Live and Sleep Mattress Product Reviews 2022

Recent years have seen large numbers of people showing more concern for both the environment and their own bodies. If you are one of these people who look for natural materials and ethical production, we may have found the mattress for you. Live and Sleep is an online retailer that is known for its non-toxic and eco-friendly mattresses.

We will focus on the Classic Mattress, the most popular model from its collection. Crafted with a medium-firm feel, plush comfort layer, and a deep support base layer, it has everything you need. What really makes the Classic Mattress stand out from most other foam mattresses is its construction. Live and Sleep designed it without frills to be as practical and affordable as possible.

For more details about this mattress, check out our full review below.

Recommended for Whom?

  • Eco-friendly mattress hunters. If there’s one thing that Live and Sleep are really proud of, it’s producing an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Its pressurized chamber does away with the needs for chemicals.
  • Memory foam lovers. The Live and Sleep Classic includes a layer of thin memory foam that provides a soft cushion for sleepers.
  • Single or couple sleepers. It is designed with excellent motion isolation and good edge support performance.
  • Anyone who likes a medium-firm mattress. Unlike the other models of Live and Sleep, the Classic is specifically designed for those who prefer a medium-firm feel.
  • Those who seek a budget-friendly bed. Live and Sleep is a refreshingly affordable compared to other memory foam mattresses.

Who won't like this bed?

  •  Anyone who wants an extra firm or extra soft feel. The Live and Sleep Classic Mattress is only available with a single firmness level which may not suit every sleeper.
  •  Spring mattress lovers. For those people who prefer the traditional spring mattress over memory foams, the Classic Mattress may not be the best fit.

Rating Snapshot

After assessing the Live and Sleep Classic Mattress, we divided our review into different sections. Our review and ratings are based on various tests and collection of data from verified Live and Sleep owners. To give you a quick overview of our ratings, this is the performance criteria that we used:

Edge SupportPoor
Good For Sex Good
Motion IsolationExcellent
Pressure ReliefExcellent
Temprature ControlGood

Our mattress ratings on Live and Sleep Classic reveal that the mattress has an advantage in motion isolation, pressure relief, and noise parameters. However, the mattress received lower ratings when it comes to its edge support.

Brand Snapshot

Live and Sleep is a Las Vegas based  online only mattress company. To achieve their goal of creating the best memory foam mattress, Live and Sleep focuses on 4 things: Dreams, Live, Quality, and Sleep. Live and Sleep cuts off the middlemen in their production and sales process to offer more affordable mattresses than their competitors.

Moreover, Live and Sleep mattresses are CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX Certified and use fewer chemicals. However, the selection is limited to three models: the Classic, Elite, and Luxury Mattress. Each model comes with a different level of comfort to target different types of sleepers. Regardless, Live and Sleep ensure that each mattress is engineered with luxury designs and advanced technology for a superb performance.

How is the Mattress Constructed?

The Live and Sleep Classic Mattress consists of 2 layers of foams that are encased in a simple white mattress cover. These layers complete its profile that is 10″ thick.

Mattress Cover

The cover of Live and Sleep Classic Mattress is made of a stretch knit fabric that feels soft to the touch. Compared with other types of fabrics that are used in standard mattresses, the Classic Mattress cover is more resilient. Despite being thin, it could quickly snap back to its original shape once you change your position.

But aside from being soft and durable, its cover also feels cool and comfortable because of its breathable weave. On top of that, it is also easy to clean because it is removable. You can still spot clean it by using a mild detergent soap and water.

Comfort Layer

Underneath its stretch knit mattress cover is a layer of memory foam that serves as a comfort layer. This 2.5″ top layer is made of premium foam that feels soft enough to handle pressure relief. Its softness is designed to provide a tender hug while contouring according to your body’s natural curves.

But what gives this an edge over other types of foams is that it doesn’t feel too soft. Thus, you won’t be stuck in the mattress and struggle when moving or shifting into different positions.

