Bob-O-Pedic vs. Tempur-Pedic Comparison 2020

Bob-O-Pedicvs Tempur-Pedic: which brand is worth it to invest in when looking for a hybrid and cooler mattress?
Bob-O-Pedic and Tempur-Pedic are two of the biggest mattress vendors today. Both brands create a wide range of mainstream mattress models that are comfortable and reliable. This means that customers who are looking for a versatile and cool mattress usually end up comparing Bob-O-Pedic and Tempur-Pedic.

Bob-O-Pedic Mattress

  •  At a glance: More Affordable 
  • Headline: Bob-O-Pedic is known for creating not just memory foam mattress but also hybrid mattresses. Determined to satisfy customers, the brand keeps its products at an affordable price.

Tempur-Pedic Mattress

  •  At a glance:Premium Options  
  • Headline: Tempur-Pedic is notable for providing premium mattresses that are either all memory foam or hybrid. This is a go-to brand for luxury and hybrid mattresses.

Quick Synopsis:

Before we dive into the comparison between these two mattress brands, let’s take this quick synopsis:

Quick Comparison


When it comes to versatility, we can say that both brands have their unique way of catering to various kinds of sleepers. However, Bob-O-Pedic has more models to offer that can match each sleeper’s taste and preference.


Tempur-Pedic more advantage over Bob-O-Pedic in this aspect since it has more cooling layers to help you sleep better and longer.


Both brands produce durable mattresses but Bob-O-Pedic provides longer warranty period which ensures this for up to 20 years.

Bob-O-Pedic Mattress

Best For:

  • Customers who seek quality mattresses around $1,000 or less
  • People who want gel-infused memory foam with independent coil spring technology
  • Sleeping on a breathable mattress with ventilated gel memory foam
  • Relieving leg and back pains
  • Long-lasting satisfaction with up to 20 years warranty

BioPEDIC Memory Plus Deluxe 3-Inch Memory Foam


First things first, there’s no better way to start this comparison without mentioning Bob-O-Pedic’s affordability. Honestly, we think that this is actually the biggest advantage of this brand and its mattresses of Tempur-Pedic. Depending on the mattress size that you prefer, its price may range from $150 to $2,000 or a little higher. With less than $1,200, you can already enjoy a California King Bed that is not only affordable but also comfortable.

No wonder Bob-O-Pedic is a popular brand among customers who seek budget-friendly mattresses. You don’t have to break the bank just to get a mattress that combines memory foam and coil springs. Thus, you get to enjoy the comfort of memory foam and support of coil spring technology. Meanwhile, the prices Tempur-Pedic’s mattresses range of around $2,900 to $5,998 or more. The lowest price is a Twin Long and the most expensive is a Split California King bed.

Hybrid Mattress

Another thing that we like about Bob-O-Pedic mattress is its range of hybrid mattresses. Bob-O-Pedic offers more than 10 models of hybrid mattresses whereas Tempur-Pedic only offers 3 hybrid models. This includes Tempur-Adapt, Tempur-ProAdapt, and Tempur-Probreeze. Meanwhile, Bob-O-Pedic has Hybrid Mattress, Affinity Hybrid Mattress, Eclipse Hybrid Mattress, Hybrid Distinction Firm Mattress, Sport Hybrid Firm Mattress, Hybrid Radiance Plush Mattress, etc. Whether the mattress is for standard platform bed frames or adjustable bed frames, Bob-O-Pedic has a hybrid mattress for you. If you want more models to choose from, you will not run out of options if you choose this brand.

Long Warranty Period

One of the most important things to check on mattresses is the warranty period. Not to mention if you are still not sure whether to keep your newly bought mattress longer or not. This warranty serves as your protection against product defects so make sure to read the policy for each product. Bob-O-Pedic offers 20 years of non-prorated warranty which means you can enjoy your mattress for a longer period with protection. This brand also has “Bob’s Goof Proof” which provides 5 full years of protection against the usual accidental stains. Other damages that occurred in the mattress with while in your home are also included. A “Bob’s Furniture Care Kit” is part of the company’s protection plan. The kit includes 2 bottles of 8-ounce furniture care products that will help you clean some small mess. For big accidents or issues, the support team is just one call away.

Tempur-Pedic, on the other hand, offers 10 years of full replacement limited warranty for all its mattresses and flat foundations. This means that the company will replace or repair it as long as it’s still covered within the warranty period. All parts of the mattress and foundation are included in the warranty and there is no deductible. You can check their product’s warranty description for the complete details which includes a few limitations.

