Best Storage Beds Product Reviews For 2022

Storage is one of the first things that people think about when settling into a new apartment/condo/house. But for those who don’t have enough room for additional cabinets, it can be a challenge to find more storage rooms. To help solve this problem, storage beds were introduced in the market. Its designs may not be that attractive for others but it sure is practical regardless of the size of your room. In fact, there are already storage beds that are available in more stylish looks today. Some have 1 or more drawers while some may have a hydraulic lift up storage area underneath the mattress. Thus, this guide will help you find the best storage beds that can match your needs and your preferred storage beds

8 Best Selling Storage Beds Reviews For 2022

Coaster Home Furnishings 200609Q Hillary Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers, Queen

This storage bed can bring a touch of elegance into any bedroom with its contemporary style. As the Editor’s Choice, we consider this bed as an excellent combination of style and functionality. If you’re looking for a great product to invest in, this Hillary Collection is a must-have. It is stunning with polished detail on every corner. It has 4 drawers in the footboard which has a rounded front. It also has 2 more drawers on each side of the bed that is designed with curved panels in front. Lastly, it has a warm brown finish that enhances the beauty of its maple veneers.


  • Weighs 332.73 pounds with 600 pounds weight capacity and 92.25 x 63 x 56 inches product dimension
  • Complete with a Queen Size storage bed that stands 56 inches from the floor, a headboard, footboard, and slats
  • 12 pieces of wooden slats with spring-like construction provides superior to the mattress where kids can even jump and bounce
  • 2 middle drawers are designed with faux velvet which makes it a great place to store things some small items
  • 8 huge drawers around below the mattress are big enough to store some shoes, pants, and shirts
  • Cubby holes on both sides of the headboard drawers work as a shelf

Made from premium materials, this Coaster bookcase storage bed beats conventional models to stand up on the market. Aside from its superior mattress support, it has lots of storage areas around the bed. With its practical and stylish design, we recommend this for those who love the wooden accent in their bedroom. But despite its minimalist design, it can still be a bit bulky for others. Otherwise, it’s a great buy for its price.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Made from very sturdy and solid wood parts like veneer for the drawers
  • Provides spacious and versatile storage areas
  • Robust drawers can be pulled easily with metal knobs to store heavy items


  • Requires more time to unpack and clean up than the actual assembly
  • Very bulky and heavy to move
  • Can be a bit high for other users

Baxton Studio BBT6423-Light Ainge Contemporary Button-Tufted Fabric Upholstered Storage Bed

Finding a modern storage bed that has a modern and elegant look can be a bit challenging sometimes. But with this storage bed from Baxton Studio, you can have both with an additional space to store some items. It is designed to match a modern home’s contemporary architecture with its Pastel shades. Its entire frame is covered with a high-grade grey fabric that gives it a fancy touch starting from the headboard. Its headboard is made from rubberwood frame and its core is reinforced by metal slats and 2 center beams. Most importantly, it has 2 storage drawers that are big enough to fit in some bed covers and pillows.


  • Weighs 184.8 pounds with 87.8 x 97.8 x 48.2 inches product dimension
  • True platform bed with 47.58 x 82.29 x 8.19 inches headboard, 16.58 x 2.34 x 89.7 inches side rail, and 16.58 x 2.34 x 82.29 footboard
  • Wooden slats are 15.33 inches high from the floor while each leg is 3.75 inches high
  • Light beige fabric upholstery covers the entire wood frame made with rubber for a contemporary look
  • Button tufted headboard filled with foam padding adds a touch of elegance and comfort to the bed
  • 2 storage drawers in the footboard provide storage space while keeping a neutral design

Storage beds may not be the first thing that buyers would think of when buying a new bed frame. However, it is actually a great investment regardless of the amount of space in their bedroom. Thus, we recommend this Ainge model for those who want a touch of elegance in a functional bed.


  • Combines fashion and function to come up with a modern neutral style
  • Designed to be durable yet still affordable
  • Provides easy access to its storage drawers
  • Doesn’t require an additional box spring for mattress support


  • Lacks enough storage if you need to store bigger items like suitcases
  • One customer complained about its padding’s nasty smell

Discovery World Furniture 2821-2893 Merlot Collection Bookcase Captains Bed with 6 Drawers, Full

With warm and rich color, this Captain storage bed from Discovery World Furniture comes with a solid wood bed frame. Its Merlot lacquered finish on the entire frame provides long-lasting protection and sleek look. Aside from having a simple yet sleek design, it offers flexible storage options to match your storage needs. You can also use its headboard as a nightstand with multiple shelves to store a lamp, remote, and more.


