Brooklyn Bedding vs. Leesa Detailed Comparison 2021

Between Leesa and the BB, the thin line can be a little confusing since both are hybrids.

In this comparison, we will help you break that line and choose the best one according to your needs. So, we will identify the features of these mattresses and compare them based on honest customer reviews and product analysis.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

  •  At a glance: Hybrid mattress with a universal feel  
  • Headline: Known as the mattress whisperers, the Merwin brothers introduced the Brooklyn Bedding online in the national mattress industry. Since then, Brooklyn Bedding continues to expand into the wholesale business with more affordable products.

Leesa Mattress

  •  At a glance: Direct to consumer organic hybrid mattress  
  • Headline: More than just a company that aims to make a profit, Leesa also prides itself on donating mattresses to those in need. Thus, Leesa continues to produce high-end mattresses.

Quick Synopsis

Before we head straight to the detailed part, here’s an overview of the differences between Leesa and Brooklyn Bedding:

Quick Comparison

  • Price – Brooklyn Bedding is more affordable
  • Feel – Leesa has a more balanced feel

For our complete comparison review, keep reading to see which one suits your style.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Best For:

  • Shoppers who are looking for a budget-friendly mattress
  • All body sizes and sleeping positions
  • Customers who prefer a thick and durable mattress
  • Those who tend to sleep hot
  • Anyone who wants to take advantage of its customized firmness

Brooklyn Bedding Titan 11-Inch TitanFlex Hybrid Mattress

BB Mattresses come in different styles and features. There’s the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid, Signature Hybrid, Bowery, Bowery Hybrid, Spartan Hybrid, and Bloom Hybrid. But for now, we will settle with the most popular model which is Brooklyn Aurora which has a hybrid construction.


Available in 13 inches tall profile, this sure is a thick mattress. So, let’s start unveiling its 6 layers from its cover that is made of the premium top weave. This smooth top delivers the full benefit of its foam underneath which is a CopperFlex layer that is paired with TitanCool. This 1.5 inches layer has conductivity properties to maintain its optimal comfort for different sleepers. Meanwhile, its copper infusion helps promote an antibacterial sleep environment. Under this layer is the patented 2 inches TitanFlex foam of Brooklyn Bedding which features a fast response technology. Its fourth layer is made of 1-inch Swirl Visco-Elastic memory foam that serves as the transition layer of Aurora. This layer also has body contouring properties that are common in memory foams to provide a deep compression. Its fifth layer is made of 8 inches tall spring Ascension X coils that are individually encased. It consists of 1,189 Ascension X coils which allow better reactivity in the mattress while keeping your sleep undisturbed. Last but not the least; Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid has 1-inch high-density base support foam. This final layer reinforces the individually encased coils above it and increases the durability of the entire mattress.


Compared with the traditional memory foams and innerspring models, this hybrid model comes in different firmness or comfort levels. Depending on your personal preferences, you can get this mattress with soft, medium, or firm comfort level. On a scale of 1 to 10, the soft version feels between 2 and 4 with 1 as the softest and 10 as the firmest. However, the soft version is more beneficial if you’re a side sleeper or require more pressure point relief. This is due to its gentler support for every sleeper’s natural body curves. The soft version is also great for those who like sinking into the mattress and being hugged for comfort. But if you’re a combination of side, back, and stomach sleeper, the medium version is more perfect for you. This medium version feels between 4 and 6. It has that balanced feel to keep that feeling of sleeping on top of the layers. If you share your bed and prefer a mattress that feels balanced with your comfort preferences, this would make a good choice. Finally, the firm version is perfect for those back and/or stomach sleepers which have a feel between 6 and 8. If you prefer a flatter and smoother sleeping surface with extra support in your lumbar area, choose this version.


For the support layers of the Brooklyn Aurora, the answer depends on the level of firmness that you choose. As mentioned above, each level of firmness offers a different level of support. Regardless, the mattress contains CopperFlex foam which ensures that responsive contouring layer that provides pressure point relief. Next is its Swirl Visco-Elastic memory foam which has an enhanced contouring ability and deeper compression support. Meanwhile, its engineered spring support system is there to increase the responsiveness and support of Brooklyn Aurora. At the same time, its coils guarantee superior motion isolation while its base foam supports the coils whenever they compress.

Temperature Regulation

Great for hot sleepers or those who sleep warm, Brooklyn Bedding also designed this hybrid mattress with temperature regulating properties. Its top layer delivers the benefits of its TitanCool patented layer with phase change molecule. This element help maintain the temperature of your skin at an ideal 88°. How? The cooling gel beads automatically liquefy at higher temperatures which allow the mattress to provide cooling relief while you sleep. Then, those same gel beads solidify at lower temperatures to provide an ideal sleeping surface. As a result, Brooklyn Aurora serves as a universal mattress that offers the most elite sleep experience.

