Live and Sleep Resort Mattress Reviews 2022

This mattress is sure to bring about a unique sleeping experience and put elegance into the bedroom. This is shipped in one exclusive pack and roll box. This accentuates easy mobility and transport. The entire bedding gets unrolled and expands to the fullest length within moments of unpacking. With the convenience of unboxing, placing, unrolling and going to bed, it eliminates the hassle of other typical mattress and leaves with additional time for relaxation and peace of mind.



The foam used in the Live and Sleep mattresses is independently tested for safety and quality.  The testing, analysis and program are there for the flexible polyurethane foam used as a cushioning material in home furnishings such as adult mattresses, crib mattresses, upholstered furniture and some accessory comfort products. All the Live and Sleep mattress are packed using Smart Recycled Packaging. Smart packaging reduces the carbon footprint in the manufacturers shipping process. This advanced packaging technology enables to fold and roll-pack the mattresses that convert them to one-third of the normal size. Thus, emission of Carbon is thus eliminated. This also facilitates the process of quick re-fixing of size.

  • The use of high density support base provides good support to the back and other joints. The cushion on top and memory foam used adds a nice touch to the cradle like feel one receives.
  • This mattress has medium firmness that is coupled with an unyielding softness. This works amazingly on all body shapes. The foam and cushion with memory gel in between tend to provide a nice, firm and comfortable posture.
  • This mattress is provided with an inbuilt warranty of 20 years. This sites the level of confidence of the manufacturer on the product and customer eccentricity on the brand
  • The company has applied an innovative ideal to cut the middlemen out through direct customer selling approach. This helped the product to be fixed at a rate below competition level
  • The off-gassing emission, which is seen in almost all mattress, is absolutely nil in this product
  • The mattress is exceptional to have its exclusive knit cover. It is hard to find a cover that is ingeniously made for a mattress.
  • Engulfed with a Memory Foam Pillow at absolutely no extra cost, thus economizing for the buyer

  • Person used to sleeping on spring mattress may find it difficult to adjust on foam. The memory foam cradles the body as compared to the rigidity that a spring mattress possesses.
  • Users need to purchase box springs as the same is not provided with the mattress
  • Due to the sinking features of cushion foam, the action like changing shoes or tying shoelaces difficult. This disadvantage is offset by the comfort which a soft cushion and firm base provide while sleeping.


What are so special in Resort Mattress?

This mattress is manufactured with the vision to deliver the quality sleeping experience. It is offered at almost one-third cost to other contemporary mattresses. The fast regaining of shape makes it possible for a customer an interrupted and cozy sleep from the first day of use.

The mattress has a soft top with an unyielding bottom base. This serves the dual purpose of posture and ease. The memory foam gel between these two acts as a cushy barrier which allows the mattress to breathe and remove excess heat as an additional effect. An ideal height of 12 inches allows enough room over box springs. Also, the mattress comes with a free memory foam pillow. This offers incredible support around the base of neck and shoulders. The Innovative mix of soft and firm has become a boon for people suffering from stiff joints. It is extremely uncomfortable to sleep on orthopedic mattress. Even though Resort Sleep Ultra mattress does not fall under the same category, it proves to be quite useful for stiff joints and sore muscles. 

The memory foam used in this mattress prevents the formation of body impressions. This has proved to be extremely helpful during guest sleep over. The specially designed knit cover made from a unique textile supports to maintain hygiene. The easy to remove zipper is very convenient for wash-care of the mattress. This mattress is lightweight and thus extremely convenient to carry about. All these positive qualities have been able to bring about positive reputes for this mattress.



I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.