  • Weighs 167 pounds with 83 x 60 x 49.2 inches product dimension
  • 100% made from solid and sturdy pine construction with a deep Merlot finish
  • Steel hardware connections provide it with superior stability and durability
  • Bed headboard includes a lot of storage spaces that can function as bookcase and storage for your alarm clock
  • 6 drawers on one side of the bed offer additional storage area for clothes, chooses, extra bed sheets, and others
  • Open side of the bed can fit in large bags and other containers for additional storage
  • Slat kit comes with 11 pieces of wooden slats that provide mattress support without the need of a box spring

Designed and constructed under the Consumer Product Safety Commission ASTM 1427-07 regulations, this one is a reliable bed. Since this comes in Full Size, we recommend this to kids’ bedroom. Its drawers are perfect for keeping their toys neat and hidden from plain sight.


  • The assembly process is easy
  • All 6 drawers glide easily with less effort to push and pull them
  • Ideal for keeping the contents of your dresser to save space
  • Made from high-quality pine wood to guarantee its quality


  • Lacks enough support in the middle part which is not covered by the drawers
  • The construction quality is somewhat questionable

DHP 4071049 Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage, Queen

Are you looking for a trendy hydraulic that can fit on a small budget? This Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed can give you what you need. It has a soft and tufted headboard that you can lean on whether you’re watching TV, reading, or playing games. It also has spacious storage that’s hassle-free to lift due using a gas lift mechanism. Thus, you can store all your unused clothing, quilts, and even boxes with bigger items.


  • Weighs 146 pounds with 62.5 x 85 x 42.5 inches product dimension
  • 12 inches deep hydraulic storage space fits in suitcases and other large items that don’t normally fit in drawers
  • Fabric sheath made from faux black leather and beige-ish linen makes it a piece of contemporary art
  • Gas lift storage room allows the bed to be opened and closed with minimal effort


  • Spacious storage compartment
  • Sophisticated and ideal match for modern bedrooms
  • Easy to assemble and to open/close with a gas lift mechanism
  • All wooden slats can be replaced


  • The gap between each slat is wider than 3 inches
  • May require extra strength to push the bed back in place

ACME Furniture 25900Q Naima Bed with Storage, Queen

Since shrinking furniture is one of the most common problems that buyers encounter, this storage bed is a great alternative. Compared with other furniture on the market, this Naima bed from ACME Furniture is constructed with dense grain. This prevents the wood from warping over time. But most importantly, it has a functional footboard that has a black and light grey finish. Thus, its sophisticated look makes it ideal if you’re into contemporary styles.


  • Weighs 159 pounds with 84 x 63 x 50 inches product dimension
  • Panel headboard and functional footboard comes with bracket feet and wide silver metal hardware for optimum support
  • 2 low profile drawers located in the footboard provide additional storage for extra pillows and beddings
  • Clean lines with a rich black finish and a contrast light gray trim completes its modern but elegant style
  • Optional nightstand, dresser, mirror, and chest that matches its design


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Made from rubberwood which is eco-friendly and cost-efficient
  • Guarantees a solid construction with dense grain wood
  • Doesn’t require a box spring for mattress support


  • Some parts can be chipped easily since it’s not made from solid wood
  • May contain a harmful chemical

Baxton Studio CF8498-King-Grey Sarter Contemporary Grid-Tufted Fabric Upholstered Storage Bed

This Sarter storage bed with grey upholstery that covers the entire frame comes with a tufted headboard. Its rubberwood frame for the headboard is covered with high-grade foam padding and grid tufting. It also has 2 storage drawers that glide easily in and out of the bed for easy access. This bed is a clear product of a sensible art that you can purchase for an affordable price.


  • Weighs 170.9 pounds with 82.2 x 78.1 x 43.8 inches product dimension
  • Complete with 43.75 x 78.13 x 3.50 inches headboard, 13.25 x 1 x 80 inches side rail, and 13.25 x 3.50 x 78.13 inches footboard
  • MDF LVL slats system is 12.13 inches high from the floor while each leg is 1.13 inches high
  • Grid-tufted headboard and grey fabric upholstery gives it an elegant and minimalist look
  • A drawer from each side of the bed provides additional space to store extra pillows, duvets, and bed sheets


  • Offers a minimalistic design
  • Doesn’t require a box spring for mattress support
  • Made from hardwood and plywood
  • Includes a center spine to ensure its durability


  • Takes 1 or more hours to assemble
  • The given directions are a little harder to understand

DHP 4124419 Maven Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage, Twin

Designed and crafted by DHP, this Maven storage bed is great from kids to young adults with small bedrooms. This stylish platform bed also comes with a single but huge drawer where you can keep your extra bedding. Moreover, it has the bentwood slat system for ventilation underneath the bed. This slat system helps maintain the mattress’ freshness. Its rollout drawer can hold seasonal clothing, books, and more.


