Lucid vs GhostBed: Which Brand is Better to Use?

There is an obvious fact that every mattress lover wants to own a high-quality mattress. Moreover, that product should provide users with adequate comfort as well as truly restful sleep.

Among the numerous types of mattresses on the recent market, Mattress1000 would recommend two top competitors including GhostBed vs Lucid. Now, you may wonder that which one is the right fit for you.

Thus, our following post will provide you with the necessary information and comparison between Lucid vs GhostBed. Read up on to find out more!

Lucid mattress review

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About product

The Lucid line-up originates from the well-known Linenspa brand, which is a branch of Malouf Fine Linens. This manufacturer mainly supplies household linens, bedding, and hospitality products and sells its goods on the Internet.

The comfort levels of Lucid products vary from being firm, medium firm to medium plush, and plush. It also has various options for guest or master bedrooms and kids rooms.

lucid mattress

All Lucid products, including Lucid 12-inch Latex Hybrid mattress and adjustable base set we would mention, are designed to equally distribute the body weight and provide your body needs with the exact pressure.

In that way, with tons of options, the Lucid line is developing into the top contender in the field of memory foam mattresses.


This product bundle contains 2 items: a Lucid 12-inch Queen Latex Hybrid mattress and a Lucid L300 adjustable bed base. Mattress1000 will more focus on the mattress in the later comparison between 2 mattresses.

Foam and layers

The Lucid Latex Hybrid mattress combines the active latex layer, the plush memory foam and the premium steel coils, which brings you all the best materials and the utmost luxury experience.

This will be an ideal mattress if you love the comfort of breathable and hypoallergenic features of latex together with the memory foam. They are the perfect connection of sink and spring.

Additionally, its 6.5-inch, supportive and high-quality steel coils are separately-wrapped to provide further edge support, boost the airflow, prevent motion, and conform to your own sleep styles.

Besides, this mattress is also perfect if you intend to own a 100-percent memory foam mattress. It’ll allow you and your partner to sleep without any interruption all night as well.

The Lucid Latex Hybrid mattress presents as a perfect combination


The Lucid mattress looks relatively attractive with its two-tone and soft cover. This superior grade hybrid helps to supply much coziness of the memory foam and even add the springiness and temperature-neutral support of latex.

Moreover, this outer cover is designed to fit precisely to the mattress and easily removable with a zipper in case of washing or cleaning.

This may be a significant selling point for users, especially in our more health-conscious society now. With the fear of the germs, allergens or bacteria can grow in your mattress and cause some possible health issues; we suppose you would purchase a washable cover like this one of Lucid.

After all, this circular knit fabric cover brings us the plush and cushiony feeling and actually finishes the mattress’s elegant look. And the adjustable base in the set also has an attractive and charcoal grey polyester cover.


Lucid mattress provides different foam products that range in firmness from 1 (the most firm) to 5 (the plushest), which is fairly different from the 1-10 firmness ratings of other mattress brands.

In that way, this 12-inch memory foam mattress has the firmness level of 4, which is excellent for all sleep positions.

The firmness level in a mattress can be a feature in distinguishing the aches and pain feeling after a night’s sleep and can supply relief to users with chronic pain conditions. And this mattress is classified as Medium-Firm as well as can offer the relief feeling and support to users with heavier frames.

Thus, with a spongy specific feel thanks to the top natural latex layer, this bed is firm enough for great support together with excellent durability.


Overall, the mattress has a 12-inch thickness for support and comfort and provides a Medium-Firm along with slight sink feeling.

Motion transfer reduction

The thick latex layer of this mattress can help to reduce the motion transfer and can make you unaware of any shifting in position during the night- either from you or your partner.

Also, the separately-encased steel coils are built in the foam supplying the motion isolation. This will ensure that you’ll have a comfortable bedtime without disturbing your partner and vice versa.


This Lucid mattress has the strong edge support that provides much-loved support along the edges. And together with individually responsive springs, it will respond well to the movement while promoting great airflow.

