Ghostbed vs. Tuft and Needle Comparison Reviews 2021

Are you torn between Tuft & Needle and Ghostbed?

Well, you’re not alone who are stuck with the same dilemma. So, let’s find out which one is the best for you through this detailed comparison.

Ghostbed Mattress

  •  At a glance: Mattress for all types of sleepers  
  • Headline: Ghostbed is more than a mattress company; it is the solution to finding the ultimate comfort. Built by Nature’s Sleep, Ghostbed crafts comfy and supportive mattresses for various types of sleepers.

Tuft and Needle Mattress

  •  At a glance: Modern mattresses that are designed with everyone in mind  
  • Headline: No matter what you prefer in a mattress, Tuft & Needle got you covered. From providing the right amount of softness and support, you can be one of the brand’s happy sleepers.

Quick Synopsis

Before you jump straight to the detailed comparison below, here are some of the main points that we covered:

Quick Comparison

  • Price – The Original T&N mattress is much cheaper than Ghostbed
  • Size – Ghostbed is thicker and available in more size options

There’s more to learn about the Ghostbed and Tuft & Needle mattress we reviewed. Read on to see what we’re talking about.

Ghostbed Mattress

Best For:

  • Foam lovers who like a plush cover
  • Warm or hot sleepers
  • Back, stomach, side, and combo sleepers
  • Customers who prefer mattresses that are 100% made in the USA
  • Light sleepers who need a noise-free mattress

GhostBed Mattress-Queen 11

For a longer and deeper sleep, Ghostbed offers 4 options for mattresses. These options include the original Ghostbed, GhostbedLuxe, Ghostbed Flex, and Ghostbed 3D Matrix which offer different features. For this review, we will focus on the original mattress which is also the most popular Ghostbed mattress model.


The original Ghostbed mattress is built with 3 layers of materials under its cover. Available in 7 different sizes, Ghostbed has an 11 inches tall profile to impress those who prefer a thicker mattress. The first layer is an aerated latex foam which is 1.5 inches thin. This foam layer provides a nice springy feel to the entire mattress to help you enjoy different bedroom activities more. If you often indulge in other bedroom activities, you and your partner might find this mattress handy. The second layer of this mattress is thicker gel memory foam that is 2 inches tall. Compared with most traditional memory foams in the market, this material is built with bigger cells to ensure its efficiency. For its third layer, Ghostbed has high-density base foam that is 7.5 inches thick. This foam core layer functions as the foundation of the mattress which is built to last. These layers are encased in a smooth and soft mattress cover which is made of a stretchy fabric. The durability of this cover comes from its blend of polyester and viscose.


All models of Ghostbed mattresses are built with a supportive but comfortable feel. However, the original Ghostbed model is designed with a medium-firm feel. On a scale of 1 to 10, this mattress has a 6.5 rate based on the brand’s firmness scale. Its layer of memory foam is specially designed to provide a proper amount of comfort for each type of sleeper. Years of non-stop research helped Ghostbed to create a formula that helps memory foam conform smoothly to the body. But despite having a firmer feel, this mattress has a plush cover to give you the first taste of comfort. Thus, this comfort level is perfect for those who prefer a firmer mattress with a plush cover.


In connection with the comfort level of Ghostbed, the level of support is also an aspect that is important to consider. Its latex foam is the first layer of material that can support you. Meanwhile, its memory foam conforms to your unique body shape and size. Regardless of your preferred sleeping position, Ghostbed made sure that this gel memory foam is capable of providing sufficient support. Its optimal balance of comfort and support helps relieve pain on hips and back. It can also relieve the stiffness of muscles as well as other pressure points to help you sleep in comfort. Most importantly, its high-density base foam can help maintain your spine’s proper alignment even while you snooze. Of course, it also has a durable cover that keeps all of its layers in place. Thus, this mattress may allow your body to sink a bit without losing its support for the rest of your body.

Temperature Regulation

As mentioned above, Ghostbed is a mattress that is best for hot sleepers. This is due to its layer of aerated latex foam which is built with small holes. These holes are designed to constantly pull heat away from your body to give you a cooler sleep surface. At the same time, its layer of memory foam is infused with cooling gel to make the mattress feel cooler. Its larger cells and cooling gels also help Ghostbed to transfer heat from your body and out of the mattress.

