Brentwood Home Mattress reviews

From L.A. to other parts of the globe, there’s no doubt that Brentwood Home has really made a huge success in the mattress industry. Since 1987, the company continues to make successful innovations by maximizing its research and source of materials. This allows Brentwood Home to come up and introduce the latest mattresses and other bedding products on the market. As mattress enthusiasts, we’re here to provide you with the latest Brentwood Home mattress reviews.

In here, you will discover one of the best mattresses that the brand currently offers. You will also learn the advantages of trusting this brand compared with other mattress brands. So, read on to learn more about Brentwood Home.

Brentwood Home 13-Inch Gel HD Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size

This mattress is specially designed to give you the right amount of firmness level – not too soft and not too feeling. Coming from a well-known brand that distributes high-quality products for more than 3 decades, this is the investment you won’t regret. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, it is infused with a cooling gel to make sure that your bed stays comfortable.

Even during hot summer nights, this mattress can regulate your body temperature and wick away moisture. Thus, you can also avoid sleeping on a mattress that is filled with molds and mildews. Most importantly, this supportive mattress is guaranteed safe since it doesn’t contain any harmful toxins.


  • Weighs 53 pounds with 60 x 80 x 13 inches product dimension
  • Medium firmness level gives it the “just right” feel that various kinds of sleepers could enjoy
  • Soft and resilient natural bamboo-derived rayon cover guarantees that it’s free from harmful toxins, removable, and easy to replace
  • New Zealand wool material acts as a natural fire-resistant barrier, wicks away its moisture, and helps regulate your body temperature
  • 5 inches gel memory foam distributes weight evenly to help reduce pressure points and isolate motion for an undisturbed sleep
  • 2 inches ventilated airflow zone allows the mattress to breathe so you can stay cool and comfortable in sleep
  • 5 inches base foam provides solid support while absorbing your weight to prevent noise and reduce the motion transfer
  • Comes with a compressed and rolled packaging for a hassle-free shipping and 25-year warranty


  • Consists of CertiPUR-US Certified foams only
  • Ideal for couples or even for single sleepers
  • Helps relieve pressure points
  • Distributes your weight evenly
  • Retains its comfortable feeling with motion isolation technology


  • It may come with a nasty chemical smell that takes longer to dissipate
  • Not ideal for hot sleepers as it may get warm overnight

Advantages of Brentwood Home Mattress

For more than 30 years, Brentwood Home has been dominating in the business industry. But unlike other companies that are focused only on a single type of product, Brentwood Home is a very versatile brand. From making mattresses, the brand also creates and distributes other home essentials with the help of its team of experts. All the way from Los Angeles, California, Brentwood Home is one of the most sought brands when it comes to mattresses.

If you’re wondering what the brand’s secret is, we’re not sure either. However, we can give you some of the top things that we can consider as its advantages over other brands. So, read on.

Healthy and non-toxic materials

From L.A. to other parts of the globe, Brentwood Home creates its products using carefully chosen materials. With the goal to provide innovative mattresses, the brand also sees to it that the environment is not harmed. Thus, the brand invests a lot of time on research to source the best materials for each product’s development process.

Rest assured that each Brentwood Home mattress is designed to meet the Golden State standards with regards to environmental responsibility. These are the organic materials that the company uses on all of its products:

  • Kapok from Southeast Asia

This is a sustainable, non-toxic, and free from any pesticide.

  • Wool from New Zealand

This hypoallergenic material wicks away moisture to provide a cooler and fresher mattress all the time.

  • Buckwheat from North Dakota

This creates a firm and durable mattress that is a healthier option for all types of sleepers.

  • Organic cotton from Texas

Grown and harvested without any use of fertilizer and pesticides, this is used on bedding and mattress covers.

  • Silk from China

This helps regulate the mattress’ temperature by keeping it breathable and moisture-free to prevent molds and mildew.

  • Cashmere from Mongolia

This is soft to touch material that makes an excellent temperature regulator on any sleep product.

  • Coils from South Gate, CA

These heat-treated coils help relieve stress while ensuring your mattress’ long-term support and responsiveness.

  • Natural Latex from Vietnam

Aside from being sustainable and renewable, this provides top-notch support in bedding products.

Excellent handcrafting

Brentwood Home has been spreading its excellent skills in handcrafting the best mattresses in Los Angeles for more than 3 decades. Now that the brand is also known in the international market, its artisanal approach still remains visible in its products. This includes its hand-tufted wool rosettes and sophisticated Euro-tops that contain intricate stitches and other details.

“California ethos”

As a Californian brand, Brentwood Home is very much aware of the state’s environmental regulation. After implementing its policies that concern the welfare of the environment, the rest of the country followed its lead. The brand does its best to make sure that it always meet and exceed the standards. Thus, the company uses natural materials that don’t contain chemical retardants, phthalates, ozone depleters, and other kinds of heavy metals.

Reasonable prices

Another thing that Brentwood Home considers its advantage is its reasonable prices. In spite of using middle-men, the company sticks to a direct transaction to its suppliers to ensure its products’ affordability. Clearly, paying middle-men is one of the most common reasons why raw materials and finished products become more expensive. Thus, the company provides free shipping with 1-year sleep guarantee and up to 25 years warranty. This makes everything easier for customers like you since you can easily return its products without the hassle of interrogations.


Brentwood strongly believes that our environment and home are the center of our welfare. If we care for our environment and our homes, we can also live a more comfortable and content life. Thus, the company ensures that every product it produces is made from healthy materials. At the same time, Brentwood Home ensures that each material is processed properly and handcrafted by expert artisans.

With direct suppliers, rest assured that all mattresses and bedding from this brand is offered at an affordable price. So, be sure to follow us to stay updated about the latest Brentwood Home mattress reviews.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.