10+ Best Mattress under $500: Full Buying Guide 2019

Any best full size mattress under $500 offers a beautiful medium for sleeping. Besides, these provide solutions to various problems that arise out of awkward sleeping pattern. People suffer from various ache problems that occult from malign methods adopted in the sleeping procedures.

Several ache issues in stomach, back and cervical positions are seen to occur whose reasons lie in using sleeping mediums that does not go with the body pattern.

Health experts suggest best mattress for under 500 after a study of preferred sleeping pattern, correct posture to make these a suit for body and provide perfect solution to physical problems.

Top 10 Best Mattresses In A Box under $500 on Amazon in 2018

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Top 10 Best Mattress under $500

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra, King Size 12-inch Medium Firm Cooling Gel MFM with Luxury Form Pillow, Certipur-US Certified plus 20-Year Warranty


This unique form of mattresses is built up to ensure perfect sleep. It is designed with a 2.5 inches of Premium air flow visco foam on top of an inch of gel infused memory foam, with 8.5 inches of extra thick high density support base. The foam used in it is deep, dense, solid and comfortable and the mattress provides a luxuriating feeling of child-like pamper. The cradling comfort provided by the visco foam is able to heal all sorts of ache and muscle soreness arising owing to bad sleeping posture. The gel MF in the middle gives out breathability and thus intriguing a state of extreme relaxation.

Live and Sleep
  • The mattress provides a huge support with the 8.5” of high-density support base
  • The medium firmness of these mattresses is encompassed with an unyielding softness applicable for all body types.
  • The manufacturer has enough confidence to serve the product with a 20-year warranty
  • The innovative cutting off of mediocre people has enable the company to offer the product at factory direct prices and thus the product is offered at most economical prices
  • No off-gassing is experienced from this mattress even in the initial stage
  • The good king mattress under $500

  • Buyer has to purchase the Box-springs as it is not provided with the product
  • The mattress tends to sink at the edges, though this advantage has been tried to offset with the firm base and comfort offered by soft cushion
  • Gel memory foam used in the middle lacks the cooling effect

DynastyMattress NEW! 14-Inch Grand Cool Breeze GEL Queen Mattress


This product is an intellectual blend of foam and gel that takes comfort to a new level. The conforming and contouring enables a personalized sleeping. This gel beads infused mattress provides the ultimate combination of comfort, support, pressure relief and effective air flow that effectuate cooling sleep at night. It is a medium firm mattress that is suitable for people with normal condition as well as existing back issues. The brown suede corners and zipper cover intuit chic appearance to the mattress. The induced memory foam is effective in absorbing any movement and correct the motion disturbance caused to partners. This is best queen memory foam mattress under 500 in 2018

  • This is constructed in layers and the 4-layered construction has imparted quality and durability to mattress
  • The mattress rank high in safety precautions and providing fine edge barrier
  • The product comes with a whopping 20 years limited warranty and 120 day trial offer
  • It offers all benefits of a tempurpedic mattress and is offered at a great price for sufferers of back pain
  • The look of the mattress is gorgeous and it provides with more sleeping surface than any conventional innerspring mattress

  • An off-gassing is experienced while opening the shipment that takes a few days for complete decomposition

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Infused MFM – Medium Firm Feel


This mattress provides the best shot of comfort when the price is concerned. It has a munificent 4-layer bamboo charcoal plant-infused best seller. It has been there for a few years, and became popular among the seekers of comfort and durability. This bamboo charcoal has enormous good effect to sensitive skin. This is hypoallergenic; it is antimicrobial too thus preventing mites and allergens. The foam is 100% CertiPUR-US® certified. The open cell structure of the Lucid increases breathability to ensure there is no overheating which could result in an uncomfortable body temperature during sleeping. It combines breathability with curve-conforming support. It keeps spine in a neutral position, ensuring extreme comfort.

lucid 12 inch
  • The product is offered with 25 year warranty
  • There is no off-gassing experienced with this product
  • No motion transfer is possible with the induction of memory foam
  • The mattress is breathable thus enhancing comfort
  • It is offered at an user-friendly price

  • Too firm for some users
  • The cover is not designed properly – as is prejudiced
  • The composure is heavy making it tough for rounding up

Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, Cal King


This 14” Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress provides the best combination of mattress technologies and ensuring the best sleeping experience. The infused Swirl Gel Memory Foam layer makes certain of an ideal sleep temperature, the ViscoLatex layer adds additional foam comfort, and the iCoil Springs provide pressure relieving support and reduce motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep. It is provided with a cover that gives comfort with Foam and Fiber Quilted Poly Jacquard. The mattress takes some time for regaining to original shape after opening of shipment. The products is CertiPUR-US certified that guarantees durability and the absence of heavy metals and harmful chemicals. See: Zinus Mattress Review

Zinus 14 inch memory foam hybrid mattress
  • This mattress provides a medium firm feel
  • Infused gel memory foam induce superior comfort and ensure good quality sleeping experience
  • Provided with a beautifully knit cover
  • All these products are covered with CertiPUR-US certification
  • Products are covered with an warranty of 10 years
  • Zinus is best hybrid mattress under 500.