Tuft and Needle Mattress

Best For:

  • Sleepers who weight at least 130 pounds
  • Anyone who wants a firmer sleeping surface with just enough comfort level
  • Side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Light sleepers who often wake up even at the smallest background noise

Tuft & Needle Full Mattress

Every sleeper is different and Tuft & Needle is well aware of that. Hence, the brand also offers 3 different mattresses to meet the needs of various sleepers. There’s The Original, The Mint, and The Hybrid.


Compared with the Ghostbed mattress, The Original Tuft & Needle mattress has a profile that is 10 inches tall only. The Original mattress has 2 specially calibrated layers of materials that allow it to provide a universal comfort for all. These layers include the exclusive adaptive foam that Tuft & Needle specifically engineered to provide a flexible sleeping surface. This 3 inches thick foam is reinforced by the second and final layer of support foam underneath. This adaptive foam is the first layer of foam that will cushion your body and bounce back immediately. Inside these foams are extra features like graphite and gel beads that help wick away moisture from the mattress. Available in 6 different sizes, all of these layers and features are encased in a durable mattress cover. This fluffy cover makes the mattress feel cozier and much more appealing to sleep on.


Just like the Ghostbed mattress, The Original mattress also has a medium-firm feel. Whether you like sleeping on your side, stomach, back, or all of the above, this model can adjust easily. This is thanks to its exclusive adaptive foam that can bounce back to its original form to prevent permanent indentation. Thus, this comfort level allows The Original mattress to provide a universal feel for all types of sleepers. The Original Tuft & Needle doesn’t need too many layers to make you feel comfortable. Its two layers of foams are enough to give you the sleep you need. Not to mention the fact that it has an ultra-soft cover that enhances the feel of the mattress.


The Original mattress has durable mattress support which comes from its adaptive T&N foam and additional support foam. Compared with other mattress models, all T&N models are designed according to customer feedback in the mattress industry. When it comes to providing support, this model can provide pressure relief right where you need it the most. Its adaptive foam’s open-cell structure provides a flexible surface that can adjust whenever you move throughout your sleep. Furthermore, the level of support of this model is ideal for all sleepers which made it more tempting to buy. Tuft & Needle complemented its adaptive foam to an additional layer of support foam to help you sleep better. This allows the mattress to provide the right amount of support for almost all types of sleepers.

Temperature Regulation

If the cooling effects of the Ghostbed mattress impressed you, Tuft & Needle can do that too. All it takes are a couple of ingredients to make the mattress feel cool throughout your sleep. So, T&N made its foam more breathable using an open-cell design. To make its design more effective, T&N also added graphite and cooling gel to the foam. Together, the infused graphite and cooling gel absorb your body heat and disperse it out through the sides. At the same time, these additional elements get rid of moisture in the mattress due to heat.


Now that we’re down to the differences between the Ghostbed and Tuft & Needle mattress, let’s start with their construction. Though both are all-foam mattresses, Ghostbed has more layers of foams underneath its cover which made it thicker than T&N. Also, T&N doesn’t have latex foam but it has graphite and cooling gel which can compete with Ghostbed’s gel memory foam. These temperature regulation features and its memory foam’s open-cell design prevent sweating while you sleep. When it comes to sizes, the Ghostbed mattress is also available in Split King. This size is also equivalent to 2 Twin XL mattresses that are combined in an adjustable bed frame. Thus, it is great for couples who have different preferences in sleep. You can even raise your back or your feet without disturbing the sleep or position. For the price, that’s another thing that matters in mattresses. T&N costs between $350 (Twin) and $750 (King and California King). Meanwhile, the Ghostbed mattress costs between $409 (Twin), and $1,118 (Split King). On the other hand, Ghostbed offers a longer sleep trial which is up to 101 nights and 20 year warranty period. Meanwhile, T&N offers up to 100-night trials only and a 10-year warranty.


To help you make up your mind, here are some additional points to consider when buying a new mattress:

Do you share your bed?

Whether you share your bed or not, it is worth knowing that the Ghostbed mattress offers greater edge support. Based on customers’ feedback, it also feels better when couples indulge in other bedroom activities.

Do you suffer from back pain?

Both mattresses have great support. However, T&N offers a more satisfying relief for back pains and pressure points.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.