How To Clean Vomit From a Mattress Like A Pro

A mattress is one of the hard-to-clean items in the house; however, it also one of the most important to keep clean because you spend so much time there. If you have children or pets, there is a likely chance that at some point you may need to clean up vomit. You want to make sure to do it effectively and in the most efficient and sanitary way. At Mattress1000, we think that these instruction for cleaning up vomit from a mattress will be useful. You should follow to the end of the article to discover how to remove vomit from a mattress in the best way.

How To Clean Vomit From a Mattress Step By Step

Things You Will Need

First of all, you need to find some “weapons” for the fight! To get the best result, you will need a paper towel, old towels or rags, pet stain remover, detergent, vinegar, measuring cup, baking soda, and a dehumidifier or hair dryer.

It is difficult to clean up vomit from a mattress
It is difficult to clean up vomit from a mattress

The list of supplies is long, but vomit stains can be tricky to remove. You won’t regret going the extra mile to have the peace of mind that your mattress is as clean as possible. If your first efforts are successful, you may be able to skip some of the steps toward the end.

Easy Steps To Follow

Step 1: Wipe off the vomit as soon as possible

Remove the excess vomit as soon as possible. This may be easier said than done if it is the middle of the night or if you are the one who is sick. However, the longer the vomit stays on your mattress, the harder it will be to remove.

Mattress1000 recommends that you use a towel or rag that you can throw away. After using the towel, you can put it in the waste-basket without washing it. If no rags are available, use paper towels you can dispose of.

Step 2: Pour detergent onto the affected area and wait. Then use the towel or old rag to soak up the suds.

If you have to clean up animal vomit, pour the specialized pet stain remover product over the affected areas. Afterward, wait for ten minutes for the product’s activation and use an old towel or old rags to remove the liquid as much as possible.

If it is human vomit, dilute a good detergent or biological washing powder into warm water. Cold water will reduce the activation of the liquid. Pour the mixture onto the area and leave it for at least ten minutes. Use an old towel or rags to remove the suds and liquid from the mattress. Wash the towel in warm water and keep wiping and pushing down. Repeat this action until you do not see any soap on the mattress.

If you see that your mattress is clean after the step, jump down to the last step. If there is still a stain or unpleasant smell remaining, follow the two steps below.

Step 3: Use vinegar to clean

Mix three parts vinegar to one part cold water and pour this mixture over the affected areas. Vinegar is not only a disinfectant but also a natural deodorizer.

Do not worry about the sour smell of the vinegar. After evaporating, your mattress will be odorless and clean.

Vinegar is not only a disinfectant but also a deodorizer in nature
Vinegar is not only a disinfectant but also a natural deodorizer

Wait for approximately ten minutes for the vinegar do its job. After ten minute of waiting, use the damp towel to remove the vinegar. Wash the towel with clean water and keep pressing the affected areas. Repeat until the mattress is clean.

Step 4: Sprinkle baking soda on the area

While vinegar is a mild disinfectant and deodorizer, baking soda is more potent. Sprinkle a large amount of baking soda over the affected areas and leave it overnight. As the powder works, there will be no more disgusting odors in your mattress.

The next day, clean up the baking soda power on your mattress. Vacuuming it off is the best method. Then, place a dry towel on the areas and press as hard as you can to remove any excess moisture.

Step 5:  Use a dehumidifier (or a hairdryer) to remove dampness

Congratulation, you reached the final step of how to clean vomit from a mattress! We hope your efforts have been successful and that you now have peace of mind that your mattress is fresh and sanitary.

This final step will ensure that your mattress is totally dry. A damp mattress could allow for allergens and bacteria, which cause unpleasant smells and other problems.

Use a dehumidifier or hair dryer to dry your mattress. Put the machine as close as possible to the affected area and turn it on high. Wait at least two hours so that the machine will dry out all the liquid. If this day is sunny, place the mattress in the yard so that the sun will do the drying job for you.

How To Clean Vomit From Mattress

Additional Tips For You

Mattress1000 has shown you the steps in detail. Here are a few more quick tips.

First, make sure you effectively wash any other bedding that was affected, including sheets, pillows, and blankets.

Secondly, if you are out of vinegar or baking soda, you can use boric acid powder to do the job. When choosing to use the boric acid, sprinkle it onto the affected areas. Use a sponge to rub over it in a circular motion until the vomit disappears.

Third, hydrogen peroxide can also be effective in removing a vomit stain. Mattress1000 is sure that you have this product at home for bleaching. When using this product, remember to test it on a small area to check if it bleaches your mattress or not.


In conclusion, when you have to face the unexpected hassle of cleaning up vomit, you want to do it as effectively as possible. We can show you the complete process of how to deep clean your mattress. Though the process seems long, the steps will give the best results.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.