How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Mattress Easily But Effectively

Have you ever heard of dust mites from the mattress? And, do you know the harmful effects of these microscopic bugs?

Well, they can cause you to sneeze and tear very severely. Therefore, cleaning your mattress and pillows can remove dust mites and other allergens. It will help keep your mattress in the excellent condition over time.

For those people suffering from asthma and allergies, dust mites can trigger your wheezing, watery eyes, and sinus problems. That is why knowing some useful tips on how to get rid of dust mites in the mattress will help you save your family’s health and sanity.
How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Mattress Easily But Effectively At Home

How to Kill Dust Mites in Mattress with Simple Tips and Tricks

What causes these dust mites?

They are microscopic, and they actually feed on dander dead skin. They can be up to 10 million in your mattress. Therefore, having too many decorative pillows is not good. And on top of that, the feather pillows are not a great idea because the dust mites love the humid places.

The dust mites are so small that you cannot see it without a microscope. It is lucky that mites are tiny since we spend a third of our lives in bed. It means that we spend a third of our lives next to 2 millions of dust mites.

It is very dangerous as they feast on our body every night. Dust mites eat your skin. And each day, your skin produces an incredible number of skin cells for them to eat. The fact is that mattresses do have an expiration date because they collect the dust mites.

They can also collect mold and mildew. These things can make you feel uncomfortable when waking up.
Well, you definitely want to kill these dust mites without spending a ton of money. If you want to discover some fantastic and exciting options, let’s take a closer look and see how I can fight against these dust mites.

The vacuum with a HEPA filtration

Having a good vacuum with a HEPA filtration system is an excellent option. You can start off by cleaning your mattress with your vacuum upholstery or crevice attachment. Sometimes, you need to open the windows to your mattress since it can be a little stinky.

VonHaus Stick Vacuum with HEPA filtration

For anyone who is having breathing disorders, you cannot live with the dust mites. Hence, a vacuum is your best friend to fight against the dust mites. It will take the hyper allergenic dust out of the air when it is in operation.

Why do we need a vacuum with a HEPA filtration?

Yes, the heavy population of dust mite in your mattress may develop asthma and bronchitis. As a consequence, you should vacuum both sides of your mattress on a regular basis.

And a special notice is that you should vacuum any part of the bed beside the mattress. By doing this, you can keep the humidity down in your sleeping place, which will decrease the development of dust mites.

Natural eucalyptus oil

Another method to eliminate the dust mite in your mattress is natural eucalyptus oil. It is very repellent and kills the dust mite very effectively.

Step 1: Buy the natural eucalyptus oil and add some drops to the water

You only need to get the concentration of eucalyptus oil in the health food store. Then, you can take a spray bottle and pour some water on it. After that, remember to put a couple of eucalyptus oil drops. Now, you can get ready to get rid of the dust mite.

Step 2: Spray the mixture to the mattress

After preparing the solution, you need to spray it to the surface of your mattress. And of course, you can leave the wet mattress out to the Sun to dry. If the weather is quite humid, you do not need to bring it outside.

On the other hand, you only need to hang it up or place them in front of the fan. By doing this, you can remove the moisture very quickly. Especially, you can repeat this method at least once a month to protect your health better.

Baking soda

Going to the next option, Mattress1000 can have the baking soda. Finding in the local stores is easy. Also, it is beneficial if you are looking for how to remove blood stains from the mattress. And well, the process is very simple for everyone to perform. By doing this, you can deodorize your mattress every efficiently.

Step 1: Sprinkle the baking soda

First of all, you need to remove the cover of the mattress. Then, sprinkle a one-pound box of baking soda all over the mattress. You can use the sifter and pour the baking soda onto the mattress by tapping the sides of the sifter.

The baking soda in the sifter
By this way, you can spread the baking soda evenly over the top of the mattress. Let it sit for a while. In my experience, I leave the baking soda for a couple of hours and do the housework in the meantime.

Also, you can leave the baking soda for up to 24 hours for the most effective result. You should not worry since the baking soda will not harm anything. It only helps your situation.

Thus, you should prepare the other sleeping arrangement for the night. This will help remove the smells and stains on your mattress. On top of that, you can get rid of the terrible dust mites that are not good for your health.

Step 2: Vacuum the mattress

After the mattress is dry, you need to use your vacuum immediately. It is the best to use one with a brush attachment. Make sure to vacuum every square inch of the mattress. Then, you should flip it over and do the same thing to the other side.

I am sure that your mattress will become fresh and clean. For the best result, you should do this at least twice a year. About the pillow, you can flop them every day to keep their shape and remove any dust.

Once a month, you need to run the pillows through the dryer on the heat cycle. Otherwise, you can hang them outside on a breezy, sunny day. Some pillows can even be washed.

However, you should remember that leather foam and latex are the two that you should not wash. They are tough to dry thoroughly. Instead, just treat any stains on the spot with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

In particular, you can submerge the pillow in warm water. Then, you can add a small amount of powder detergent. Make sure to press out the extra water gently. And roll in a towel to dry and throw your pillow to the dryer on the dry air setting.

It can take hours for pillows to dry, so you need to be patient. You should completely dry a pillow to avoid any mold and mildew. You can add a couple of towels which can speed up the drying.

Furthermore, you can put a clean tennis ball to keep the pillows from clumping together in the dryer.

Rubbing alcohol

One of the most common options for killing the dust mites is rubbing alcohol. This can also be applied for how to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress. Many people do not know that alcohol can kill the dust mites and bedbugs. Then, it tends to evaporate shortly after. As a result, it is considered safe for anywhere in your house.

However, alcohol does not have a long-lasting residual effect. Thus, you may not affect the dust mite eggs. Therefore, I highly suggest that alcohol is basically an attempt to kill the dust mites if you do not have any other solutions at home.

Step 1: Buy the alcohol

You can buy the purple alcohol. It is widely used in cleaning all types of components in home and vehicles. I have to admit that it is very effective in cleaning any surface. Regarding cleaning, you can clean absolutely everything.
In addition to being superior to conventional cleaning products, it is the best type of alcohol that can be found for cleaning surfaces. And alcohol is a good remedy for dust mites.

Step 2: Clean the mattress with the vacuum cleaner

Before starting cleaning the mattress with alcohol, you need to vacuum it thoroughly. You need to keep the vacuum bag inside the plastic bag and then throw out immediately.

Step 3: Wash the mattress in hot water

Now, you should wash the mattress in hot water. After that, do not forget to dry it on the highest heat. The dust mite cannot survive at over 110 degrees.

Step 4: Mix the rubbing alcohol into the chemical pump dispenser

Finally, you need to combine some rubbing alcohol with the chemical pump dispenser. The proportion between the alcohol and the dispenser is 9:1. You can use a spray bottle for certain infected areas.

You can spray the above solution to the infected areas and let it dry. Then, you need to repeat this process after 2 weeks to remove the dust mites entirely.


In conclusion, gaining your understanding of how to kill dust mites in the mattress will give you great value. You can improve your sleeping environment as well as your overall health. However, in case you want to ask more questions about this topic, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.