Besides, with more pushback and support than a memory foam product, this hybrid mattress will let you feel reinvigorated and renewed after every night.

Smartly shipped

This mattress is fittingly compressed, rolled, efficiently shipped in a box, and you can easily take it up through the stairs or narrow hallways. Just order the product online, and it would reach you in a neatly packaged box and arrive directly at your house.

Moreover, the base in the set is also convenient to ship with folding hinges, which means easy assembly from the box to your bed.


This product is simple and convenient to transport as well. You can compress and roll it into a box for transportation. For the base in the set, it’s also easy to set up and takes only 5 minutes from box to your bed.

Body contour

It’s padded with a 1-inch layer of gel memory foam, which helps to eliminate odors, moisture and mold to the contours of your body for individualized comfort and thus, you can enjoy a more comfortable rest.


The mattress will attract various users with its lower price tag but high-quality construction, which is preferred for budget-conscious customers.

This product is also foldable and can be shipped directly to you to set up on your own, which will help you save an amount of money.


The Lucid mattress site doesn’t provide a trial period for their products but offers a 30-day return policy. A shopper can return their mattress within 30 days for a full refund, but then, the return policy sends, and the warranty will kick in.

And the product is protected by a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects and will be part of the family for years to come, which suggests that it’s of excellent quality.


  • Friendly budget
  • Combining all the best sleep materials
  • Relatively comfortable and simple design
  • Backed with a 10-year warranty
  • The plush feeling of the mattress
  • Providing a great balance of cushion and support
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Best packaging.


  • The length of the mattress is shorter than advertised according to some consumers’ comments
  • No trial period
  • Slightly heavy for a single mattress

GhostBed mattress review

About product

The Ghostbed, a brand from Nature’s Sleep, is famous in the best online mattress company with many years of design experience, and it brings customers such frighteningly good sleep.

Their mattresses are made with the highest quality materials and constructed with the most skilled American craftsmanship.


Combining the gel memory foam and the latex, the GhostBed is designed to supply a balanced feeling for almost users, the great sleeping experience and spinal alignment to offer the highest comfort level. This design can be seen in the GhostBed 11-inch Latex and Gel Memory Foam product we would mention below.

Notably, the Ghostbed comes with a matching wood foundation which offers optimal support for the mattress, which no other brand in the online mattress industry offers.


Foam and layers

This Ghostbed mattress is formed with 11-inch ultra-premium foams, including 1.5-inch continuous aerated latex, 2-inch gel memory foam and 7.5-inch extra high-density support foam.

Its top layer is made of aerated latex foam, which helps to keep the mattress cool, soft and bouncing. This layer is highly responsive, offers exceptional comfort and helps to relieve pressure points.

The middle layer is made of gel memory foam, which gives more pressure relief and deep compression support. This layer is responsive but less than the top layer, so it is placed in the middle position. Besides, this layer also helps to prevent heat retention by infusing the memory foam with gel.

The bottom layer is comprised of high-density support foam. Thanks to the high-density nature of this foam layer, it’s used as the foundation that supports the upper layer.


Made in the United States, this 11-inch mattress owns a durable cover and is zippered for simple removal and care. It wicks away moisture and heat and makes you cool during the night.

Serving as a fundamental part, this cover also wraps the entire mattress and secures three foam layers. It’s reasonably soft, plush and stretchy with 100-percent polyester.

Moreover, its side panels with a blend of polypropylene and polyester will offer extra support and protect the overall mattress.

According to many users’ comments, they like this cover because it will return to the original shape right after they pull on it and become a snug fit around the entire product.


On the firmness rating of 1 to 10, with 10 presenting the firmest, we would give this Ghostbed mattress an overall score of 6.5. This means it’s medium in firmness and will adapt the needs of most users.

However, if you first lay on this mattress, it will make you feel like the score can be more than above with its increasing softness.

