Casper vs Purple Comparison Reviews 2019

We’ve got Casper and Purple in the house! But which one do you think can meet your standards and stand the test of time? Despite offering a very limited list of options, Casper and Purple are popular brands when it comes to quality mattresses. Its mattresses got the looks and performance that you can rely on for years. So, let’s see how far these two brands can go based on your needs and preferences.

Casper Mattress

  •  At a glance: Award-Winning Mattress Design and Comfort  
  • Headline: Casper is a popular USA based brand that produces mattresses and other bedding accessories since 2014. Now, the brand offers 3 types of models with different features to target a wide range of consumers.

Purple Mattress

  •  At a glance: Unique but Efficient Style and Performance  
  • Headline: One look and we’re sure that you’d agree when we say that Purple lives up to its name. So far, it’s the only brand we reviewed that sells purple mattresses! But beyond its unique color and style, Purple mattresses are known for its excellent comfort and support system.

Quick Synopsis

Before we proceed to the detailed comparison below, let’s head straight to the point in this summary:

Quick Comparison

  • Price – Casper is the more affordable mattress option.
  • Temperature Regulation – the Original Purple mattress feels cooler than the Original Casper mattress.
  • Feel – Purple feels more comfortable for heavier individuals.
  • Support – Casper provides great pressure point relief and better motion isolation.

Are you still hungry for information? No worries since we’ve come prepared with the details below.

Casper Mattress

Best For:

  • Back, side, and combo sleepers
  • Anyone who wants a genuinely comfortable mattress
  • Sleepers who seek a balanced feel of foam in a single bed
  • Warm and hot sleepers who need a more breathable mattress

Casper Sleep Foam Mattress, Queen 10


The Original Casper mattress is 12 inches tall which consists of 4 layers. These layers include Casper’s soft and thin fabric which encases the mattress. Underneath this cover is 1.5 inches foam that feels and performs like latex foam. Thus, this top layer is responsive enough to provide a good amount of bounce to help improve your sleep. Its next layer is 1.5 inches foam that is designed to relieve pressure by absorbing your weight. At the same time, this pressure-relieving memory foam serves as responsive foam which aids the top layer. Thus, moving around the bed is easier without feeling stuck in the mattress. For its third layer, it has the zoned transition foam that is 1.5 inches thick. Compared with the previous layers of this mattress, this foam feels a bit firmer in the center area. However, it feels softer under the shoulder and hips areas. For its final layer of foam, it has the 7 inches support foam that ensures that Original Casper’s overall durability. After all, Casper mattresses are all 100% made in the USA.


On a scale of 1 to 10, we’d say that this Original Casper mattress has a 5.5 score. This mattress feels soft at first which makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a plush mattress. However, it feels a little firmer as you press your body onto the mattress and reach its firm layers. Specifically, it can allow your hips and shoulders to press in its softness while you’ get comfy on your side.

Temperature Regulation

Since the top layer has an open-cell design, it promotes better airflow through the mattress. Thus, this breathable foam is enough to improve the temperature regulation of the mattress while you sleep. If you’re a warm or a hot sleeper, this one of the cooling features that you should always look into. It will not only come in handy during summer seasons but all year round.


As its name suggests, the zoned transition foam provides a Zoned Support while you sleep. This makes the mattress feel softer on pressure point areas such as your shoulders and hips. At the same time, it can feel firmer on your back and stomach areas. Meanwhile, its memory foam layer helps maintain Casper’s responsiveness while providing pressure relief. Regardless of your preferred sleeping position, this Original Casper mattress can provide you sufficient level of support. Aside from some pressure relief, you can also take advantage of the reduced motion transfer in this matt. If you share your bed, this could benefit you more since you don’t have to worry about disturbing his/her sleep whenever you move. Of course, we can’t forget its edge support which can keep you safe from falling off the bed.