  • Weighs 225 pounds with 41.5 x 77 x 13.5 inches product dimension
  • Modern and low profile design with clean lines boost its aesthetic appeal
  • 1 rollout drawer for extra storage makes it ideal for small bedrooms
  • Bentwood slat system allows better airflow beneath the bed to make the mattress last longer
  • Excellent pressure distribution using the slats provide better back support


  • Uses metal rail and leg that guarantees its excellent support
  • Doesn’t require an additional foundation to hold the mattress
  • Keeps the mattress fresh with better ventilation


  • Offers 1 drawer only for storage
  • The mattress support is not that sturdy

South Shore 3219211 Summer Breeze Mates Bed with Drawers, Full

Using a type of CARM-compliant composite wood, this bed carries certification from the Forest Stewardship Council also known as FSC. This storage bed from South Shore is a versatile option which can suit the taste of kids and adults. Its headboard includes moldings and detailed grooves that help refine it into an elegant bed. Its 3 drawers can be accessed easily on either side of the bed since they are reversible. All drawers have polymer glides with stops and dampers for convenience.


  • Weighs 160 pounds with 500 weight capacity and 76 x 56 x 14 inches product dimension
  • Clean and elegant style with spacious drawers contains 2 charming wooden knobs that have rounded edges on each drawer
  • 3 drawers on one side of the bed provide additional space to store and convenient metal slides
  • Eco-friendly bed storage made from non-toxic laminated particleboard meets all safety standards in North America


  • Easy to assemble with a clear assembly guide
  • Doesn’t require additional mattress support on top of the frame
  • 100% made from North America with laminated particleboard


  • The construction of the drawers is not that durable
  • The headboard is harder to assemble

Buying Guide of Best Storage Beds

Your bed is the centerpiece in your bedroom so it is important to invest in the right one. After all, you will be the one to sleep on it for years and benefit from its storage rooms. But in order to find the best storage beds, there are vital things to consider before you buy one. Check out this list below:

  • Storage Space

Consider how much storage space you need to have for storing extra pillowcases, bed sheets, towels, shoes, or others. Depending on the things you need to keep under your bed, you can determine the storage space you need. If you need to store bigger stuff like bulky comforters, pillows, and suitcases, you need a bigger space to fit everything inside.

In this case, a pull-up or lift storage bed is more ideal to buy. Storage beds with small storage space can only store items like out-of-season clothing, to-be-read books, board games, and others.

  • Room Space

Aside from the storage space, don’t forget to consider the extra space you have in your room. This is vital especially if you prefer a storage bed with pull out drawers. In this case, you should have enough space around to pull out all drawers without bumping to any furniture or wall. But if you want a hydraulic bed to lift up, make sure that you have a high ceiling. This way, you can make sure that your lighting fixtures are safe from your bed’s lid. At the same time, you can lift your bed up to its maximum capacity to get better access inside.

  • Storage Partitions

Now, check the partition of your storage bed. See if the spaces inside are enough to fit in your things. Can you line up some of the books you want to read? In case you love collecting pricey jewelry or watches, does it have a safe to keep everything secure? Regardless of how big or small are the partitions, it should be enough to satisfy your needs for storage.

If you’re still not sure about this, you can go back to the first item in this list for reference. You can also decide whether to keep everything hidden or keep other partitions open. For open storage areas, you can also use it as a shelf to put some of your precious bedroom decorations.

  • Base

The base of storage beds can be divided into 2 major types such as the Divans, and the slatted base.

  • Divans – this type of base is pretty popular in the UK. It is also divided into 3 minor types which include the following:
  1. Sprung Edge Divans – this is considered as the most luxurious and expensive option as it features a complete coil system. Its pocket spring unit is mounted onto the bed frame and serves as a shock absorber. Thus, this additional support helps the mattress to last for more years.
  2. Sold/Platform Top – as solid as its name, this type of base is quite popular among customers. It has a durable non-sprung top panel that is commonly made from hardboard. Compared with beds with sprung edge bases, this type of base is a cheaper and firmer alternative. Thus, it is perfect for those budget-seekers who simply want a sensible base to efficiently support their mattress.
  3. Firm Edge Divans – as its name suggests, this base is constructed with less but bigger and heavy duty springs. These springs are lined up neatly on a sturdy wooden sided bed frame. However, having this kind of base may also cost you more since it offers more durable support.
  • Slat Base – this is one of the best-selling bases as it can be made with a set of flexible slats, ad rigid slats. Bases with flexible slats use softwoods that are laminated and mounted in the bed’s frame. These slats create a spring-like movement due to their bowed shape. As its name suggests, you can adjust the tension of some slats on the frame to suit your personal requirements. As a general rule, the space between each slat should be no more than 3 inches wide. However, cheaper storage beds may have a bigger gap between each slat compared with flexible and standard slatted models. As a result, the wear and tear on the mattress can become bigger the greater the gaps are.


When considering investing in a storage bed, the design is not the only thing that you should consider. You have to be sensible if you want to make sure that you’re investing your money on the right products. Thus, this guide will help you identify the most important things to keep in mind when buying a storage bed. However, the best storage beds don’t have to be overpriced. There are storage beds out there that are stylish and made from high-quality materials but offered on reasonable prices. You just have to make sure that it fits within your budget and got everything you need.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.