  • Some users complain about the ultimate heaviness. It causes problems to transfer the mattress from one room to another
  • A mild off-gassing is experienced when the shipment is opened

Classic Brands Cool Gel MF 12-Inch Mattress, King


The manufacturer is committed to excellence. So it planned to make a mattress that offers a combination of support, coolness and an ultra softness. The mattress offer best of luxurious feels thus craved coupled with an ultimate sleep experience that is most deserving. This luxurious mattress is beautifully tailored with a knit fabric cover with waterfall edges and charcoal gray side panels. It is succumbed with three layers of infused cool gel, breathable poly foam and high-density base foam that function in dispersing heat to keep the user feel comfortable all night. It conforms to body thus reducing pressure points making the new morning a refreshed one.

classic brands cool gel
  • The mattress helps the user to remain cool throughout the night
  • There is a unique pressure point relief
  • The deep compression support ensures minimal transfer of motion
  • It is antimicrobial and dust mite resistant
  • There is no noticeable off-gassing experience
  • This product is offered with a 25-year warranty

  • No fixed trial period or warranty is offered by the manufacturer
  • Seems too firm for some sleepers

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch MFM with Quilted Cover, Made in the USA with a 20-Year Warranty – Queen Size


The designer wanted to shape a design that will provide real solutions for better quality sleeping experience. Thus an innovative SureTemp technology is used to make this mattress. It helps users to stay cool while they sleep. The patented memory foam utilizes next-generation open cell technology that improves air circulation to maintain a comfortable body temperature. It helps to reduce restlessness and thus the sleeper experience no turning and tossing. H/She wakes up rejuvenated in the next morning. By dint of an advanced recovery technology, this mattress looks and feels like new every single night.

sleep innovation
  • This mattress is one of the common mattresses made in the USA
  • It helps to relieve pressure from points like hips, back and shoulders
  • The unique conforming capacity help in proper alignment of spine
  • The reducing ability of motion transfer and disturbance has helped it be a perfect choice for couples
  • Users enjoy the presence of washable luxurious polyester and cotton blend mattress cover

  • Extra sophistication has made the product dearer
  • An off-gassing is experienced when the shipment is opened.

Signature Sleep 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, King


This Memory Foam mattress is specially known for its capacity to encompass the comfort of memory foam. It is a mattress that minimizes pressure on the body, and provides a balanced sleep support. It can create a perfectly personalized and balanced form around the body. This mattress is certified under CertiPUR-US certification. It emits Low VOC. The body weight gets an even support that helps in relieving pressures focused on the shoulders, hips, and feet. It helps to eliminate motion disturbance too. All these combat to provide a unique and unprecedented sleeping experience. This MFM provides lasting comfort with a dense foam core ensuring years of unbridled durability. It is provided with a zip-off mattress cover made of soft breathable fabric.

signature sleep
  • This mattress has a capacity to eliminate motion transfer thus reducing and eradicating partner’s disturbance while sharing a bed
  • The certification under CertiPUR-US enables the user to know that the mattress is healthy and free of harsh chemicals.
  • The Low VOC emission ensures improved air quality
  • The high-quality foam is durable. An expectation can be made that the mattress will last for sew years before sagging
  • There is a limited warranty of one year against manufacture defects provided by the manufacturer

  • Some of the new users may find this mattress a bit firmer
  • Flipping is not possible, rather required, as this is a one-sided mattress. Frequent cleaning is required
  • Some of the products do not regain its original shape at all after opening the shipment

