Lucid vs Tuft and Needle. Which is better?

Do you know that we spend one-third of our lives in bed? Therefore, it’s vital and essential to choose a suitable bed with mattress. If you want to experience the best comfort on your bed and are meeting a problem in selecting an appropriate mattress, you can think about Tuft and Needle vs Lucid which is famous for the durable products on the market.

In fact, both of them can offer great cushioning support. They have the same materials especially as you can easily fit it on an adjustable bed base. However, the different sleeping positions suit the different products. To make sure your investment is worthy, it’s very important to consider all the features of these products to know whether or not they can satisfy what you are needing.

Lucid vs Tuft and Needle

Lucid vs Tuft and Needle Mattress Reviews

Now, let’s start with the details. After you know all about their features, it’s easier for you to determine which one is better. And give the last decision quickly:

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Review

About product

Lucid has been famous and popular on the mattress market for a long time. They aim at the satisfaction of every sleeper. Specifically, this spring and foam mattress comes with the charcoal and aloe vera infused foam which can minimize the initial smell when you open the mattress.
Moreover, the charcoal content in the top layer of foam can help you absorb your odors while you laying on. With these outstanding features, however, its price is so reasonable. You can discover more about this product below:


Thanks to the bamboo charcoal and aloe vera infused memory foam, this mattress can provide you the most calming and serene sleep.

Apart from a medium-plush feel, it has an ideal size of the 60*80-inches dimension and 97-pounds weight which gives you a deeper sink. Through the gel-infused memory foam layer, you can sleep on a refreshing surface during the night without overheating. In particular, the porous nature of this mattress takes responsibility for keeping it as breathable and comfortable as possible.

One more note, due to less foam, it produces less off-gassing when you open the box. But, you also should spend a little time for decompression.


The first one is the base layer of individually wrapped coils which can isolate every movement of you and your partner.

However, it still offers enough support for the heavy sleepers.

Next, it is the layer infused with the bamboo charcoal gel that helps you experience a cool sleep on a soft surface during the night. Especially, if you are a side sleeper, this option brings great support. Meanwhile, the back sleeper meets a little bit the firm feel while laying on that we usually see in the traditional spring-based bottom layer.


The cover of the Lucid mattress is made from the splendid two-tone circular knit fabric. This adds the more beautiful appearance.


To check the firmness of this mattress, let you put light pressure on your hand and apply it on the mattress. Immediately, you can feel that your hand sinks snugly into that area only and the material seems to contour to your hand.

Motion transfer reduction

This choice is great for motion transfer reduction. No matter how you or your partner moves on the mattress while sleeping, the fabric-encased coils can minimize all disturbance. For your long-term relaxation, all coils are specifically designed to create increased support as well as remove the painful pressure points at the same time.

The edge support

The manufacturer has added extra reinforcement on the edge support. You, therefore, don’t need to worry about any breakdown that can happen even you sleep on the edge.


The manufacturer provides all customers with a 10-year warranty that shows a part of the quality of their product. Thus, during the warranty time, if you see any defect from the manufacturer, let contact to them immediately.


  • Certified by CertiPUR
  • Safe material
  • Convenient to package
  • Simple to set up
  • Packed compactly
  • Low cost
  • Zero chemical smell


  • Miserable for stomach sleepers
  • Not firm enough for lower back sleepers

Tuft & Needle Memory Foam Mattress Review

About product

Recently, Tuft and Needle mattress is considered as a high-quality and exceptional product on the market. It gives you the best comfort and a beautiful look. No matter how your sleeping position is, it is also a perfect choice to sleep on during the night or day. Let’s discover its features before purchasing:

Tuft And Needle


No matter how your sleeping posture is, you can receive adequate support through its adaptive foam. Thanks to the adaptive nature, it’s easy for the manufacturer to fix and compress it into a compact package to ship securely.

This amazing foam is made from the advanced and very high-grade materials which help you have a cool sleep during the night, unlike the hot sleep from the memory foam and obsolete latex.

What else you get from this mattress is the moderateness. It’s not too soft or firm so there is no need to worry about your partner can feel uncomfortable while you are enjoying the localized bounce.
Both layers of this foam are made of 2.9lb proprietary foam. At any sleeping position, this mattress can reduce your body pressure to give you the best comfort as you want.


