Best Murphy Beds on the Market Reviews 2022

In the current trend toward eco-friendly, multi-use furniture and living spaces, the Murphy bed is a classic solution which has seen developments and improvements in recent years. Whether you are looking for a stow-away bed for yourself in a small apartment space, or want your guest room to be multi-functional space that is usable even when you don’t have guests, it is worth looking into a Murphy bed option. Compared with traditional beds, Murphy beds can be folded away in the wall or build in cabinet after use. It is not only ideal for saving space but can be stylish addition to your sleek decor. To ensure its safety features and smooth operation, it is built with a simple but improved mechanism. Its folding mechanism and lift mechanism ensures that your bed won’t accidentally unfold or cause damage. These are the top 5 Murphy beds that we recommend:


Top Murphy Bed Reviews 2022

#1. Night & Day Furniture Murphy Cabinet Bed with Mattress, Cherry, Queen

Are you having some trouble with fitting a bed in your room or even getting it up the stairs to your apartment? The Editor’s Choice Murphy Cabinet Bed is a great solution. Folding the mattress and its frame discreetly inside the cabinet is the easiest way to solve your problem. You won’t have to search separately for a bed frame or mattress. Instead, you get a 3-in-1 investment which can give you a stylish cabinet, a foldable bed frame, and a mattress. Once converted into a cabinet, it’s easy to move around the room where you need it.


  • Weighs 205 lbs with 83 x 64 x 41″ dimension when unfolded and 63.5 x 23.7 x 41.1″ when folded
  • Supports up to 500 lbs with solid hardwood construction
  • Gel-infused premium memory foam mattress with innovative tri-fold design makes it more comfortable
  • Spacious rolling storage cabinet hides its Queen Size bed and mattress to look as tidy as possible when not in use
  • Higher sleep platform allows under the bed storage
  • Shallow sleep enclosure allows its mattress to be exposed when used as a bed
  • Built-in dual power/USB module makes it easier for you to charge your cellphone and other gadgets without getting up

You can receive it fully-assembled to save time. It also comes with 2 complete sets of drawer knobs. You can decide whether to use the wood or metal pewter finish according to your personal taste and room decor.


  • Easy to love with lots of advanced features
  • Provides a built-in dual USB module
  • Space-saving and fits under a window
  • Easy to move around when needed
  • Hassle-free to set up since it arrives fully assembled already
  • The tri-fold mattress is excellently sewn together



  • Not available in Full Size beds
  • Can be a little expensive compared with other Murphy bed models

#2. Bestar Wall Bed with 107” Set: Two 21” Storage Units and Doors – Edge, Queen

Do you want a complete set of cabinet, bed, and open shelves? This Queen Size wall bed from Bestar requires at least 92.5" wall clearance when unfolded. Its design makes it perfect for guest rooms, home offices, condos, lofts, and studio apartments. You can maximize the space and convert your room into an office or even a training room once it’s folded up and out of the way. Once folded up, it looks like a large cabinet with metal handles and shaker-inspired trims. To unfold it, just pull the handle and flip the support leg down to the floor. No need to use too much energy, its dual-piston mechanism takes care of the hard work.


  • Weighs 587 lbs with 20.1 x 107.1 x 89.4″ product dimension
  • 7 x 56.6 x 18.2″ when the bed is folded up and 85.3 x 56.6 x 18.2″ when unfolded
  • Designed with a minimum of 115.4″ floor clearance and 91.3″ ceiling height
  • Supports up to 1,000 lbs with solid hardwood construction
  • Accommodates most standard mattresses with Full Size (75 x 54″) that are 8-10″ thick and weigh 60 to 90 lbs
  • High-density laminated particle board compliant with Carb phase 2 guarantees its quality
  • Euroslat mattress support increases your comfort level while sleeping
  • Dual-piston lift mechanism allows it to fold up and down in just a few seconds without requiring heavy lifting

This is one of the most convenient and stylish beds in this list. To reduce the time spent in preparing the bed, we can simply leave on all the bedding except the pillows. Then, simply fold it up to make room to accommodate visitors in the morning.