Tuft & Needle Twin XL Mattress & 1 Standard Pillow


This mattress is made from a combination of supportive foams and is suitable for any sleeping position. Since, the mattress is made in USA, it is confirmed that it is a quality and well-made product. It has a medium thickness thus not going to be too soft or firm. It is best active under increased pressures. The mattress is expected to get preference from those people who enjoy firmer mattress that offer right amount of cushioning for comfort. The universal comfort range of firmness of this mattress is 6.5. This is best mattress in a box under 500

tuft and needle with pillow
  • This mattress has been designed by chemists and scientists to ensure extreme comfort and support for various shape of body
  • This mattress automatically adapts to body, embanking in comfort
  • The motion transfer experience is minimal
  • The materials used are of uncompromising quality including Tuft and Needle adaptive foam
  • The cooling properties of the gel and graphite combination ensured cool sleep experience.
  • This mattress is priced far below the competitive rate

  • Available in online only
  • Complaints are there for extra firmness
  • The starting time of enjoying benefits may take longer than one month

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Arctic Dreams 12″ Cooling Gel Mattress Made in the USA, Short Queen


The Arctic Dream Cooling Gel Mattress likes to eradicate the heat effect experienced by using regular memory foam. This mattress utilizes advanced visco-elastic foam called Energex. This sort of visco-elastic foam provides a new and energetic alternative to conventional memory foam that retains all of the advantages of visco but devoid of the slow recovery. These type of foams are themselves hypoallergenic. These are mold and mildew proof, dust mite resistant, and antibacterial. This mattress is made of three separate layers – top, middle and bottom. The top layer is made of 0.75” of super soft foam that induce a softness felt as soon as contact is made with the mattress. It helps to reduce pain and relieving pressure. The breathability helps in the reduction of heat retention. The middle layer is made of Energex gel foam that is infused with cooling gel. This cooling gel absorbs body heat and prevents the mattress from overheating. The bottom layer is composed of 6.25” of support foam. It provides support for the top layers and induce compression support, making it ideal for heavier sleepers too.

arctic dream mattress
  • This product is offered with a 10-year warranty and 90 night trial period
  • It is certified under CertiPUR-US certification
  • Being made in the USA, level of quality of used materials can be assured of
  • There is absolutely nil heat retention
  • Offered at a economical price

  • Mild off-gassing is experienced after opening of the shipment
  • You are not liable to try before buying

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Sweetnight 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress, CertiPUR-US Certified, Queen Size


This exclusive 10” mattress is styled with the ingenuous three-layer foam. The layer 1 is constituted with 2” gel infused memory foam that helps to regulate temperature. Layer 2 is comprised of 5” comfort foam with split 3 design that releases pressure points and give a balanced contour. The level 3 has 3” HD support foam that is endowed with deep-down support. The great motion isolation helps in eliminating motion disturbance to partner. This mattress is a natural side-designed one. It is offered with breathable top layer and knitted cover

  • This product is offered at the most economical price
  • It is certified under CertiPUR-US certification
  • Being made in the USA, level of quality of used materials can be assured of
  • It is made for various body weights and sleeping positions
  • Adequate support from 10 inches thick mattress foam helps the user avoid tossing and turning at night.

  • Mild off-gassing is experienced after opening of the shipment
  • The mattress has to wait for 3 days for regaining its original plush shape

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Best Way to buy perfect Mattress

When there is time for purchasing a new mattress, there must be consideration against the variety and prices. Abrupt contemplation is to be made about the preferred sleeping style and body configuration too. Best consideration is to be made for support and comfort level and cooling effect as these are mandatory to have an arduous sleeping experience. The following layers may make a better purchase:

  1.  Foam layers that constitute a hybrid configuration and made with several inches thickness will constitute a better bedding
  2. Mattress with more coils is better. A variation like hourglass with continuous wire and individually pocketed springs will form a clustered bed
  3. Gel infusion is a necessity. This layer is buried beneath other layers and provides an additional cooling effect ensuring cooling sleeping experience
  4. Mattress containing an extra lumbar support are said to help back sleepers. But, the effectives are not tested positive.
  5. Price level will definitely effect the purchasing decision. But, before going for price consideration, it is imperative to know that the chosen mattress goes with body vernaculars and preferred sleeping position of the sleeper
  6. The most injurious effect is brought about with the habit of comparison shopping. It is often stressed that material with almost same composition, construction and firmness are likely to provide with similar advantages. But, this have sometimes proven entirely wrong. Manufactures are often inclined to advertise about their mattress with false information and thus the shopper is misguided. Thus, it is best to go with any specialist’s recommendation, especially when the case is medical.


As observed from the discussion about the best queen size mattress under 500, I am obsessed to say that each one is gifted with virtuous properties. All are, in some way, provide good and quality sleeping experience. Many of them provide healing solution from back, neck, stomach ache, arisen due to faulty sleeping principles. Thus, the recommendation is to consult the seller with the details of sleeping, issues to get the best suited product.


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