How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress Fast

If you take up in the morning with swollen areas you did not have when you went to bed, you would have bed bugs. This is a common issue if you use an old bed or other used units.

Having said that bed bugs are a sign of dirty living condition, but you may startle these pests can occur in 5-star hotels, cruise ships, airplanes, and trains.

So, how to destroy bed bugs in a mattress?

How do you know about bed bugs?

In the pest world, there are tons of bugs living that may want to explore. Nonetheless, there is one type of household bug which most of the homeowners always fear. That is a bed bug!

Bed bugs are tiny with the oval shape. They live on the blood of human beings and animals too! Moreover, they look like small apple seeds with the reddish color.

How to remove bed bugs in your mattress?
How to remove bed bugs in your mattress?

Do you want to know the nutrition of these bed bugs? Human’s blood and animals are their feedings! Yeah, it sounds creepy, but this is the truth! They will suck our blood while we are sleeping!

Moreover, infections from these bugs are not “sweet”’! According to the Entomological Society of America, a survey in 2017 indicates that more than 30 percent of American business people and 28 percent of frequent travelers had bed bug infections from the household pests. The final consequences of the research were published in American Entomologist.

Places bed bugs often hide

Bed bugs have flattened bodies, so they can hide anywhere in your house (even if they enable to fit in small spaces).

Bugs could find anywhere in our houses such as beds, cracks, crevices, picture frames, bed sheets, blankets, bed frames, box springs, and even electrical outlet plates.

Please pay attention that they are not like ants or bees with nests. However, they prefer living in their groups and conceal. You may think that they are invisible!

You probably surprise that their first hiding areas are your mattress! Sometimes, they live in the headboards, bed constructions, and others to bite at night. What a terrifying thing!

They can toss through the bedroom and move into any safe place. Bed bugs probably increase their populations nearby flats and rooms.

Having them in your houses does not mean your living environment is filthy. They enable to visit your house or rooms even you have immaculate conditions!

General treatments

Leaping straight into control is just enticing, but it will not work in a long time. Instead, preparing for solid treatment is crucial to get rid of bed bugs completely.

It will also support by getting it simpler for you to control for bed bugs which have not thoroughly diminish. This devising could gather whether you are applying the treatment yourself or contacting a professional agent.

Take into account of non-chemical solutions of killing these bugs. It is said that some will be more helpful than others. In my opinion, you should choose and attempt before determining your proper situations.

Heat treatment

You use a clothes dryer and setting the high heat level. Then, you take the black plastic bags in the sun or other hot places.

Cold treatment

This method is perfect if you are living in the cold condition frequently. You should leave the products in the freezer in 4 days. Take a thermometer to check the temperature on a daily basis. This is because home freezers often set to the zero degrees.

Steam cleaners (both the wet one and the dry machine)

Most of the steamers probably go into cracks and textures to kill bugs in bed frames, baseboards, carpets, and so on. You should modify the steam temperature at more than 130 degrees of Fahrenheit. Nonetheless, you need to avoid the forceful airflow by taking a diffuser as it causes bed bugs to run.


Pesticides are also used to treat bed bugs. However, you should be careful with these chemicals. Always read the label instructions before treating or a professional. It is a good idea to find out the EPA-registered products.

Foggers (these are bug booms)

It is dangerous if you do not draw attention to implement. Inaccurate use possibly affects your health and a massive explosion. Do not be subjective!
Bug booms use as the broadcast spraying, and it is not recommended to apply many times. Your spray will not catch bed bugs when they are hiding!

Signs of bed bugs in your mattress know you want to detect how to abolish bed bugs in a mattress, but you should recognize the signs initially.


Generally speaking, you may see bed bug bites look like pest’s bites. However, sufferers probably have a bit different in the bite spot. Here are a few common symptoms of a bed bug bite:

  • A red and expanded area with a dark red in the center
  • A line bite or a group of it in a small spot
  • Peel off blebs or hives at the bite mark

Please note that bites could appear anywhere on your body. Mostly, they take place on areas of skin which reveals when sleeping like your arms, legs, hands, and the face.