  • Easy to install and convenient to use
  • Delivered with 100% recyclable packaging products
  • Ideal for all kinds of rooms with small spaces
  • Guaranteed to be made from high-quality laminated wood
  • Doesn’t require the use of a box spring for mattress support


  • Requires at least 2 people to assemble it
  • Doesn’t include the mattress in the package

#3. Bestar Wall Bed 95” Set: 1 Storage Unit with Drawers – Pur, Full

Available in a Full Size, this Pur wall bed comes in a huge cabinet design. Aside from its modern moldings and shaker-inspired trim, it is designed with metal handles and a chocolate finish. Others won’t suspect that a bed is actually hidden inside thanks to its looks. Though it doesn’t include a mattress, it comes with a complete bed frame and lift mechanisms. This includes the dual-piston lift mechanism, Euroslat mattress support, and its folding legs. The Euroslat foundation provides efficient support and resilience to your mattress even if you don’t use an innerspring mattress. It requires a minimum ceiling height of 86.3" and 85.3" wall clearance when unfolding the bed.


  • Weighs 610 lbs with 94.4 x 83.7 x 18.2″ product dimension
  • Requires 85.3″ wall clearance when the bed is unfolded and extended into the room
  • Accommodates any standard Full Size mattress up to 10″ thickness and 70 lbs weight
  • Complete kit includes a Full Size wall bed and a 36″ storage unit with a set of 3 drawers
  • Combination of cabinet style and bed adds multi-functionality even in the smallest room
  • Euroslat mattress foundation increases its support and comfort level
  • Dual-piston mechanism makes it easier to assemble and to fold/unfold when necessary
  • Modern molding, Shaker-inspired chrome handle, and a chocolate finish give it an elegant look

This Murphy bed from Bestar is a good example of an innovative bed that provides a great space-saving solution. For those customers who can fit in a Full Size bed, we recommend this one to maximize their space.


  • Easy to assemble and to install
  • Includes all the necessary hardware in the box
  • Doesn’t require a box spring
  • Ideal for small but multi-functional rooms for busy people



  • Doesn’t include the mattress in the package
  • Requires at least 2 people for the assembly

#4. Atlantic Furniture Nantucket Murphy Bed Chest with Charging Station & Mattress, Queen

The Nantucket Murphy bed may look like an ordinary chest but it can actually fit a Queen Size mattress. In fact, it already comes with an included mattress that is made from folding memory foam. You'll also like the built-in charging station which makes it more convenient and advanced compared with traditional beds. Moreover, it folds into a compact chest to maximize your space or move it to a different location with ease.


  • Weighs 332 lbs with 24.5 x 63.8 x 41″ product dimension
  • Crafted from premium hardwood to ensure its quality and durability
  • Includes a thick, folding standard memory foam mattress that fits perfectly in its frame
  • Designed to hold a maximum weight capacity of up to 400 lbs
  • Modern/contemporary style with satin-finish helps it to blend in smoothly
  • Extra large storage drawer adds to its essential features
  • Built-in charging station allows you to recharge your devices without getting out of bed


  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Crafted with the premium hardwood materials only
  • Hassle-free to move around
  • Folds into a compact and space-saving wooden chest
  • Can be placed under the window and other tight spaces


  • Some holes weren’t placed correctly
  • Some screws are not long enough to lock the side panels into the top panel

#5. Bestar Wall Bed 115” Set: 2 Storage Units with Drawers – Versatile, Queen

The Versatile wall bed is part of Bestar’s collection which aims to transform customers’ sleeping and working area. Wherever you look, this bed displays the brand’s excellent job on combining beauty and practicality to make a versatile product. It has melamine finish and crown molding which boosts its appeal. It has a dual-piston mechanism which makes it easier to fold or unfold while its Euroslats provides an efficient mattress support system. Installing the front panel as one of the final steps makes it easier to mount to the studs on the wall. However, your ceiling should have a minimum height of 91" to raise its bed during the installation. 93" is required for the crown molding.


