  Meanwhile, its Purple Grid has an open construction design where air can pass through with the help of its versatile cover. Even your excess body heat can escape from the mattress to keep your mattress cool.


For the differences between Amerisleep and Purple, the first to consider is its construction. Both mattresses have foams but only the Purple Mattress has a unique hyper-elastic polymer material that handles different functions. Its versatility makes it more convenient for a wider range of sleepers, especially because it has motion isolation technology. When it comes to price, the Purple Mattress costs between $649 (Twin), $1,399 (King and Cal King), and $1,498 (Split King). Meanwhile, the AS3 costs between $899 (Twin), $1,699 (King and Cal King), and $2,098 (Split King). Based on these figures, it is easy to tell that the Purple Mattress is more budget-friendly than the AS3. Purple also prides itself on offering hypoallergenic mattresses.  However, AS3 beats Purple with its eco-friendly materials and FDA-determined Celliant cover. Amerisleep also offers a longer warranty period which is up to 20 years while Purple offers up to 10 years only.


Are you ready to make a purchase? No pressure. We can help you make your final decision using these guide questions:

Are you a fan of green mattresses?

If you prefer a green mattress over other models in the market, AS3 is a great mattress to invest in.

Do you want a more flexible and long-lasting mattress?

If yes, then the Purple Mattress is a great choice. It’s cool, supportive, and durable on a budget.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.