6 Best Futon Mattress Product Reviews 2022

Are you struggling to spot the best futon mattress? In that case, then we have just what you need. After all, it is a bit challenging to spot the best deals with the huge number of options on physical and online stores. Thus, we already prepared the things that every buyer need when it comes to hunting futon mattresses. In this guide, we will share to you our top 6 futon mattresses that are currently available on the market. At the same time, we will help you know the most important things to consider when shopping for the best futon mattress.

6 Top Futon Mattress Reviews 2022

#1. DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress, Full

Experience how ultimate comfort really feels like by investing in this Editor’s Choice as one of the best futon mattresses. This thick mattress is made with superior construction to ensure its durability and quality. It is filled with a combination of an independently encased coil system and a CertiPUR-US Certified high-density foam layer. Thus, rest assured that its entire construction’s quality and durability is truly exceptional to meet your guests’ needed comfort. Moreover, each encased coil works independently and responds only to the pressure that is directly applied to it. Thus, its motion transfer is reduced while its equal weight distribution helps relieve pressure points along the neck, shoulders, hips, and back.


  • Weighs 59 pounds with 75 x 54 x 8 inches product dimension
  • 8 inches profile with a supreme comfort level that can ensure your guests deep sleep all night
  • Smooth and luxurious mattress cover that is made from microfiber has tufts and suede-like design that allows it to display an appealing aesthetic
  • Independently pocketed 15 gauge coil system allows it to distribute weight equally by conforming to any body shape
  • Standard spring coils provide a consistent level of support and proper balance to the entire mattress
  • A combination of quality polyester and foam layers between the cover the coils provide an optimal level of comfort

Even though it is not the most affordable futon mattress on the market, it is still one of the best-sellers. It has an impressive coil system that gives it enough firmness and support as a bed or as a sofa. At the same time, its additional foam gives it a comfort layer to reduce the feeling of coils. Furthermore, it has that simple yet stylish and luxurious look that we really like.


  • Helps relieve pressure points
  • Compatible for as a bed or as a couch mattress
  • Available in up to 9 rich different colors in Full size
  • Specifically designed to fit on any full sized futon frames


  • The mattress cover is removable but not washable
  • The corners and side edges sag sooner when used as a sofa mattress

#2. D&D 3 Inch Futon Furniture Gray Shikibuton Trifold Foam Mattress

Especially defined as a portable futon mattress, this Gray Shikibuton foam bed comes as handy on different occasions. It is filled with high-density foam that is resilient and guaranteed to last for years. It comes with a tri-fold design which allows you to fold it into a smaller piece of foam mattress. Since it weighs almost nothing, it is easier to carry and move it around the house or on a trip. As a product that is proudly made in the USA, you can make sure that is constructed using high-quality materials. Thus, it is perfect as a getaway mattress for your guest room and trips.


  • Weighs 8 pounds with 75 x 27 x 3 inches product dimension
  • 3 inches profile with a supreme comfort level that can ensure your guests’ deep sleep all night
  • Filled with 1.8 pounds of high-density foam that guarantees a more resilience that can last longer
  • Enclosed by fabric that is made from 100% Polyester Poplin fabric with a tri-fold design that can be removed and washed
  • Met all requirements for fire safety under safety code 16 C.F.R. Part 1633 to ease your worries
  • Designed with a space-saving size that can fit in perfectly in small rooms and move it around without a hassle

For a portable mattress that costs less than $100, this sure is a great investment. Thus, we recommend it for those who love to do picnics and want a comfy bed to chill on. It is also a great emergency mattress in case you run out of bed for your guests. You can just spread it out on the floor and use a mattress cover take a quick nap.


  • Enclosed by a removable and washable mattress cover
  • Guarantees durability and affordability
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Meets all requirements to make it fire-proof
  • Great for guest rooms, massage, picnics, and other purposes


  • Too narrow to provide an ample amount of space to move
  • The inserts are harder to put back in its washed mattress cover

#3. D&D 3 Inch Futon Furniture Cotton/Foam/Fiber Traditional Japanese/Thai Floor Rolling Futon Mattresses

If you want a compact futon mattress that you can fold and hide after use, this D&D product is a great option. It has the traditional Japanese futon style and construction so you can prepare it easily whenever you have guests. In case you don’t have a futon or bed frame, you can simply lay it on the floor. As a versatile mattress, you can also use for various activities like yoga, and exercise. It’s also a great cushion for the living room, studio room, kids’ room, and mobile houses. Filled with 1 layer of cotton, foam, and polyester, this is surely a must-have fluffy mattress for everyone.