Besides, Because this mattress has a medium firmness, it offers more comfort and support for back users. It also appropriately aligns the spine, which supplies pressure point relief and reduces pain in the back, shoulders, and the neck.


Again, this mattress comprises three layers. These include aerated latex, gel memory foam and high-density support foam.
All of them combine perfectly and give the mattress thickness of 11 inches for exceptional comfort and support.

Motion transfer reduction

This product is also known as the best choice for motion transfer reduction. All its combining layers will support users by eliminating motion transfer throughout the night. As a result, you won’t wake up when you partner move and vice versa.


The GhostBed is adequately designed to align the spine and give much pressure point relief. The top and middle layers will help to contour to the body, and the final layer will support the top layers, thus supporting your entire body.

As a result, there will be more improved support for the spine, thus reducing pain that may happen while lying on other mattresses. And although this mattress does get softer when you lie on it, it doesn’t lose any support. After all, the Ghostbed provides better than average support.

Smartly shipped

This GhostBed product is a real mattress in a box that is only sold online but not in stores. It can be easily compressed, rolled, conveniently shipped in a box. You just need to order it online, and it would be sent directly to your door.


This mattress is also easy and convenient to transport. You can compress and roll it into a carefully packed box for shipping and transportation.

Body contour

The Ghostbed shows that it is exceptionally comfortable. The latex responds well, preventing the feeling ‘stuck’ in the product. The memory foam is a little bit lower in response, but once it starts, it adapts to the body shape and contours it well.

Those two layers work together perfectly to offer exceptional comfort. However, the Ghostbed may contour too much to the body, so it may not be perfect for stomach users.


This mattress is rated as a product with high quality but relatively reasonable cost. Thus, many shoppers buying the GhostBed are so far delighted with their option.


There’s pretty much no risk when choosing this GhostBed mattress. It has a 100-night sleep trial for you to try and ensure that the mattress provides you with the perfect feel and comfort and free returns if you aren’t satisfied.
Besides, the Ghostbed makers are committed to supplying their customers with the best night of sleep, and their product comes with a 20-year warranty. This is much longer than the industry standard, and your purchase is protected against manufacturer defects.
Overall, the extended warranty and the risk-free 100-night sleep trial actually show the high commitment of the manufacturers and make the shoppers happy with their product.


  • Low heat retention
  • Proper spinal alignment
  • High-quality cover
  • No off-gassing
  • Long warranty and day trial period
  • Full money back guarantee
  • Comes with its own foundation
  • The balance of great comfort and total-body support
  • Certified under CertiPUR-US certification
  • Cooler than other memory foam products
  • Latex, memory foam and extra-high density support layer combination


  • Can’t try it out before purchasing
  • The foundation needs to be assembled
  • Not ideal for heavier and stomach sleepers
  • May cause problems to those who usually stick to one sleeping position

GhostBed vs Lucid. Which one is better?

To be honest, Mattress1000 supposes that there seems to be no optimal answer in this case. Your choice will depend on your requirements and budget.
Lucid vs GhostBed. Which one is better
On one side, both brands pride themselves on offering products at a reasonable cost. But a separate Lucid 12-inch latex hybrid mattress is still cheaper than the GhostBed 11-inch gel memory foam mattress. If you want to try the more great experience, you can even choose the Lucid set mentioned above.

On the other side, the GhostBed might not be suitable for stomach sleepers. However, you may be more impressed by the GhostBed because of a longer warranty, a trial period, and complete money back refund. These are more convenient than policies of Lucid.

Both Lucid vs GhostBed mattresses show their own excellent function and features, which won’t disappoint you, especially if you’re a medium firmness lover. After all, you may consult the suggested review to find you which will adapt your needs.


Those are necessary information about two mattresses, Home Body would share. Whichever mattress you would choose, believe that both well-designed and high-quality products will satisfy you. Hopefully, our post will help you in looking for an appropriate mattress for your great sleeping experience.


I am Nguyen Sarah 26 years old. Currently, I am the CEO Mattress 1000 specializes in consulting bedroom furniture products.