7 Best Foldable Mattresses-2022 Product Reviews

A foldable (or folding) mattress is a highly portable mattress that you can easily store and move around. Think of the possibilities! You can pull it out when you have overnight guests to make sure they get a comfortable night’s sleep. You can even take it with you on camping trips or road trips so that you can enjoy your vacation feeling more rested. Compared with a traditional mattress, a foldable mattress is also a more affordable option. It is available in different bed sizes, thickness, makes, and storage sizes. Read on to learn more and know how to spot the best foldable mattress on the market.

Top 7 Foldable Mattresses on Amazon in 2022

#1. Milliard Memory Foam Foldable Mattress, Twin (Editors Choice)

As the Editor’s Choice, this Milliard foldable mattress is filled with memory foam that makes it very comfortable to sleep on. From camping to accommodating extra guests, this is a great option to provide quality sleep. Its foam retains its shape longer than other foams thanks to its unique construction. Designed with 3 folds, this thick foldable mattress has a removable cover made from soft bamboo. The bamboo cover has an anti-slip bottom that keeps it in place. Since it is removable, it is also easier to clean than those with a sewn-on cover.


  • Weighs 28 lbs with 78 x 38 x 6″ product dimension when flat and 38 x 26 x 18″ when folded
  • 4 ½” polyurethane foam with a medium level of firmness supports 1 ½” layer of spongy soft memory foam
  • Tri-fold design makes it easy to carry around and store in seconds
  • Jacquard ultra-soft bamboo top removable cover gives it a soft and comfortable feel
  • Breathable mesh sides keep the foam ventilated by allowing proper air flow for a cooler sleep
  • Superior high-density construction keeps its shape

For those who are looking for a tri-fold mattress designed to provide a soothing feeling, this is it. As our Editor’s Choice, this foldable mattress is indeed one of the best products that combines memory and polyurethane foam.


  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Easy to set up and to store
  • Great for camping, sleepovers, and traveling
  • Ideal for feeling a balanced softness and body support
  • Perfect for both heavy and light sleepers


  • Not made from 100% memory foam
  • Does not include a handle for portability and can be a little heavy for some

#2. D&D Futon Furniture Foldable Mattress, Twin (Budget Pick)

This foldable mattress from D&D Futon Furniture is a fast selling product. Available for less than $200, customers can take advantage of its affordable price. Perfect for studio apartments, it works as a bed when laid flat open and as a small sofa when folded. It's light, small size when folded makes it easier to move around.


  • Weighs 23 lbs with 78 x 32 x 6″ product dimension when flat and 30 x 32 x 12″ when folded
  • 23″ backrest makes it ideal as a foam sofa in living rooms or in bedrooms
  • 8 lbs premium density foam keeps its resilience and durability for years of usage
  • Tri-fold design makes it easier to store and to transport
  • Durable fabric cover made from 100% polyester material protects it against dust, moisture, and other environmental elements
  • Zippered enclosure guarantees the foam’s safety and the ease of removing it for cleaning

If you are looking to buy something that is multi-functional, our Budget Pick is a top candidate. Aside from being an affordable product, it’s versatility and quality make it suitable for everyone. We love how its materials stretch well and take longer to wear out. However, we don’t recommend it to tall users due to its small size.


  • Easy to set up and to convert into an instant foam couch
  • Great for watching TV, taking naps, reading, and playing console games
  • Allows easy storage and transportation when folded
  • Easy to clean removable cover


  • A little short for adult sleepers with long legs
  • Not ideal for side sleepers since it may cause shoulder pains

#3. Best Choice Products Foldable Mattress Topper, Twin (Best Foldable Guest Mattress)

The polyurethane foam is made from materials that are tried and tested to be durable and long lasting. Its high density foam is also designed to contour to the body shape for a more comfortable feeling all night. Its convenient design with tri-fold and built-in handles make it hassle-free to store and to transport. Just leave it for up to 72 hours after you unbox it until it reaches full size. It makes a great guest bed that can easily be stored out of the way when not in use.


  • Weighs 14.5 lbs with 75 x 39 x 4″ product dimension when flat and 39 x 26.75 x 9″ when folded
  • 100% made from polyurethane foam that is CertiPUR-US Certified and free from chemical ingredients that cause health issues
  • Removable and machine washable mattress cover makes it easier to clean and tumble dry in regular dryers
  • Tri-fold design allows it to be stored neatly even in small storage rooms
  • Built-in handles let you carry it anywhere you need it

We recommend this as the Best Foldable Guest Mattress with high density foam because it won’t disintegrate or bulge over time. It is also great for light sleepers since it fights off discomfort with its thick foam mattress. We also like that it is super lightweight and portable for various uses.


  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Machine washable with regular detergent soaps
  • Can be tumble dried on low heat
  • Constructed with a convenient design
  • Ideal as a floor sofa, camping bed, or a portable bed for guests


  • Comes with the “new product odor”
  • Might require a topper to be more comfortable

#4. Olee Sleep Foldable Mattress Topper, Twin (Best Foldable Mattress For Small Places)

Ideal for all ages from kids to adults, this is no doubt the Best Foldable Mattress for Small Places. Filled with a smaller foam, it is also lightweight so you can easily move it or store it without a hassle whenever you have guests. Its 4" memory foam provides enhanced comfort and support that doesn’t deform easily even after years of use. Most importantly, the mattress cover is high-quality and removable.