  • Weighs 15 pounds with 80 x 30 x 3 inches product dimension
  • 3 inches profile with a firm but supreme comfort level that can enhance your guests’ sleep all night
  • 1 layer of 90% cotton filling provides it with extreme softness
  • 1 layer of 1 inch foam provides reinforcement to its cotton layer
  • 1 layer of polyester fiber makes it a nice and cost-effective natural fiber alternative
  • Versatile construction makes it compatible on various futon, bed frames, or even on the floor
  • Pure black color conceals any stain that it might collect over the years of use

Without too much effort, customers can make the bed for their guests in no time using this Japanese futon mattress. It’s cost-effective, lightweight, foldable, and hassle-free to store in cabinets, unlike the traditional mattresses. It’s also a must-have for those with spare daybed, platform bed, and other kinds of bed frames.


  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Easy to move and carry around for picnics and camping
  • Comfortable to use on various activities
  • Offers a very soft and fluffy feeling even when placed on the floor

  • The polyester fiber layer tends to break down sooner than natural fiber
  • No ideal for some who need more back and side support

#4. EMOOR 3 Inch Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress Classe Made in Japan, Twin

Can’t find the best futon mattress that can allow you to enjoy a deep sleep? Designed as a traditional Japanese futon, this product from EMOOR is a must-have Japanese mattress. It is perfect for those who prefer a thinner mattress without sacrificing its softness and firmness level for support. Unlike other models, its pad is not sewn on its outer fabric which allows it to provide gentle back support. It can be used on the floor, on a frame, or even on top of another mattress as a topper. Most importantly, it contains anti-tick, bacteria, and odor chemicals to keep it fresh.


  • Weighs 11 pounds with 39 x 83 x 3 inches product dimension
  • 3 inches profile which contains anti-bacterial Quaternary ammonium salt and anti-tick Pyrethoid chemicals to keep it safe for everyone
  • 100% cotton outer fabric with 200 threads and 100% polyester filling and pad maintains its firmness level
  • Consists of 2 layers of soft polyester quilt on the top and bottom plus a firm polyester pad layer in the middle
  • Sandwich quilting design makes it firm enough to provide gentle back support


  • Can be used as a solo mattress or as a topper
  • Provides sufficient support and a filling that wraps on the body gently
  • Fits on different frames and on the floor
  • Fluffs up easily and doesn’t contain any bad smell


  • A little pricey compared with other brands and models
  • Contains non-washable materials

#5. Home Life 8 Inch Independently-Pocket Coil Premium Futon Mattress, Full

Manufactured by a widely renowned brand, this DHP futon mattress offers an affordable mattress alternative that is very versatile. It contains foam that a high-grade layer of polyester and foam ensure its softness and impressive comfort level. Its foam layer doesn’t contain any PBDEs, TCEP, ozone depleters, lead, mercury, and heavy metals. In addition, it is low in VOC emissions so it is pretty safe even for kids. At the same time, it contains a 15 gauge coil system with over 500 individually wrapped coils to ensure its support. Thus, you don’t have to worry about sagging issues right away.


  • Weighs 60 pounds with 75 x 54 x 8 inches product dimension
  • 8 inches profile and a Full size that perfectly fit on a wide range of futon or bed frames
  • Microfiber fabric cover makes it a more comfortable sleeping environment with its soft feel
  • 15 gauge individually wrapped coils with 522 coil counts allow it to provide efficient support and comfort
  • High-quality foam and polyester layers sandwich its independently encase coils to prevent them from poking out


  • Budget-friendly and ideal for guests, kids, and dorms
  • Great for sitting and sleeping on it regular
  • Can retain its shape, support, and feel for years
  • Thick, supportive, and highly durable


  • May require more strength to fold up with its thick profile and coils
  • The coils may start to poke out after a couple of uses

#6. Serta 8 Inch Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Futon Mattress, Full

This Serta futon mattress is 100% made in the USA and available in 6 different colors in Queen size. With an 8 inches profile, it is a great alternative for a traditional innerspring mattress. Though it costs higher than other futon mattresses, you don’t have to doubt its durability as it is made by one of the top mattress brands in America. Its true box casing design enhances its 2 layers of 1 inch foam layer between the mattress cover and coils. Thus, its 4 inches of innerspring is sandwiched by a blend of heavyweight cotton fiber with 3 layers. This way, you can enjoy better support and comfort with its blend of lightweight but durable materials.


