How To Clean Vomit From Mattress Like A Pro

We know that the mattress is one of the hard-to-clean articles in the bedroom. Sometimes, you may need to clean the vomit from the mattress since the unexpected scenario happens. For example, your kid is sick and unfortunately vomits over the bed. Or you may have to clean the animal vomit if you are raising a pet at home.

Well, Mattress1000 think that the instruction to clean up the vomit from a mattress is useful for everybody. You may have to solve the problem by yourself.You should follow to the end of the article to discover how to clean the vomit the best mattress in a practical way.

How To Clean Vomit From The Mattress Steps By Steps


Things You Will Need

First of all, you need to find some tools as the “weapon” for the fight! To get the best result, you will need a paper towel, old towel/clothes/rags, pet stain remover, detergent (great soap for the best result), vinegar, cup for measurement, baking soda and dehumidifier or hair dryer.

It is difficult to clean up vomit from a mattress
It is difficult to clean up vomit from a mattress

We know that those things seem a lot for you to prepare. But, the vomit stain is not easy to remove. Therefore, if you can clean it as much as possible, you will never be regret. During the attempt at removing vomit, you can skip some later steps if the dirt fades away.

Easy Steps To Follow

Step 1: Wipe off the vomit as soon as possible

The first step plays an essential part in the whole cleaning process. If you do it correctly, the other steps will be less tough for you.

Right away when you detect that your mattress has got vomit on it, you need to remove the damp particles as soon as possible. The longer the vomit stays on your mattress, the harder for you to remove it. Therefore, if you want to save the mattress, you should attempt quickly.

To wipe off the vomit, you use the prepared towel, as we listed before. Mattress1000 recommend that you use a paper towel for your convenience. After using the towel, you can put it in the waste-basket without washing it. If you use a new towel to do this task, that is ok, but then you will have to wash it carefully.

Step 2: Pour detergent into the affected area and wait. Then use the towel or old rag to soak up the soapiness.

When you finish the first step, let’s move into the second step. Due to the difference between the human vomit and animal vomit, you should not skip this process.

If you have to clean up animal vomit, you have to do this initially. All you need is pouring the specialized pet stain remover product over the affected areas. Afterward, wait for an approximate ten minutes for the product’s activation and use an old towel or old rags to remove the liquid as much as possible.

As we said, if that is human vomit, you do not need to do the below step and jump into this. You need to dilute the great soap or biological washing powder into warm water. It is okay to do with cold water, but it will reduce the activation of the liquid. After finishing diluting, you pour the mixture into the area and leave for at least ten minutes.

The next thing you must do is using the old towel or the old rags to remove the soapiness on the mattress. Wash the towel into warm water and keep wiping and pushing down. Repeat this action until you do not see any soap on the mattress.
If you see that your mattress is clean after the step, you can jump into the last step. To make sure that no stain and the uncomfortable smell is remaining, you need to keep the following two below steps.

Step 3: Use vinegar to clean old mattress

You need to mix three parts of vinegar into one part of cold water and pour this mixture over the affected areas. Have you ever heard about the use of vinegar in cleaning? This is not only a disinfectant but also a deodorizer in nature.

Do not worry about the sour smell of the vinegar. After evaporating, your mattress will be odorless and clean.

Vinegar is not only a disinfectant but also a deodorizer in nature
Vinegar is not only a disinfectant but also a deodorizer in nature

You have to wait for approximately ten minutes again for the vinegar do its job. After ten minute waiting, use the damp towel to remove the vinegar. Wash the towel with clean water and keep pressing the affected areas. Repeat until you find the mattress is clean.

Step 4: Sprinkle baking soda on the area

While vinegar is a mild disinfectant and deodorizer, baking soda is more potent than that. When you come to this step, you are almost done on the whole progress!

By doing this action, your mattress will be as clean as it was. Sprinkle a massive amount of baking soda over the affected areas and leave it overnight. As the powder works, there will be no more disgusted odors staying in your mattress.

A day later, you need to clean up the baking soda power on your mattress. You can vacuum it or use the broom to wipe it out. Then, place the dry towel on the areas and press as hard as you can to remove excess moisture. By this way, the liquid inside the mattress will be taken out.

Step 5:  Use a dehumidifier (or only use the hairdryer) to remove dampness

Congratulation, you reached the final step of how to clean old foam mattress instruction! It is a long way, huh? Although we have a lot of things to do, it is worth doing them. You can feel proud of yourself after going through a long journey.
The final step is easy to follow. Doing the step will bring you a totally dry mattress. Therefore, there is no room for allergen or bacteria to live. They are the leading causes of the unpleasant smell. Your mattress will stay clean and fresh for a long time.
You need to use the dehumidifier or hair dryer to dry your mattress. Put the machine near the particle and turn the high mode. You have to wait at least two hours so that the machine will dry out all the liquid. If this day is sunny, place the mattress on the open yard so that the sun will do the drying job for you.

How To Clean Vomit From Mattress

Additional Tips For You

Mattress1000 has shown you the steps in detail. In this content, you can have some more tips on handling the issue at home.

Hence, you will find it easier to combat the nightmare.

The first tip is that you need to remove things out of the mattress when it is affected.

When finding out the appearance of vomit on the bed, you must attempt fast. Therefore, the other things may not get dirty during you clean your mattress. Besides, if they got dirty either, you can wash them separately by hand or use the washing machine. The mattress is more robust to clean than the other particles.

Secondly, if there is any vinegar or baking soda powder left in your house, what should you do? There are some replacements for you.

You can use boric acid powder to do the job. Finding powder in a specialized shop is easy. When choosing to use the power, you need to sprinkle it onto the affected areas. Use a sponge to rub over in a circular motion until the vomit disappears. Then, follow our below instruction to get rid of the disgusted.

Third, you can remove the stain of the vomit by using the hydrogen peroxide.

Mattress1000 is sure that you have this product at home for bleaching. When using this product, you remember to put on a small area to check if your mattress is bleached or not. If the answer is “yes,” you should not keep doing the work. Otherwise, it is alright to use the product to fight the stubborn particle.


In conclusion, the vomit is an unwanted part in our life, but sometimes we have to face up with it. finally showed you the complete process of how to deep clean the mattress.

This information will be useful for the later situation, so make sure to take note carefully. Then, when you have to deal with the problem, you can do it easier without struggles. You may think that those steps are too much, but trust us, they are necessary. Following the steps and you will get the best result.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.