Base Layer

The Live and Sleep Classic Mattress has only 2 layers of foams so its second layer of foam is also its base. This HD (high-density) core base is 7.5″ thick to ensure your support over the entire surface during your sleep. Made of polyurethane foam, this base layer is commonly used in foam mattresses. But instead of sitting on top or in the middle layer, this one sits right under the soft top layer. Thus, it is easier to notice once you sit or lie down in bed. It is firm and more resilient to help you move smoothly in bed without sinking too much. It also provides a nice foundation on any frame or flat surface.

Performance Ratings

Now that we’re done with identifying the materials of the Classic Mattress, let’s take a look at its performance rating. After testing and gathering data from verified owners of Live and Sleep Classic Mattress, we based our ratings on these factors:


All Live and Sleep foams are CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX Certified. The Classic Mattress is not only crafted with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials; it is also made with a high-density support core. Its 3 layers of materials are combined to create a simple but practical and durable mattress. It may take hours to fully expand in its full shape and size once removed from its original box and plastic.

However, it is easy to set up on any mattress frame or support. It can work on your existing slatted frame without a box spring or even on an adjustable base frame. With proper use and maintenance, the mattress may be able to last for more than 5 years. Your weight is another factor that can affect the durability of your mattress.

Motion Isolation

If you’re planning to share your mattress, this is one of the most important factors that you should not forget. In the case of the Live and Sleep Classic Mattress, its entire construction performs well when weight is applied. With a 10 lb ball dropped at different heights, the disturbance on the other side of the bed varies. For instance, if you drop the ball from 4-8″, it creates minimal disturbance, but if you drop it from 12 inches height, the disturbance it creates is bigger. Nonetheless, its memory foam and TriSupport technology did their job well on reducing the motion transfer through the entire surface.

Edge Support

Some foam mattresses don’t have enough support to hold the edges and prevent too much compression under applied pressure. In the case of the Live and Sleep Classic Mattress, you will not feel the mattress compressing too much. Even if you sleep on the edge while hanging off the mattress, you won’t roll off easily. Thus, couples can also enjoy this mattress. However, there is a bit of compression if you sit on the edge. Compared with other all-foam mattresses, we’d say that its edge support is good enough.

Pressure Relief

The Classic Memory Foam Mattress is designed to live up to its advertised medium-firm firmness and relieve pressure points. To make the mattress more appealing to a wide range of sleepers, Live and Sleep made it more versatile. Constructed to work on different sleepers in various positions, it can distribute weight evenly across the entire mattress surface.

The memory foam layer is soft enough to provide comfort but also firm enough to prevent you from sinking too deep. Hence, it comes in handy in relieving pressure points as part of its major features. So far, lightweight sleepers don’t feel pain along with common pressure points after using Live and Sleep Classic Mattress.

Temperature Control

Aside from the mentioned points above, another thing to consider is the temperature of the mattress. Memory foams are known for trapping heat. This trapped heat causes people to sweat as they sleep. However, this can be solved with a few additional materials like in the Classic Mattress. To prevent the mattress from trapping heat, Live and Sleep made its stretch knit cover light and breathable.  The cover helps keep the mattress cool and comfy even in summer. Also, its comfort layer is constructed with an open cell structure to make it more breathable than standard memory foams.


Normally, sleepers complain about noisy mattresses that squeak whenever they sit or lie down on them. In the case of the Classic Mattress, all-foam mattresses rarely have issues with noise because they lack the noisy springs and joints. Foams have natural noise dampening properties that keep the mattress quiet while their owners enjoy some sleep.

Good for Sex

Since the Classic Mattress is medium-firm, it doesn’t feel too soft to sink too deep. Thus, your body will not sink too much or make you feel trapped in the mattress. At the same time, it is not so firm to trigger pressure points in your body and cause pain. It is also durable enough to handle pressure and shock during your sex.

Mattress Rating

In this section, we will cover how the Live and Sleep mattress holds up under 3 different ranges of weight. Although each user has different needs and preferences, a single mattress can still accommodate a wide range of sleepers. Some mattresses can feel comfortable for lightweight, average-weight, and heavyweight sleepers while others suit lightweight or average-weight sleepers only. At the same time, some mattresses for heavyweight sleepers feel too firm for lightweight sleepers. To help you consider whether the Classic Mattress suits you according to your weight, check this out:

Lightweight sleepers –  below 130 lbs

Despite being a medium-firm mattress, the Live and Sleep Classic Mattress can accommodate lightweight sleepers well. For lightweight sleepers, this Classic Mattress helps reduce pressure points.

