GhostBed Mattress Reviews

Who said that ghosts can’t be incorporated with mattress brands? Apparently, Marc Werner used his fear of ghosts to come up with a unique brand name for his mattresses. From his fear of ghosts, the founder and CEO of Nature’s Sleep established a successful brand to capture young consumers. With excellent engineering and marketing strategy through various social media platforms, GhostBed mattresses sell fast among online consumers.

Here, you will know more about what makes GhostBed mattresses popular especially this product we reviewed. Constructed with multiple foam layers and a plush cover, read on to learn more about this 11-inch mattress and its brand.

The GhostBed 11-Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam-Mattress, Full

Engineered and distributed by mattress experts in the industry, this GhostBed mattress comes with an innovative design. In fact, it contains the most advanced and adaptive gel memory foam mattress that ensures the comfort of various sleepers. Available at an affordable price, it offers a combination of luxury latex and gel memory foam with the highest quality. It also has a thick base layer that guarantees an optimal balance of long-term support and comfort. Thus, it’s one of the most ideal products to invest in today and enjoy for years. It is encased in a plush mattress cover that is durable and soft. Most importantly, it is compatible with box spring foundations, slatted frames, and adjustable frames so it’s a pretty versatile mattress.


  • Weighs 64 pounds with 75 x 54 x 11 inches product dimension
  • 5 inches aerated latex foam layer creates a good bounce rate and pulls away heat from your body
  • 2 inches gel memory foam layer comes with a proprietary foam formula that has larger cells to keep it cool
  • 5 inches high-density foam layer serves as the core foundation that removes any uncomfortable feeling and promotes spinal alignment
  • Plush mattress cover comes with a blend of polyester and viscose materials that give it a soft and smooth texture
  • 5 medium-firm firmness level allows it to relieve pressure points and support your spine while sleeping


  • Provides enough spine support for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Offers an optimal balance of plush comfort and good bounce rate
  • Helps relieve stiffness on your muscles
  • Reduces pressure along your shoulders and hips


  • Lacks the motion isolation technology to reduce its motion transfer
  • Tends to feel a little warm for other sleepers

What You Need to Know About GhostBed Mattresses?

Of all names that could be used to name a mattress brand, have you ever wondered how the brand got its name? Well, the mattress brand’s name was simply made because the owner of the brand had a fear of ghosts. Compared with others who are scared of all ghosts, Marc Werner is very particular about the ghosts under his bed. Believe it or not a lot of kids have that same fear which hinders them from getting good sleep. In fact, he even named his Sunfish sailboat as “Ghost” which is indeed bizarre.

Unique Formula

Moving on with what makes this mattress unique;GhostBed mattresses are constructed by seasoned mattress professionals. Unlike other brands, the company makes sure that each mattress is designed and crafted carefully after years of continues research. The brand stands out from its competitors on both land-based and online stores. This is thanks to its balanced mix of comfort, support, and durability. Its mattress formula makes it unique in its own way without overlooking its comfort regardless of how you sleep.

Whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper, this durable mattress can provide you with optimal support for years. Thus, you don’t have to worry about enduring back pains and other body pains since it also promotes proper spinal alignment. But, another thing that makes this mattress an efficient choice is its versatility. Apparently, you can match this mattress with different kinds of bed frames from boxspring foundation, adjustable bed frame, and slatted frame. The brand offers its matching wood foundation so you don’t have to shop elsewhere.

Top-Notch Materials and Manufacturing Process

When it comes to construction, GhostBed prides itself for being 100% made in America by Nature’s Sleep. It is designed and made using carefully selected materials with the finest quality. Thus, rest assured that its long-term performance remains unmatched. Each element that is added in GhostBed mattresses has its own function and importance. For instance, the outer cover of the mattress is made from a blend of different but quality fabrics. This is to make sure that heat and moisture don’t linger within the mattress for a cooler feeling.

Its top layer and comfort layer is made from the finest latex foam to provide an ideal surface. Whatever level of firmness you need, you got it with GhostBed mattresses. These mattresses can even prevent the build-up of heat overnight by adding a layer of gel-infused memory foam. Its gel beads function as heat absorber to regulate your body temperature and maintain a sleep-friendly environment. When it comes to the core, its base layer is made from high-density and resilient materials to create a long-lasting foundation.

Safe for All Types of Sleepers

In addition, GhostBed mattresses use synthetic rubber latex material to avoid triggering allergy reactions from sensitive sleepers. These mattresses can conform to your natural body shape and help you align your spine properly with the perfect support. Thus, the bed feels safer and more comfortable with various sleepers. Most importantly, GhostBed mattresses can support over 300 pounds sleepers when matched with placed on strong foundations. Once removed in its sealed vacuumed packaging, you can actually sleep on it almost immediately.

Very Accessible and User-Friendly

But during winter, you can leave it for a day or longer since its temperature-sensitive materials take longer to expand. Moreover, it can’t be flipped so you have to suffice with rotating it ever 6 months to prolong its lifespan. Now, GhostBed mattresses experience a huge success among young customers via online marketing and selling.


There you have it, one of the latest GhostBed mattress reviews that you can rely on when shopping for mattresses. This GhostBed is no doubt one of the most impressive mattress brands that you can find on the market. It distributes comfy and supportive mattresses that are made from the finest and allergy-free materials. Thus, you can sleep better and longer to regain your energy regardless of your preferred sleep style or position.

However, don’t forget that it also needs proper care to maintain its quality and performance. You can remove and wash its cover then vacuum its foam to clean it. You can also use a mild detergent and a clean sponge to remove stains from the foam then let it dry. You can put it out in the sun to dry out faster or use baking soda to absorb its dampness.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.