Dynasty Mattress Reviews

This Luxury 13-inch Cool-Breeze GEL Medium Soft Cloud Memory Foam Mattress is a new product from Dynasty Mattress. It has 13 inch thickness and corroborated with five layers of settings. The feeling resembles the Tempur-Cloud Luxe Breeze mattress. This superior mattress product is guaranteed against feeling and performance. This Gel memory foam mattress is one of the most popular mattresses. It uses the Visco-Elastic Cool-Gel infused memory foam technology developed by NASA.



This technology helps the mattress to sense body weight and temperature. Then it gently conforms to exclusive body shape thus to minimize pressure points and reduce tossing and turning. No compromise is made about quality of the materials used in the production. The shipping fees are made affordable and handling during delivery is also eased with vacuum packing of the mattress. It is also assured that this does not negotiate about the quality or comfort of the mattress. The mattress will conform to its proper size within 1 – 2 hours after opening of the shipment. The foundation, is, however, not included.

  • The ability to contour to body shape has helped to lessen the pressure points. The user will thus have a more comfortable sleep
  • This mattress is one of the best pain healers in back, stomach and cervical positions
  • Tossing and turning is also reduced as well as partner’s non-disturbance is ensured with the use of Visco-Elastic Cool-Gel infused memory foam technology developed by NASA.
  • This is one of the high enduring mattresses and assuming proper care will help lasting to further extent
  • The  foams produce no noise making the sleep more quiet
  • Available both in-store and online

  • The mattress may grow hot during sleep
  • The mattress requires time for full expansion after opening of the shipment
  • Off gassing is very strong that hinders sleep quality for first few weeks

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Reasons why Dynasty Mattress is popular

The product features a super soft comfort and high range of responsiveness. This sort of characteristics will help to reduce body aches as it acts to relieve the pressure points. It responds to the temperature of the body and contours to body’s shape. The product has layers of 3 inch comfort HD, 5 lbs Memory foam and 2 inches ultra-soft 4.0 lb HD memory foam. The Sleep Cool technology and Dual 2 inch State of the Art cool Airflow Foam paves way for a final support base. The product is provided with a white luxurious knitted cover embroidered with a beautiful gold braid around the perimeter thus completing the design. The zip covers 4-ways thus creating an easy to remove cover for cleaning. There is a free trial of 120 nights. A warranty of 20 years is also provided with the product. All the products are CertiPUR-US certified. Read more: Best mattress Under $1000

These products are offered at somewhat dearer prices in comparison to the average memory foam mattresses, but the value it provides exceeds in multiple than the excess price that had to be paid by the consumers.

The customers have produced that after using this product, there is certain improvement in pain relief process. This also ensures a refreshed waking up in the morning. After a long time use, this has been reported as remaining as good as new. The provided knitted cover has also kept its plush altogether. This is, unlike other contemporary mattresses, works well with over-sized ad excess weighted people. The service to customer has also been praised. Another amazing point is the size that this mattress becomes when packed for shipping. It is converted to a very handy pack – very comfortable to carry on. It is also beautiful to see the entire procedure of regaining of size of the mattress when it is unpacked and made ready to use. It takes barely 2 hours for reshaping. The sleeper will feel uncomfortable with the odor from foam in the initial two days. This pungent odor will go off on the 3rd day.

The mattress has some reported issues like sitting on the edge is impossible as the edge will compress making the person using to slide over. After sometimes, it may felt hot, and that property goes well in the winter. Over and above, this mattress serves to satisfy the hunger for a good and comfortable mattress.

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