Medium weight sleepers – 130-230 lbs

If it can handle lightweight sleepers, you don’t have to worry about the medium weight sleepers. The Classic Mattress is not the most luxurious all-foam mattress but it can last for years. It may feel a little soft at first but it slowly contours to the body to align everything. As you lie down on it longer, it feels soft and firm at the right places.

Heavyweight sleepers – over 230 lbs

If you weigh more than 230 lbs, the Classic Mattress has divided opinions from customers. Since the Classic’s profile only reaches 10″ with 2 layers of foams, some heavyweight mattress owners experience a lack of sufficient support. Their hips sink too deep which affects their spinal alignment. If they continue to use this mattress in this state, it will lead to different body pains. But then again, this is not the case for all heavyweight owners. Even though it is an all-foam mattress, it feels supportive and comfortable enough to handle the weight of most people.

Is it Good for Stomach/Back/Side Sleepers?

Since sleepers also vary based on their preferred sleeping position, this is a question that’s worth asking when shopping for mattresses. We didn’t miss the chance to test the Live and Sleep Classic Mattress to gather results regarding this concern. Despite the Classic’s simple construction and fewer layers of foams, it doesn’t hinder the mattress from providing sufficient support.

It can accommodate back, stomach, side, and combo sleepers. Side sleepers may feel more pressure along their shoulders and legs. Stomach sleepers felt a slight pressure on their knees and chest. Meanwhile, back sleepers felt slight pressure along their hips and lower back.


If other companies are already content with offering a 10-year warranty, Live and Sleep offers 20 years. This 20-year limited warranty period comes with free standard shipping within the continental U.S. The delivery may take 4 to 7 business days where the warranty is effective the moment the mattress is received.

Free Trials

All mattresses have a certain break-in period which allows the body to adjust to the feel of the mattress. Normally, this takes from 30 to 60 days to give your body enough time to adjust as the mattress breaks-in. The Live and Sleep Classic Mattress has a 1 to 15 days break-in period which is shorter than most foam mattresses. Meanwhile, its return eligible period is between the 15th and 30th night. Live and Sleep offers a simple and hassle-free mattress return policy. The unsatisfied get a 100% refund after returning the mattress.


Live and Sleep Classic Mattress customers on Amazon receive a free pillow for every mattress purchase. However, the official store of Live and Sleep at doesn’t mention any freebies for every purchased item. Instead, the site offers a more flexible payment method where customers can buy the mattress then pay it monthly via Klarna.

Check out its original prices and required monthly payment via Klarna depending on your preferred size:

  • Twin ($399) – as low as $36 monthly with Klarna
  • Twin XL ($449) – as low as $40 monthly with Klarna
  • Full/Double ($499) – as low as $45 monthly with Klarna
  • Queen ($549) – as low as $49 monthly with Klarna
  • King ($649) – as low as $58 monthly with Klarna
  • California King ($649) – as low as $58 monthly with Klarna

What Makes Live and Sleep Unique?

Live and Sleep is a recognized company in the mattress industry. Huge names that featured it include The Miami Herald,, Star Tribune, Los Angeles Daily News, ABC News, and Fox News. This is thanks to its range of green mattresses that are sold at affordable prices. On top of that, Live and Sleep also prides itself for having:


  • Charitable kindness – Part of every purchase of a Live and Sleep item goes to NAEH (New Alliance to End Homelessness) quarterly. NAEH is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that is dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness in the U.S.
  • Smart recycled packaging – True to its love for Mother Nature, Live and Sleep utilizes smart recycled packaging which reduces the carbon footprint during the shipping process.
  • Free trials – Compared with other brands Live and Sleep offer different lengths of the free trial period. Each model of Live and Sleep mattress come with a different period to allow customers more time to try it.


  • Where can I buy the Live and Sleep Classic Mattress?

At present, all Live and Sleep mattresses are displayed only online from its showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can buy it from its site’s official shop, Amazon, or other trusted online stores. The company offers free shipping and free returns.

  • What are the measurements of each Classic Mattress size?

