GhostBed Mattress Reviews

Mattress provides facilities like having good and quality sleeping to the user. It is known to have the antidotes for several ache and pain problems that arise in cervical position, as well as in neck and stomach. Critical analyses have revealed that root of such problems lies in the lack in sense about the proper sleeping postures.



The product from GhostBed known best as Nature’s Sleep provides a balance of supernatural comfort as well as support to the entire body. This has been handcrafted in USA with top-quality materials and the imbibing of latest in sleep technology. This is engulfed with naturally responsive, plush latex foam layer that provides an ideal level of surface softness. And, the proprietary gel memory foam layer helps regulate sleeping temperature. The pre-equipped high-density base foam layer GhostBed provides increased support for a restful night’s sleep. The sunk of this mattress is 11 inch. The product comes with a removable plush cover that tapers moisture and heat. All these ensure a cooling sleeping experience.

  • This product is exclusively good while the user looks for great value
  • Offered at best price in the market than the other contemporary mattresses
  • This product is ideal for all sleeping positions
  • An engulfed surface softness is provided with the imbibed plush latex foam layer
  • The temperature is controlled with the proprietary gel memory foam layer
  • Highly idealistic for sleepers who prefer cooling experience in their sleeping

  • Spring mattress lovers will never love this mattress as foam mattresses are characteristically different from spring mattresses
  • When the preference is stomach sleeping only, this mattress may not work particularly well.

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Why use this mattress

This mattress from GhostBed offers great vale. These mattresses are made by Nature’s Sleep. They are made and sold in huge volume in the world of mattress and thus can be offered at economical rate.  Therefore, the plush offered by an equivalent Casper Mattress will also never be able to offer the match that is offered with this GhostBed mattress. Already there is a discount of $50 on all GhostBed mattresses. Secondly, this product offers comfort and support for any sleeping position. The product is offers a maneuver to provide the user with all prizes of foam. The Top layer is made of latex, which guarantees to make the sleeping experience a cool one. Related: Best queen mattress Under $300

This mattress is constructed of three layers that are comprised of 1.5” of latex foam, 2” of gel memory foam and 7.5” of core foam.

Top layer: The Top layer is constituted with 1.5” of latex foam. This layer made with Latex Layer is popular for its capacity to offer a bit more spring than a memory foam mattress and also keeps the mattress from sleeping hot. The middle layer is comprised of 2” of gel memory foam. This foam is known to provide great contouring support, with the gel again insuring that the mattress does not sleep hot. The core layer is made with 7.5 inches thickness foam that provides a base layer of support for the mattress – The mattress guide

This mattress is seen to bounce back with rapidity due to the presence of Latex. The arrangement of an extra spring is sure to make the avoidance of stuck feeling that is available with all memory foam mattress. The firmness is about 7 out of 10, that makes it right in the sweet spot for the average sleeper.  The firmness is at points where the comfort of sleep is available for any position. The feeling is good for stomach and side and serves great for back. It also serves in curing pains in stomach and back positions.

This mattress offers a good motion transfer facility too. The implied sunk of the mattress works in gauging the isolation of motion. This feature enables to keep each partner free from disturbance owing to the toss and turn of partner.

The recommendation

The user is sure to offer great experience with the use of GhostBed mattress. This products are all made with non-compromising quality materials. Besides, these are offered at great price. They have factual alienation in the level of value too. All of the users who have average mattress preferences and looking for a good hybrid mattress – this mattress is an exact option for such users.

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