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This product combines a solid core base, memory foam for pressure relief and Avena foam is there to allow more of airflow and bounce. This two blend to adapt to body weight and sleeping style. This implies the most preferred and adored sleeping experience whether sleeping alone or with a partner. This product is endowed with a three layer of high quality foam. These layers deliver cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and a basic support. Combination of these endorse even distribution of body weight over the entire mattress providing a perfect alignment if spine. Thus, relieving of pressure points is also achieved and an amazing sleep is also ensured. The crafting has been done with absolute expertise. This expert crafting is thus able to create a luxurious feel and an elegant look that is highly appealing to every eyes. It is among one of the best rated Direct to consumer mattresses according to USA leading consumer rating publication. The product is offered with a 100 night trial offer. If the dissatisfaction goes to bring a repulsive impact, the product can be refunded within that period when the money will be refunded in full.



There is an excellent cover that is provided with this mattress. It is cut from a single piece of fabric that wraps the entire mattress. It has an awesome look. With Leesa 4-bar design and cut from a single piece of fabric makes the look sharper. The material, called Lycra, is a highly durable, stretchy and breathable material.

  1. These products are made from materials which have their own level of quality and standard
  2. All the products are tested against the existence of Carcinogenic substances or ozone depletes
  3. The taste again durability has been positive
  4. All the products have to arduous effect on skin
  5. The extent of chemical discharge is also low
  6. All the products are CertiPUR-US certified

  • There is fire retardants in this product
  • The trial offer is not for all product, as complained

Best queen mattress under $1000

Why the product is better

This mattress uses three-layer level of foam – the top, middle and bottom

Top layer: The top layer is constructed with 2” of Avena foam that is patented foam that acts similarly with latex but offers more durability. So, there is opportunity to get Great cooling, bounce and comfort.

Middle:  This layer is comprised of 2” layer of memory foam that provides support, pressure relief, and deep compression support.

Bottom: This layer is comprised of a 6″ layer of high-density support foam. It acts as a foundational base for the mattress. It is also highly breathable thus not to absorb excess heat.

This is a hybrid mattress providing benefits of Avena and Memory foam. It provides cooling sleeping experience with the traditional innerspring Avena foam and comfort is available from the induced memory foam.  The cover provided counts for the durability. It is awesome-looking and made from a high-quality piece of material. This product offers the best kind of comfort and support. Read more: Best queen mattress under $300

It is known to us that comfort is highly subjective measure of a mattress and Leesa is seen to cover with best accessibility.

If the user loves design, the cover is there to satisfy the aesthetic hunt and the mattress allows sitting and sleeping in multiple positions. The acute firmness and consistency has been helpful in the viability to sleep in a consort of positions. Thus, persons who are in habit to sleep in various positions at night, this product is an ideal choice for them.

The manufacturer also cares for the budgetary customers. This product offers a great value in respect of material used in manufacturing. Use of best quality material has helped to get best sustainability. At the same time, products are offered at a price which is much lower than the contemporary ones. The mattress guide

The sink of this mattress is moderate. The great blending of Avena and Memory foams works with excellence in minimizing the motion transfer. It is thus ideal for couples too.

In normal lying position, weight is evenly distributed with sink of 2-2.25”. A 3.5” of sink is experienced in a conservative sitting position. The edge or aggressive sitting has shown a more convex sinking experience. And the standing in the middle position has been vexed with focus of weight on a single point. Thus, with all these tests being cleared, this mattress is bound to be commented as one of the most usable mattresses.

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