The mattress is available with 10″ thick profile and standard mattress dimensions. Twin (39 × 75″), Full (54 × 75″), Queen (60 × 80″), King (76 × 80″), and Cal-King (72 × 84″).

  • Where is the Live and Sleep Classic Mattress made?

The Classic and other Live and Sleep mattresses are designed and crafted in the USA but manufactured overseas.

  • Does the mattress smell?

The smell usually comes from the foam’s plastic packaging during the transit since it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. This goes away after removing its plastic and letting the mattress air out.

  • Is the Live and Sleep mattress safe from dust mites?

Live and Sleep mattresses don’t have materials that attract dust mites, unlike other models that use wool or cotton. However, dust mites get their food from skin scales in the sheets and water from trapped moisture in the mattress. Therefore, it’s best to change and wash your sheets weekly. You can also use a mattress protector to prevent attracting these pests.

  • Is the Classic Mattress suitable for hot sleepers?

The Live and Sleep Classic Mattress doesn’t have gel-infused memory foam to absorb heat and keep you cool. However, its eco-friendly visco-elastic foam has an open-cell structure that promotes better airflow through the mattress. This is combined with a breathable mattress cover to remove heat and keep you cool.

  • How long does the Live and Sleep Classic Mattress last?

All Live and Sleep Mattresses come with a 20-year limited warranty to assist customers throughout their bed’s lifetime. However, owners and research reveal that memory foam mattresses typically last for at least 6 years before requiring a replacement. Some high-grade foam mattresses can even last for a decade or so depending on how owners use and maintain them.

  • Can I flip or rotate the Live and Sleep Mattress?

Though certain mattresses are designed to be rotated and flipped, we don’t recommend it to the Classic Mattress. If you want to extend the life of this Live and Sleep Mattress, you should only rotate it periodically.

  • Do I need to use a box spring for this mattress?

The Live and Sleep Classic Mattress doesn’t need a box spring to give its best performance.

How Does Live and Sleep Classic Compare with other Brands/Products?

Live and Sleep Classic vs. Casper Original

Both the Classic Mattress and the Casper Original are all-foam mattresses that offer medium-firm feel. But unlike the Casper Mattress, the Classic Mattress can accommodate heavyweight sleepers despite having a thinner profile. The latter also has fewer layers of foams since it only has one comfort layer and one base layer. Meanwhile, the former has 3 layers of foams that include a transition layer in the middle.

Both are made with breathable and CertiPUR-US Certified foams that guarantee their products’ safety without trapping heat. However, Casper’s top layer has an Airscape structure which allows more air to pass through. Both mattresses also cater to different sleeping positions and offer pressure relief. Not to mention the Casper that offers 3 zones of targeted support layers so your back can remain properly aligned while you sleep. Casper’s warranty period is 10 years only and its risk-free trial period is up to 100 days. But if you want a more budget-friendly and eco-friendly option, the Live and Sleep Classic is ideal.

Live and Sleep Classic vs. GhostBed

The original GhostBed is also an all-foam mattress although it contains a combination of memory foam and aerated latex foam. The Classic has a 10″ profile while the GhostBed has an 11″ profile. The GhostBed also has more layers of foams but the same level of offered comfort which is medium firm. Its 1.5″ layer of latex foam and 2″ gel-infused memory foam keep the mattress cool throughout your sleep. This is due to the latex’s natural cooling and springy properties while its body-contouring memory foam has cooling gel beads.

For its support foam, the GhostBed Mattress also has a thick high-density base that is 7.5″. Meanwhile, its cover is made of a stretchy blend of viscose and polyester to ensure its durability. Just like the Classic Mattress cover, this one is also soft and smooth but not as breathable. Nonetheless, the Classic only relies on its breathable cover and memory foam with an open-cell structure to increase the airflow.

Both mattresses provide a great balance of comfort and long-term support, to reduce pressure points and muscle stiffness. Regardless of their bed frame or base, both the Classic and GhostBed can fit well without a box spring. Though both mattresses almost have the same performance and warranty period, GhostBed allows a longer trial period of up to 101 nights. But when it comes to the price, the Live and Sleep Classic is still cheaper and more eco-friendly.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.