  • Weighs 118 pounds with 80 x 60 x 8 inches product dimension
  • 8 inches profile with CertiPUR-US Certified foams regulated by the CPSC to ensure that it is free from any phthalate and formaldehyde
  • 4 inches of 255 individually wrapped coils complete its innerspring core to experience the traditional mattress-like support system
  • Cottonique fibers surround its foam layer to provide extra comfort
  • Tufted design with 18 polyester nylon tufts gives it enough stability
  • True box casing structure completes its Cypress signature among Serta’s mattresses


  • Resilient and supportive but lightweight
  • Constructed without any harmful materials
  • Contains a foam layer that has low VOC emission
  • Safe for kids’ and other activities indoors or outdoors
  • Available in different cover choices


  • May fell uncomfortable for some users with existing hips and back pain
  • Some may contain a bad chemical smell

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Futon Mattress

Since futon mattresses come in different types with various sizes and designs, the option is quite confusing for first-time buyers. Each type of futon mattress comes with a unique feature and characteristics that help boost its quality. But if you want to find the best futon mattress that suits your needs, you have to know the basics. So, these are the important things that you should consider before you buy a futon mattress:

  • Purpose

First things first, how often do you intend to use your futon mattress? How often do you receive a guest at home to crash on your mattress? If you often receive a guest or guests, you should definitely consider a high-quality mattress to cushion them. This will help you make sure that they will always be comfortable whenever they sleepover. But if you don’t usually get a guest, then it’s fine to invest on a less expensive futon mattress. There are coil filled and foam filled futons that you can choose from.

  • Design

Unless you don’t really care about how your futon looks like, this aspect should be part of your list. As mentioned earlier, not all futon mattresses are the same. Aside from having unique features and characteristics, their design or aesthetics can also differ. In this case, consider how you want your futon bed should look like and would look like after a few years. Foam filled futon mattresses are popular for its looks and quality.

However, it may tend to sag sooner and lose its shape over time. Thus, they are very common on futons that are mostly used as sofas only instead of as a bed. On the other hand, coil filled futon mattresses may also lose its shape over time and have its coils poking out. If you don’t change it after a couple of years, it will start to poke can leave body pains.

  • Size

Whatever kind of mattress you want to buy, size always matters. Can you squeeze in a Queen or even a King size futon mattress and its frame in your guest room? Unless you have a very spacious room to fill, then you better consider the exact size that you need. For a replacement mattress, you have to take the exact measurement of your futon’s frame before you buy one. Regardless of the size you want to get, it should fit the room nicely.

  • Thickness

Futon mattresses vary in thickness just like regular bed mattresses. Thin futon mattresses are quite common on metal frames while thick mattresses are common on wooden frames. This is due to the fact that bulky wooden frames tend to feel more uncomfortable when partnered with thin mattresses. But at the end of the day, your choice will still depend on your personal preference. The important thing is that its thickness should match the quality and structure of its frame.

  • Mattress Cover

To enhance the quality of your futon mattress, your mattress cover should be considered too. The best futon mattress should not only have a quality coil spring or foam inside. It should also have a decent cover that can make it look and feel better. The more luxurious it feels on your skin the better. Depending on the mattress cover you prefer, you can choose from different colors, textures, and design. If you’re lucky, you can even get a futon mattress with a water-resistant cover.

  • Comfort

Among the given points above, this is something you should never forget. Everything will definitely be pointless if your futon mattress is not comfortable. This is the main reason why other people say that “comfort is everything”. If your futon mattress is not comfortable at all then you might as well sell it or throw it away. As long as it feels comfortable, your guests can relax their body and sleep better. Thus, your guest can surely compliment you for your wise choice and shopping skills.


Have you made up your mind yet about the best futon mattress to buy? A futon mattress is known as one of the most versatile options on the market. Even though it is commonly used as couches, it is popularly known for being used as a bed as well. Thus, it is a great solution for simply chilling, taking a nap, or having an overnight guest in your house. Depending on the futon size that your guest room can accommodate, a single or a small family can surely fit. On regular days, you can always use it as a couch mattress which makes it a very practical choice.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.