Casper vs. GhostBed Comparison Reviews 2021

Since mattress shopping can be a little intimidating for some, we’re here to help with this quick review. As two of the most prominent brands when it comes to the mattresses, we decided to compare Casper and GhostBed. Apparently, these mattress brands have some things in common. Thus, we’re here to spot their differences and help you decide which one is the best mattress for your room.

Casper Mattress

  •  At a glance: Versatile and Award-Winning Design of Mattress  
  • Headline: Casper believes that great sleep can change everything. With a big dream and a great team, the brand’s years of studies are now evident in its products. Thus, it continues to create a new standard when it comes to sleep innovation which started with its Original Mattress.

GhostBed Mattress

  •  At a glance: Affordable Memory Foam Mattresses  
  • Headline: From a simple childhood fear of becoming a trademark, GhostBed proves that it’s not just famous for its name. GhostBed’s mission is to make a real difference in its customers’ lives. After all, creating comfortable memory foam mattresses that are being perfected for years like The GhostBed Mattress is its passion.

Quick Synopsis

In spite of having similarities, the Casper and GhostBed still have differences. So, stick around for a bit to check out these major points where these mattresses differ:

Quick Comparison

Price – GhostBed is slightly cheaper than the Casper mattress.

Feel – Casper is slightly softer than GhostBed.

Height and Weight – Casper is an inch taller but lighter than the GhostBed mattress.

To know more about these mattresses, be sure to read on as we can’t fit everything in these bulleted points.

Casper Mattress

Best For:

  • Providing zoned support under your shoulders and hips
  • Hot sleepers who tend to sweat more during sleep than other sleepers
  • Anyone who likes the feel of a neutral all-foam mattress
  • Sleepers who need a comfortable and responsive bed
  • Back, side, and stomach sleepers

Casper Sleep Foam Mattress, Queen 10

GhostBed and Casper are both excellent brands that sell not just mattresses but also other sleep products as well. But since both also offer different mattresses on the market, we will stick with just one from each for this comparison. For Casper, we will review The Casper Mattress which features its first and original mattress design. For GhostBed, we will also review The GhostBed Mattress which also features the brand’s original design.


Starting with the construction, The Casper Mattress has a total of 4 layers that make up its 12 inches profile. As the OG, this all-foam mattress has the most popular design among other Casper mattresses. It is available in Original and Hybrid versions but we will focus on the all-foam version for this review. Considered as the flagship foam mattress, this all-foam bed consists of a different material on each layer. Its fabric that encases the entire mattress is made of polyester which is known as a light and comfortable material. Under its cover, its layers consist of high-quality foams which include the breathable open-cell foam and high-density memory foam. For its bottom layer, it has the Zoned transition foam. Its three-tiered comfort system allows its top and bottom polyfoam layers to work with its memory foam middle layer. Available in different sizes, you can get this mattress in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. You can also choose your setup whether you want the mattress only or its foundation too when your order online.


The Casper Mattress has a medium firmness which gives it a score of 5.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. This means that it has the perfect balance of softness and firmness. It’s not too soft or not too firm for sleepers regardless of their sleeping styles.

Temperature Regulation

Foam mattresses are known for trapping heat which leads to a feeling of discomfort and sweating while in bed. So for those who sleep warm, you can relax now since Casper’s breathable foams are constructed with an open-cell design. These broken cell walls allow air to enter and fill the spaces in the foam. As the air flows freely through the entire mattress, its foam works its magic to keep you cool all night. Gradually, this helps reduce off-gassing which is common in new mattresses.


For this aspect, Casper’s Zoned support foam which is made to provide extra support under your shoulders, hips, and legs. Thus, you can get some pressure relief and comfort right where you need it regardless of your sleeping position. With its comfy alignment and signature foam feel, it can also help align your spine while you recharge during sleep. Casper designed its support system with optimal spinal alignment feature to handle any height and weight.

GhostBed Mattress

Best For:

  • Relieving pressure points and muscle stiffness
  • Providing spinal support and additional comfort
  • The majority types of sleepers: side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Sleepers who prefer a combination of memory foam and latex foam
  • Anyone who seeks a mattress with a medium-firm feel

GhostBed Mattress-Queen 11


Just like in Casper, the model we cherry-picked from GhostBed is also an all-foam mattress. With a profile that is 11 inches thick, it’s slightly thinner than the previous mattress. However, it has the same number of layers from its cover to its base foam which is also 4. So, let’s start with its plush cover which provides a soft and smooth surface. Made from a blend of viscose and polyester materials, its durable cover is also a bit stretchy for optimum comfort. Looking underneath its cover, The GhostBed Mattress has 1.5 inches aerated foam that is made of latex. This layer creates a nice bounce which is just enough to make your bedroom activities fun and satisfying. Next to it is a layer of 2 inches memory foam that is infused with cooling gel. Unlike other memory foams, this gel-infused foam also contains larger cells which gives it more advantages over regular foams. For its final and thickest layer, this mattress has 7.5 inches HD base foam. Designed as a high-density foam core, it serves as a solid foundation for the entire mattress. GhostBed also designed this layer to be extra durable to last for many years. Also, it’s available in different sizes such as Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Split King.


Compared with the Casper mattress, this GhostBed mattress feels a bit firmer than. Specifically, it has a medium-firm feel which is perfect for those who prefer a mattress with balanced comfort and durable support. If you’ll look at it on the firmness scale, it has a 6.4 score. After years of constant research, the brand has successfully developed a new sleeping surface. Thus, it can easily contour to your body and give you a night of good sleep without making you sink too much.

Temperature Regulation

To ensure your comfortable and undisturbed sleep, GhostBed maximizes the benefits of aerated latex foam. This latex foam contains small holes which can pull the heat away from your body and out of the mattress. This way, the mattress doesn’t trap heat so this feature comes in really handy every summer season. But wait, there’s forget that this all-foam mattress also contains memory foam with infused gel. As the reinforcement material to its first layer of foam, its cooling gel beads also help get rid of heat. There, suffering from night sweats will be the least of your concerns now if you use this mattress from GhostBed.


Since the support system plays a huge role in mattresses, GhostBed made sure that its base foam can withstand years of use. Its HD foam is not as solid as those spring support systems. However, it is firm enough to give you good spinal alignment without making the mattress feel uncomfortably hard. Overall, it has soft yet supportive support for all kinds of sleepers.


Now for the differences, we will start with the price section. Both brands offer affordable mattresses but Casper’s mattress price starts at $595 with Twin up to $1,195 for California King. Meanwhile, the price of GhostBed mattress starts at $445 for Twin up to $1,095 for California King. Its Split California King costs just a little higher than Casper’s biggest size available at $1,290. Next is the height and weight even though the Casper mattress is just an inch taller than the GhostBed mattress. But then again, that 1 inch can be hard to let go if you prefer a thicker mattress. At 71 pounds, the Casper mattress is also lighter than the GhostBed mattress which weighs 89 pounds despite their differences in height. Another thing we noticed is its cooling technology. The GhostBed mattress excels in this aspect since its latex foam and memory foam are both packed with temperature regulating features.


To make up your final decision, check out these guide questions:

How do you like your mattress to be?

If you prefer a blend of latex and memory foam, GhostBed is your only choice. But if you’re not a fan of this combination, go with Casper.

Are you a hot sleeper?

If you need more cooling features, GhostBed is your best option between the two brands here.



I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.