With a tiny shape, a bed bug can bite and infect you
With a tiny shape, a bed bug can bite and infect you

Bed bug bites do not usually occur after you are bitten. Sometimes, these spend a few days to kick off causing symptoms.

The bites do not turn out every night. They probably go for many days without feeding. And it might get a few weeks to find out your bites are part of a larger area.

Bed bug bites are frequently swollen. You cannot feel bugs bite you like ants and bees because they expel a small amount of anesthesia into the body before biting. If you graze the bite, you even have another infection which can cause bleeding.


It is reasonably simple to figure out and remove these light-colored stains on the bed sheet.

These bloodstains mainly come out when you turn your sleeping position and touch a blood meal in their process.

Even you can see these reddish spots in the sheet, and it could be mosquito bites because of your scratching in your sleep.

Well, you enable to read more details in the previous post – how to remove blood stains from a mattress.

Fecal matter

If you have a contagion, you will not have to look further. This is because you can explore on your bed sheets in your sleeping time. Bed bugs can void blood stains while feeding in their meals.

One way to find out is cleaning it with a wet cloth. If it streaks, it will be bed bug feces. Sometimes, you can catch their wastes in your mattress or other box-spring corners.

If you are lucky to discover fecal spots, there will be an excellent opportunity you are tackling a bed bug infection. You should display the fecal waste to a well-known company. Use the Bed Bug Blue’s Fecal Spot Detection Kit if you get experienced.

Eggs and eggshells

Bed bugs can leave many eggs. In general, a single female bug probably lays up to 5 eggs on a daily basis. And the number can increase over 500 eggs in her lifetime. Do not astonish that!

If you have a bed bug infestation, there will be many eggs surrounding your sheet area. She probably lays on fabric or other uneven surfaces. She does not like plastic and metal flats.
A lot of them enable to hide in small cracks and crevices, so you will need to scan anywhere even the crannies and nooks.
How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in your Mattress in 3 Simple Steps

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in your Mattress in 3 Simple Steps?

Uproot bed bugs in your mattress is not a fun game to play, but it does not mean you ignore it. You should solve this issue immediately.

Tidy your bedroom

It is said that paying attention to the bed is important. Nevertheless, cleaning your room is more crucial.
Do you know why? Bed bugs can live anywhere in your bedroom; including the thinnest cracks and other corners.  It is also essential to clean up other rooms in your house.
Cut off any products in your room which you have already used. Wrap these items in all plastic bags and putting them into the trash bin.
Eradicate any painting and pieces of art from the walls. Ensure to check any unit which is gotten rid of from the room to evade bed bugs between rooms.
In case you have an infested bed, you will need to use a bedbug proof sheet to cover everything in the box spring. Use vinegar or baking soda to rinse these mattresses is a good idea.
With infested garments, fabrics, and bed covers, you should wash these and dried on high heat (over 1200F).

Clean your mattress

In this situation, you have to use chemicals. I recommend you should take an aerosol spray for bed bug treatment like the Bedlam Aerosol Spray. Mist or spray around the surface of your bed.
Keep your eyes on the tufts, folds, and the seams till the mattress is slightly wet. Dry the mattress before covering a fresh sheet with a high-heat dryer.


Use a vacuum cleaner to remove bed bugs sound weird, but it works! Turn the machine on and put it around your mattress, including the bed frame, headboards, baseboards, and under your bed.
Before vacuuming, you could take a solid brush to remove eggs, bugs, and feces in the mattress seams.
Eggs and other fine particles are concealable on those areas. Then, throw the vacuum bag away from your house. Bugs will not create nests in the upcoming time.

Always clean your room and bed

To be concluded

Could you get bed bugs out of the mattress? Phew, you can breathe after treating this problem in your house and your mattress! To prevent the unexpected guests, you should always clean your house and tidy the garage too! Never ignore these bugs in your living area. Don’t forget the following


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.