Casper Mattress Reviews

Casper is among the pioneer mattress company that defined the bed in a box concept. There is a combination of premium Latex Foam with the support layer of memory foam. It creates a mattress that happily contours with the body. At the same time, it retains the cooling temperature and a bounce that is require the d for body to have comfortable sleep. Despite the product as well as the manufacturer is new in the market, it always ingrain with an impression. The competing manufacturers need to run in order to save their reputation.



The products are offered at a very competitive rate and there is no compromise over quality. Thus, it has become so popular. An inbuilt offer for return with full amount refund guarantee is provided, if the mattress is returned within 100 days. It is also empowered with a warranty of 10 years.

  • This is one of the mattresses that has enjoyed multiple positive owner reviews
  • This product mattress is popular for the impeccable design and versatility in style and pattern
  • The handcrafted product is able to bring out aesthetic value to bed room with the innovative pattern of the products
  • Provided with the best 100-night trial offer. If the product is returned within that period, full refund of money is assured

  • It is argued that there are better products available in the market at almost the same or competitive rate
  • No data is yet to receive about the mattress lifespan.

Why Casper is among the best

Casper mattress is one of those rarest whose firmness comes to a neutral scale. The medium firmness is associated with firm support and soft comfort layer. Thus, this mattress is ideal for stomach and back. Side sleepers may not feel comfort with use of this mattress. This mattress is particularly performing in respect to the aspect of Motion Isolation. The sink in lying position is between 1-1.5”, and measures 2” while sitting. This is a great identifier of good motion isolation. The weight is distributed evenly. Thus, movement of partner is isolated to his/her end. As this mattress is made from a combination of memory foam at the core, and latex at the top, the intermingling of these two innovative technologies will generate bounce thus creating bed sport activities. The cooling effect is also generated with the impact of latex foam technology.

This mattress shows a combination of both comforting memory foam at the base and cooling latex at the top. The layer of comfort at the top consists of 1.2 inches of latex, while the ‘Support Layer’ in the middle is made of 1.8 inches of memory foam. On the other hand, 7 inches of support foam is used in the ‘Base Layer’. The latex provides great comfort and cooling, while the memory foam maintains the great support by contouring the curves of body. It will, therefore, offering with a comfortable and cool sleep experience all night long.

There is a cover along with the mattress. This is a single piece of high-quality white fabric. It dominates the top and runs from edge to edge of the mattress. The cover is thick and stretchy and it has a nice texture. The sides of the mattress is, however, have a black cover. The cover is easily removable for wash. This material has induced a longer life to the mattress. 

The maintenance is not that tough. A complete rotation in every six months will help to give the mattress product from Casper a longer lifespan. A delicacy in caring about latex material is needed. It is suggested that the mattress is protected with a waterproof protector from the initial stage. But, the cover will be a thinner one to get the benefit of latex in full extent.

Casper uses synthetic latex that helps mitigate the risk of allergy. There are productions of non-synthetic and blended latex too. Thus, severe reaction or cross contamination effect is thus reduced. Latex allergies are generally touch-allergies as opposed to inhalation-allergies. The foam components are surrounded by both a fire-retardant sock as well as the cover. This will keep the user away from being exposed directly to the latex.

If the purchased mattress seems uncomfortable, it can be refunded within 100 days and the full money will be refunded in full. It implies that there are no restocking fees or hidden expenses.



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