Purple Mattress

Best For:

  • Back, stomach, and combo sleepers
  • Heavy side sleepers who need a supportive mattress
  • Hot sleepers who need a cooler mattress to prevent night sweats
  • Anyone who wants to get pressure relief without sinking in the mattress

Purple Queen Mattress


The Purple mattress became famous not just for its mattress color but also because of its quality. So, let’s see what’s hiding under its cover. If the Original Casper mattress is 12 inches thick, the Original Purple mattress is just 9.5 inches tall. It also has 3 layers only of materials under its fire-resistant and nontoxic knit fabric cover. Thus, Purple guarantees that its Original Purple mattress’ cover is not chemically treated. You can also make sure that it’s safe whether you have a sensitive or not to chemical smells and other fabric materials. In case you’re wondering about its components, its SoftFlex cover is divided into two layers. Its white knit fabric content includes 29% Viscose, 4% Lycra, and 67% Polyester. Meanwhile, its non-slip bottom layer is made of 100% polyester that is stitch bond with non-FR coating. Moving forward with its sleep surface, the Original Purple mattress has 2 inches of hyper-elastic polymer material. This can be found in its Purple Grid Non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder coating. For its middle layer, it has 3.5 inches polyurethane foam that has 1.8 pounds density and CertiPUR-US certification. Meanwhile, its base material is made of a layer of polyurethane foam that is 4 inches thick that has 2 pounds density.


Just like other mattresses, the firmness level of the Original Purple mattress varies. It can be a firmer for lightweight sleepers and softer for heavy sleepers. In most cases, heavy sleepers find it softer because it activates the Purple Grid layer of the mattress. But for us, we’d say that the Original Purple mattress has about 7 out of 10 rating in the firmness scale. This means that it’s on the firmer side which can feel great for most back and stomach sleepers.

Temperature Regulation

If you’re looking for a mattress that is packed with cooling solutions, you can also rely on the Original Purple mattress. Compared with memory foam mattresses, the design of the Original Purple mattress allows it to keep the mattress cooler. It may not have gel infusion but it got the gel Purple Grid which contains about 2,500 air channels. These channels serve as the temperature regulation solution which can neutralize your body heat. As a result, you can sleep on a mattress with just the right sleep temperature to help you rest.


When it comes to the support, the Original Purple mattress also has something to offer. First things first, we can’t forget about its Purple Grid which provides balanced and no pressure support. This layer is engineered to flex directly under your specific pressure points while you recharge and let your body rest. Also, this Purple mattress has dual-layered comfort foam which increases the softness and responsiveness of the mattress. But aside from these multiple layers of materials above, the brand also managed to keep its mattress soft and responsive. This is due to its base layer which is built to last for years using high-density foam. With no-pressure support, it can also absorb pressure and support the natural alignment of your back. If you’re using this mattress as a couple, you can also take advantage of its edge support. It’s not as solid as a hybrid version of Purple but it’s enough to keep you from falling while sleeping.


After considering all the features and performance of the Original Casper and Purple mattresses, we noticed some gaps between the two mattresses. Aside from the difference in their thickness, we also noticed the difference between the price of Casper and Purple. The discounted prices of Original Purple mattress range between $599 (Twin), $1,299 (California King) and $1,398 (Split King). Meanwhile, the discounted price of the Original Casper mattress range between $536 (Twin) and $1,076 (California King). The next thing we noticed is the number of available sizes which is also important. The Original Casper mattress is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King only. The Original Purple mattress is available in more sizes which include Split King that many couples are starting to patronize.


Are you having second thoughts about the Casper and Purple mattresses? To help you make your final decision, try to answer these guide questions below:

First, are you a hot sleeper?

Both mattresses feature cooling solutions but we find the Purple mattress cooler than the Casper mattress.

Second, are you a light sleeper?

If your answer is yes, we recommend the Original Casper mattress since it offers better motion isolation than the Original Purple mattress.On the other hand, both mattresses offer great edge support for single sleepers and couples.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.

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