  • Weighs 789 lbs with 114.8 x 89.9 x 22.6″  product dimension
  • Accommodates any Queen Size mattress with 60 x 80″ dimension
  • All surfaces have durable melamine finish that are scratch, burn, and stain resistant
  • A gorgeous crown molding
  • Complete kit includes the Queen Wall Bed and 2 (25″) storage units with a set of 3 drawers
  • Euroslat mattress support system increases its comfort level while its dual-piston system makes it easier to operate
  • Requires 93.4″ wall clearance and 9.5″ floor clearance when unfolding it


  • The bookshelves can be detached easily
  • Combines beauty and practicality
  • Doesn’t require a box spring for mattress foundation
  • Easy to assemble and to operate


  • Doesn’t include the mattress
  • Not all parts were labeled which may make the assembly longer

How to Choose the Best Murphy Bed

Since Murphy Wall-Beds was founded in 1975, it’s now one of the most sought brands in the panel bed hardware. Over the years, Murphy Wall-Beds Hardware Inc. continually evolved into a fully integrated company with world-class wall-bed products. Its products include a wide range of elegant and space-saving bedding solutions that can satisfy both residential and commercial customers.

So, here are some handy tips on how you can choose the best Murphy beds to complete your home-sweet-home:



Obviously, one of the main reasons why customers opt for Murphy beds is because of its space-saving solutions. However, while the bed being stowed away may make your room feel much bigger, make sure it can accommodate the bed extended as well to be truly versatile. Queen-Size beds require at least 10 x 12 to 10 x 14 ft. so you can still have some room to move. The size of your room and the bed you want is the first thing to include on your checklist. It might also help if you check the brands’ size chart and see which is the closest to your requirement.


Admit it. Style is one of the most important factors that are part of the list when shopping. Whether you are a fashion aficionado or not, you should still consider the style when choosing a Murphy bed. Murphy beds come in various styles which include:

  • Basic Murphy beds
  • Sofa beds
  • Desk beds
  • Bunk beds
  • Revolving bookcase beds
  • Freestanding beds


You are not the only one who can benefit from the unique design and functions of Murphy beds. When not in use as a bed, what will be most useful for you: cabinet storage, a book case, a sofa? Even your pets can use Murphy beds since the brand also designs slender cabinets that transform into a tiny bed. You can hide your pet’s bed when it is not in use and make it look like an ordinary cabinet.

Folding Mechanism

Murphy beds use 2 types of folding mechanism: horizontal and vertical folding:

  • Vertical folding mechanism – this is the most commonly used mechanism in Murphy beds. This starts from the foot then extends up to the ceiling whenever it is unfolded. If you opt for this type, you should get the measurement of your bed and ceiling first before ordering it.
  • Horizontal folding mechanism – this type is more suitable for bigger rooms with lower ceilings. Unlike the vertical folding mechanism, this covers the width of your wall when it is open or unfolded, requiring a bigger room space.


Aside from the mentioned mechanisms above, Murphy beds’ mechanism has two other classifications:

  • Piston lift mechanism – this is specially designed to withstand everyday use. This is used to ensure that the bed will not accidentally come down until you lift its legs. You have to unlock this mechanism first so the bed can be lowered accurately and slowly. Its mounted charged pistons work quietly to balance the weight of your bed and mattress. You can find this mounted to the sideboards and the bed box.
  • Spring lift mechanism – this mechanism and its swing arm is mounted directly to the sideboards of the bed. The bed frame is attached to the bottom face of the bed while bolted to the swing arm. This mechanism ensures that the bed frame remains solid and steady.


Regardless of the size and style Murphy bed you like, be sure that you set a budget. This will not only help you narrow down your search but also avoid overspending.


Did you find this post helpful? Murphy Wall-Beds Hardware Inc. is aware of the fact that we are all unique. The company made sure that they have various kinds of beds that customers can choose from. Whether you want a Basic Murphy bed, sofa bed, or any other style, the company can certainly offer you something. You just have to remember the tips that we gave above so you can find the best Murphy beds. Buying the best Murphy bed doesn’t always mean spending a lot. Overspending is often not the solution to get the right bed. As long as you know what you really want that suits you best, you’re good to go.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.