Tempur-Pedic Mattress

Best For:

  • Cool sleeping surface that conforms to body shape
  • People who want a premium mattress that provides a luxurious sleeping environment
  • Enjoying a more rejuvenating sleep to be more productive
  • Hybrid and memory foam lovers

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProForm Supreme 3-Inch Queen Mattress Topper

Cool Surface

In the battle of versatile and breathable mattresses, there’s no doubt that Tempur-Pedic has an edge in this aspect. The brand offers Tempur-Probreeze which is a hybrid mattress that is 3°-8° cooler than other foam and innerspring mattresses. This model was designed in the company’s thermal laboratory which helps in managing the micro-climate between your mattress and covers. After all, research suggests that a cooler sleeping environment helps us sleep faster and longer and reduce tossing and turning.

Tempur-Pedic uses a SmartClimate dual cover system that makes you feel instantly cool once you lie down in bed. With the advanced PureCool+ Phase Change Material, it only takes 20 minutes to let you feel its cooling sensation. Then there’s also the Tempur-CM+ which provides an extremely breathable comfort layer for the next 8 hours. This layer simply allows the trapped heat and humidity under the covers to pass through the mattress.

For the Bob-O-Pedic, it keeps its hybrid mattresses comfortable and breathable using its own materials. This includes a stretch-knit cover that keeps the mattress’ surface breathable. Then, there’s also the Ventilated Bob-O-Pedic gel memory foam that helps regulate the temperature while relieving pressure points.

Size and Firmness

When it comes to availability of sizes, Tempur-Pedic certainly knows how to impress customers with its wide range of options. For customers who are looking for a mattress brand that is suitable for the whole family, Tempur-Pedic has got you covered. Depending on the mattress’ model that you want, you can choose from these sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin Long
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King
  • Split King
  • California King
  • Split California King

Each mattress displays its available size options as well as its comfort level. Aside from the medium hybrid feels of its hybrid models, Tempur-Pedic offers soft, medium, and firm mattresses. Thus, shopping for a mattress with the right size and feel is easier through the brand’s official online store. Meanwhile, Bob-O-Pedic’s hybrid mattresses are available in few sizes only. Just like Tempur-Pedic, the availability of its sizes varies depending on the model you prefer.

Bob-O-Pedic’s hybrid mattresses can be available in the following sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

At the same time, the mattresses’ comfort level varies from plush, firm to extra firm only. Also, some products don’t provide options for comfort level. This means that you have no choice but to stick with its fixed firmness level. But then again, it doesn’t mean that Bob-O-Pedic’s mattresses are not comfortable to sleep on. It’s just that the choices to match your preferred comfort level is more limited compared with Tempur-Pedic.

Thick Profile

Hybrid mattresses are known for having a thick profile due to the combination of foams and coil springs layer. In this aspect, you can rely on Tempur-Pedic’s range of hybrid mattresses that offer 12 to 13 inches options. Aside from the base spring layer, there are also layers of different types of foams to cushion your body. These layers of foams also reduce the poking feeling of coils that are common among innerspring mattresses. But Bob-O-Pedic will not give up without a good fight. The hybrid mattresses from this brand are also thick which measures up to 11.50 inches. This is thanks to the multiple layers of foams that provide comfort and support together with its coil-spring layer. If you have a high platform bed frame this is enough to help you get in and out of bed easily. No need for a box spring, the mattress, and its foundation or bed frame can do all the work.


Now that we’re done with the biggest stuff, let’s dive down to each brand’s difference. To help you find a cooler and more versatile mattress the many customers enjoy, we can’t skip this part. Before you buy any product, you should always know each brand’s difference whenever you’re comparing them. If you love a very thick hybrid mattress that is 12 to 13 inches high, you should consider Tempur-Pedic. Its height is not only ideal for platform bed frames but also for getting the more layers of cushioning. At the same time, Tempur-Pedic promotes its hybrid mattress with more layers of various foams than other hybrid mattresses. This makes it more tempting to sleep on though Bob-O-Pedic also has multiple layers of breathable materials over its innerspring. Tempur-Pedic also offers more variety of sizes on each model so the kids can also enjoy its versatile and cooling comfort. However, it has Bob-O-Pedic has a lot of options to offer in the market wherein Tempur-Pedic offers fewer models.


Still can’t decide which brand to pick? Don’t worry because we’ll help you make the final decision by answering these quick questions: First, cool you want your mattress to be? Bob-O-Pedic has a layer of gel-infused memory foam and a stretch knot cover that are both breathable. However, Tempur-Pedic’s multiple cooling layers make its mattresses more comfortable to sleep on so we recommend it, especially during hot weather. Second, how much are you willing to spend on a mattress? If you’re willing to spend $2,999 to $5,998 or more on a single hybrid mattress with cooling layers, we recommend Tempur-Pedic. But if your budget is less than $2,000 only, then you’d have to go with Bob-O-Pedic’s mattress. Both brands are worth consideration, but for most budget-seekers go for Bob-O-Pedic while those who can afford luxury mattress go for Tempur-Pedic.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.