As I mentioned, there are 2 layers. Under the cover is a 3-inches thick comfort layer which is the T and N adaptive foam. The great features of the first layer including the heat wicking graphite and cooling gel give you a cool sleeping and the best relaxation experience. Another layer is the polyfoam made a base layer that is even better than the regular latex because it supports more and doesn’t cause any painful pressure point.


The material of the cover is the combination of Tactel and Polyester. Its design is thin so the ventilation works very well. Tactel is a wonderful material that has the ability to adjust the temperature well.
Compared to cotton, the mixture of these materials dries quickly which helps it work as a thermoregulator. That means this mattress itself can dry off the wetting conditions quickly.


The firmness of this mattress is average. However, depending on your specific size, and sleeping style, you may have the different feeling of the firmness. What’s more, it’s very quick to switch between the firm layer and the soft layer.
There are the following layers which include poly foam and proprietary foam. The former one is 7 inches in thickness and 1.8 lbs in weights. It’s enough to make a strong mattress with the good support and a solid base. Furthermore, its shape is also good, plus the lending durability.

Motion transfer reduction

The motion transfer reduction of T and N mattress is so great for those who move around a lot during their sleep as it will isolate your motion on a certain area. This way helps your partner have a good sleep without being influenced by the impact of your turn and toss.

Edge support

Any mattress without adequate edge support is pretty dangerous. If you are not careful, you can fall down anytime especially for people who sleep on the edge of the bed.
The edge support of T and N is the same as the support in the center of the mattress. Therefore, it’s fine to share your bed with a partner. In sum, the whole surface of this mattress is useful. You can lay in any position without feeling discomfort.


This mattress comes with a 100% money back guarantee plus a 100-night sleep trial. That means you can return if there is anything which makes you not satisfied. In my opinion, only a high-quality product can have such a trial as well as refund guarantee. It is worthy of the risk. If you still worry, there is a 10-years warranty.


  • Made in the United States
  • Doesn’t have any chemical fumes when you unbox
  • Safe


  • Requires a firm base to get good support
  • The number of people who can lay on this mattress is limited

Tuft & Needle vs Lucid: Which is better?

It’s hard to say that there is one product that is the best for everyone. Thus, if you would like to know which one is better, let you determine your sleeping position and compare with the features of each mattress. It’s best when it can give you a comfortable sleep during the night and day.

One of the biggest differences between Lucid vs T & N mattresses is the price that may come to your mind first.

Lucid is in the affordable segment while the premium Tuft and Needle mattress costs lower.

However, Lucid comes with a dedicated cool gel infused layer on its top. And the combination of the latex and visco-elastic foam of T and N creates a plush look.

While Lucid is ideal for side sleepers and is a bit firm for back sleepers, Tuft and Needle supports any sleeping position very well without causing your back pains. If you have the right choice, I am sure you can experience a cool sleep during the night.

The cover of the Lucid is more beautiful thanks to the splendid two-tone circular knit fabric. Meanwhile, the mix of Tactel and Polyester materials of T and N can adjust the temperature very well. Even it functions as a thermoregulator that means these materials help the drying process of the wet conditions occur faster.

However, the firmness of T and N is only average and Lucid has a better level. When you put your hand on the surface of the later, you can immediately feel its high-level firmness. That is your hand is contoured tightly.

For other elements including motion transfer reduction, edge support, and warranty, both Tuft & Needle vs Lucid has a similarly good result. It’s fine to invest in one of these mattresses for you can your partner since it can support edge sleepers very well.

There is no need to worry that you or your partner can fall down anytime. If you love turning while sleeping, these mattresses will prevent you from disturbing another one that shows a wonderful motion transfer reduction. Both manufacturers offer their customers a 10-year warranty. This is a way to affirm the quality of their product. What else do you worry about?


Although both Lucid vs Tuft & Needle mattresses seem to be good with the similar outstanding features, they are designed for the different sleepers with the different demands.

If you are looking for a quilted foam for your tight budget, Lucid is an affordable choice. Meanwhile, Tuft and Needle is the best mattress in the premium segment.

After reading my post, have you chosen a good mattress that can solve your back pain problem and give you the best comfort during the night? Please let me and other readers know what you have experienced with the new product by your comment below. Moreover, don’t forget to share Mattress1000 article, if you see it informative because other people need it.


I am Nguyen Sarah 26 years old. Currently, I am the CEO Mattress 1000 specializes in consulting bedroom furniture products.