Leesa Mattress

Best For:

  • Lightweight to heavyweight individuals
  • Anyone who wants a balanced combination of foams and springs in one mattress
  • Side and back sleepers
  • Those who suffer from chronic body pains
  • Warm or hot sleepers
  • Couples who have an active sex life

Leesa 10

Compared with the BB Mattresses, Leesa only offers three models which include the Original, the Hybrid, and the Legend. For this review, we will go with the Leesa Legend to see what makes this mattress special.


The Leesa Legend mattress is an inch thinner compared with the Brooklyn Aurora since it only has 12 inches thick profile. With a total of 6 layers under its cover, Leesa made sure that its fabric is made with the best materials. Of course, the Legend’s natural knitted fabric cover has its iconic four stripes design. This is made with 28% polyester, 28% recycles PES, 19% organic cotton, 12% merino wool, 12% rayon, and 1% spandex. Under this cover, the first layer of material is the exclusive Legend comfort foam that is 1 inch thin. This layer has 3 pounds PCF and 13 ILD. Next to this is the pressure-relieving layer of memory foam that is also 1 inch thin with 4 OCF and 12 ILD. Like other memory foams, its density is closer to midrange which balances its comfort and other benefits. For its third layer, this Legend mattress has a 1.5 inches layer with micro-pocket spring coils. Underneath this is a layer of transition core support foam that is 1 inch thin with 2 PCF and 30 ILD. This thin foam prevents sleepers from sinking too deep into the coils support which is 6 inches tall. Packed with more than 1,000 pieces of 15 gauge pocket spring coils, this layer is close to mid-standard range. For its last layer, Leesa used a core support foam base that is 1-inch thin.


With all these high-quality materials and recycled layers, the Leesa Legend mattress has a unique construction. Compared with the Brooklyn Aurora mattress with different comfort levels, this mattress is available in a single firmness level only. Specifically, this has a medium feel which is close to 5.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Even though some stomach sleepers may also enjoy this mattress, its firmness suits back and side sleepers more. Its firmness is just enough to provide a supportive and comfortable sleep environment.


With a medium-firm, this legendary mattress has a pretty impressive support system. As a hybrid mattress, it contains micro-pocket spring coils that offer targeted and body-conforming support for pressure relief. Its middle section is designed to provide extra support for those who weigh up to 230 pounds or more. At the same time, its layer with thousands of coils is there to keep the mattress’s support and contouring balanced. These individually encased pocket springs help reduce motion transfer across the mattress surface as they move individually. Its targeted edge to edge support accommodates all kinds of sleeping positions and body types. Lastly, its final layer of foam below the coils serves as a stable base for the entire mattress. Therefore, this mattress can provide unparalleled stability and support.

Temperature Regulation

Our review of this popular mattress will not be complete without checking out its cooling properties. As the Legend mattress, Leesa constructed this mattress with its exclusive Legend foam. This top foam layer has a “hole-punched” design which allows the air to pass through the mattress and remove the heat. Even its pocketed spring coils help regulate the temperature in the entire mattress by preventing heat from being trapped.


When it comes to the differences between these mattresses, the first thing that we noticed is the construction. Including the mattress cover, the Legend mattress has more layers but it is thinner compared with Brooklyn Aurora. Legend is also available in a single firmness level only while Brooklyn Aurora is available in soft, medium, and firm. If you worry about the convenience of moving the mattress, Brooklyn Aurora is also lighter. What’s more, this hybrid mattress is also great for kids and small adults since it is available in Twin-California King. Meanwhile, Leesa’s Legend is available in Twin XL-California King only. On the other hand, Leesa prides itself on offering eco-friendly mattresses that are made with organic cotton and merino wool. These natural materials are not only meant to make its cover soft, but these coils also reinforce their coils and exclusive comfort foam. Thus, Leesa’s mattress maintains a cool temperature to promote deep sleep. For the price, Brooklyn has a more appealing offer since its mattress comes with a lower price and a 120-night trial. Leesa, on the other hand, has a more expensive mattress with a 100-night trial only.


So, which one is your bet between Leesa and Brooklyn Bedding? If you’re still undecided then here are some points that you can consider:

Firmness Options

If you prefer a more versatile mattress with different comfort levels to match your needs, go for Brookly Aurora. But if you’re fine with just a medium-firm mattress, Leesa Legend is perfect for relieving pressure points and reducing motion transfer.


Both mattresses are no doubt competitive. However, Leesa costs between $1,799 and $2,799 (Twin XL-Cal King) while Brooklyn Aurora costs between $999 and $2,124 (Twin-Cal King).


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.