  • Weighs 10.58 lbs with 75 x 25 x 4″ product dimension when flat
  • Memory foam topper serves as a support to provide a soothing feeling while asleep
  • Tri-fold design makes it convenient to use in small rooms as well as in camping sites
  • Removable mattress cover allows for easy washing
  • Zipper lock system secures its foam inside while keeping the dust, allergens, and irritants away


  • Compact and made from long-lasting materials
  • Comes with an advanced compressed package technology
  • Easy to clean in a regular washing machine
  • Can be tumbled dry on low heat


  • Requires airing after removing it from the box
  • Doesn’t provide enough support for heavy sleepers and side sleepers

#5. LifeSmart Memory Foam Foldable Mattress, Twin

This passed as the Best Foldable Mattress for Tall People that is available in Twin size. A 6" combination of luxurious memory foam and a durable foam base provides support and comfort. It’s also folded and vacuum packed when delivered with a carrying strap for portability.


  • Weighs 25 lbs with 78 x 38 x 6″ product dimension when flat
  • 5″ of 3 lbs memory foam is works together with its 4.5″ foam base that serves as a support
  • Constructed to provide therapeutic benefits and comfortable support for all users
  • Tri-fold design allows you to sleep in any comfortable position indoors or outdoors while camping
  • Luxurious high-density memory foam with carrying strap offers nothing but unrivaled comfort and convenience


  • Easy to clean and to maintain its firmness level
  • Thick and comfortable to sleep on with or without a bed frame
  • Enclosed by a machine washable and dryer-safe mattress cover


  • Not ideal for users with joint issues
  • Not as thick as expected and can be too soft for some users

#6. Cozzzi Foldable Foam Mat, Twin

If you’re looking for a foldable mattress that is lightweight and multi-functional, check out this Cozzzi foldable mattress. Aside from being a portable bed, this also works as a mattress for a kids’ playroom. When it comes to fitness, it can be used as an exercise mat for yoga and Pilates. It is hassle-free to set up and fold for storage thanks to its tri-fold design. It also has a removable cover that you can throw into the washing machine to clean.


  • Weighs 14.9 lbs with 75 x 39 x 4″ product dimension when flat and 31 x 26 x 12″ when folded
  • Versatile design allows it to be used as an exercise mat for yoga, Pilates, and gym
  • Mattress cover made from high-quality materials comes with a high density inner foam construction
  • Memory foam construction provides therapeutic effects while providing optimum support and comfort
  • Zippered enclosure protects the mattress from dust, moisture, and allergens


  • Very compact and easy to use anywhere
  • Lightweight and portable with a space-saving design
  • Comes with a removable and machine washable mattress cover
  • Folds easily and fits in tents, car trunks, and closets


  • Comes with a strong odor once removed from the box
  • The mattress cover texture is a little rough

#7. MaGshion Sleeper Chair, Twin

Designed to be convenient and comfortable, this foldable mattress from MaGshion is one of the best-selling folding products today. Aside from having a portable design, it also comes in various colors to match any decor. Its cover has a zipper so you can remove it for cleaning. Most importantly, its plush mattress is perfect for everyone from kids to adults.


  • Weighs 12 lbs with 70 x 36 x 5″ product dimension when flat and 36 x 40 x 10″ when folded
  • Multipurpose design lets you use it as a foldable mattress or chair
  • High density foam pad made from polyurethane gives it a plush feeling
  • 100% made from polyester mattress cover keeps the mattress clean and safe against environmental elements
  • Zippered lock system makes the cover easy to remove for cleaning


  • Great for outdoor use
  • Comes with a built-in pillow when used as a mattress
  • Convertible to a comfy couch when folded
  • Ideal for the guest room, living room, studio, playroom, and family room


  • Can be too firm for some users
  • Starts to develop an indent after months of use

Buying Guide for the Best Foldable Mattress

A foldable mattress is a great investment if you have lots of visitors or like to take road trips or go camping. Now you can find a mattress that is comfortable for you or your guests at an affordable price. Check out this handy guide to know what to look for when it comes to buying one:

  • Size

First things first, you can’t get away with this whether you are buying a bed mattress or a foldable mattress. If you are using it for guests, consider where you would put it and how much space is available. If using it personally when travelling, will it fit in your car or in your tent when extended? If the space is not an issue, the next thing you need to consider is capacity. How many people do want to fit on the mattress? You can choose a Twin, Full, Queen, or even a King, depending on if you need to fit just one, a couple, or even a few at a sleepover.

  • Thickness

Some folding mattresses can be too thick or too thin for people’s liking. If you yourself are uncomfortable with a foldable mattress that is too thin, don’t let your guests use it. Opt for a medium thickness for comfort, budget, and ease of storing. Its thickness may also affect its durability and a thicker mattress takes longer to go flat.

  • Foam

When you’ve finally decided about the size and thickness you want in your mattress, consider the construction. Most foldable mattresses are foam, but you can check the quality and materials used as these vary from mattress to mattress. The most common types of foams that are used in foldable mattresses are the polyurethane foam and memory foam.

  • Cover

The cover protects your mattress from dust, allergens, irritants, and from getting damaged. It can also protect the mattress from getting wet or absorbing moisture if it is waterproof. Depending on the brand and style, you can find a foldable mattress with either a sewn-on or removable cover. A removable cover comes in handy when it’s time to do the laundry. You can easily remove it and throw it in the washing machine and dryer.


It’s never too late to find the best foldable mattress. Perfect for camping and making road trips a bit more comfortable, it is also a great emergency mattress for keeping your visitors comfortable over-night. It is one of the best space-saving solutions. As simple as that, you can easily store it out of the way (or use it as furniture depending on the model) without it taking up too much space. Be sure to follow this guide and don’t hesitate to return here for more details.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.