Classic Brands Mattresses provides Cradling cloud experience

When it comes to mattresses, adjustable bases, and bedding accessories, you can always rely on Classic Brands. A brand that is best known for its mattresses, Classic Brands produces memory foam, latex foam, gel-infused foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. With two huge facilities behind its back, the company is consistent in designing and crafting high-quality mattresses. Each type of mattress is crafted by experts using carefully selected materials that are 100% natural and hypoallergenic.

Classic Brands even produce sofa and futon mattresses so don’t have to look elsewhere once you visit its shop. To learn more about its mattresses and one of its popular products from our Classic Brands mattress reviews, read on.

Cool Gel 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress, Queen

If you are looking for a modern mattress that has that classic feel even without the innerspring, check this out. This memory foam mattress comes with multiple layers of foams to provide you with a sufficient amount of comfort. Its first 3 layers of foams consist of thin layers of various memory foams with infused gel. These layers allow the mattress to conform to your body shape and match your sleep position.

At the same time, it alleviates pressure points to get rid of body pains especially along your neck, shoulders, hips, and back. Its cooling gel technology keeps the mattress cool all night while its high-density base provides you long-term support.


  • Weighs 85.1 pounds with 80 x 60 x 14 inches product dimension
  • 2 inches ventilated gel infused foam provides a full and even body support by adjusting to your body weight and temperature
  • 2 inches memory foam make it softer as temperature increases while relieving body pains, aches, and soreness
  • 2 inches soft comfort foam helps distribute your weight evenly and maintain your mattress original shape everytime you change positions
  • 8 inches high-density base foam provides sufficient back support system and alleviate pressure points
  • Medium level of firmness allow you to enjoy its “just enough” feel
  • Stretch knit cover on top of very thin material to provide an efficient barrier between you and your mattress


  • Naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to molds, bacteria, and dust mites
  • Remains cool and resilient to prevent disturbing your sleep
  • Self-ventilating with maximum breathability
  • This mattress comes with 2 free pillows
  • Delivered compact package: compressed and rolled in a box


  • Feels a little closer to being firm than a medium for other sleepers
  • The size is a little wider and longer than standard Queen mattresses

What You Need to Know About Classic Brands Mattresses?

Did you know that Classic Brands is one of the oldest brands that distribute mattresses on the market? Dedicated to producing the finest mattresses, the brand uses the most innovative design, materials, and craftsmanship. Far from being “average”, Classic Brands sources the finest materials from different parts of the world to ensure its quality. With the goal to provide the ultimate in comfortable mattresses, the company continues to satisfy its customers until now.

Classic Corporation

In fact, one of the reasons why customers love Classic Brands mattresses is its offered restorative sleep. When the company was founded in 1971, it was first known as Classic Corporation. During this time, the company primarily sold waterbeds which were pretty popular due to their fresh and unique features. This made the company as one of the leading manufacturers of waterbeds and other waterbed products. Take note, the company’s range of customers didn’t just settle in its vicinity.

Classic Brands

The brand’s waterbeds became world-class products that satisfied lots of customers during the Seventies. In 2002, the company’s name was changed from Classic Corporation into Classic Brands. At the same time, its product line became bigger which includes latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses. Together with these high-quality mattresses, the brand also came up with its own pillows, and bed frames. To be a one-stop shop, various sleep accessories were also added in its product line to complete your quality sleep.

Top-of-the-Line Facilities

All products of Classic Brands are designed and manufactured in its 100,000 sq. ft. facility right outside of Baltimore, Maryland. But in order to cater for its increasing customers and their demands, the company built another facility in Los Angeles. This allowed the company to produce more mattresses and other sleep products within a short period to supply the market. After being in the business for over 40 years, you can guarantee that each mattress is crafted by skilled craftsman.

Ideal for Various Sleeping Positions

Its expert employees and craftsman work together to achieve the same goal - produce top-notch products. Thus, Classic Brands doesn’t stop to seek success by keeping its cutting edge reputation in the bedding industry. Of course this includes offering each product at a reasonable and affordable price then delivering it in smart packaging. So if you’re too overwhelmed with the number of choices you have, Classic Brands mattress got your back. Regardless of your preferred sleeping position, latex foam and memory foam mattress will do.

These two kinds of foams are specifically designed to contour and support you from head to toe evenly. Thus, you can sleep on your back, stomach, or side with these mattresses from Classic Brands. It can even help maintain your spine’s neutral position as you benefit from its reduced pressure. Believe it or not, experiencing pressure along your shoulder and hips can lead to a bigger problem in the future. So these Classic Brands mattresses are made just to combat that problem regardless of your age.

Guaranteed Safe and Natural Materials

In addition, the materials used in creating the brand’s latex and memory foam mattresses are safe for allergy sufferers. Each mattress is hypoallergenic while those that contain latex foams are made from 100% natural materials. As long as you’re not allergic to latex, latex foam mattresses from this brand might work for you. You don’t even have to flip or rotate foam mattresses since they don’t sag like most innerspring mattresses. But if you want a combination of memory foam or latex and innerspring, there are over 5 mattresses for you.

If you’re into innerspring mattresses alone, you can also take advantage of its individually encased coils that prevent motion transfer. This way, you can sleep like a baby even if your partner tosses and turns or gets up a lot at night. For space-saving options, the company also offers sofa and futon mattresses to complete your sleeping environment.


There you have it, one of the most popular mattresses from Classic Brands today. Whether you are a back side, or stomach sleeper, there’s always a Classic Brands mattress that can match your needs. Whether you need latex, memory foam, or an innerspring mattress, you got it. You can even get a hybrid mattress and gel-infused mattress depending on your needs and preferences. These hybrid mattresses let you experience the best of both worlds in a single product while gel-infused mattresses remain cool overnight.

Moreover, Classic Brands mattresses are designed to provide top-notch support and comfort using natural and hypoallergenic materials. Thus, the brand’s mattresses are safe and ideal for every member of the family. Therefore, don’t forget to follow us for more Classic Brand Mattress reviews in the future!


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.