Lull Mattress Reviews

The company has made a drift of mattress buying experience with this Cal King Premium Foam Mattresses. This is available in a fraction of the retail price and shipped free at a doorstep. Full refund of buck is guaranteed on dissatisfaction. This premium foam mattress perfectly balances comfort and support with an imbibe of contouring memory foam and induced proprietary support layers that ensure a great incomparable sleeping experience. The softness, i.e. firmness is just at the right level. The memory foam gel-infused mattress has been designed for all body types. It also renders support for all sleeping positions that enables to offer one perfect bed for everyone. The gel-infused memory foam mattress top layer contours to the body of the user, thus providing pressure relief.



The cool flow memory foam technology enhances air flow. It helps in keeping the user at the perfect temperature throughout the sleeping hours. The unique blending of premium quality memory foams help to bring in an unparallel support to body. The even weight distribution is also help to enhance the property of healthy spine alignment in proper way. The proprietary memory foam with cooling gel adds additional comfort that can’t be unsurpassed by any other contemporary bedding.

  • Lull mattress is shipped directly to the home of the users thus saving saves time and money. This also allows the company to put more time and money into mattress production.
  • Among the customer reviews, one has pointed out the fact that this mattress allows the user to sleep in every designated positions, i.e. back, side, and stomach. Normally, other mattresses work best for one or two positions.
  • This mattress product from Lull seems fit for those persons who love memory foam feeling.
  • This will be liked by those users who also in favor to “sinking” into bed.
  • For people with pregnancy, people who are suffering from a back injury, or have a back pain, the mattress serves the firmness and unique support. The high qualify foams will be utilized to address the pain thus giving the care when and where needed.
  • Once customer review has stated that the feel in Lull mattress resembles to that of memory foam which is of a higher quality than most other latex mattresses.

  • The latex part of the foam prevents any springing features. Thus, the user will fell the laying experience and there will be no bounce
  • The mattresses are sold exclusively online. Thus, there is no scope to try out or taste
  • The no-motion disturbance is also under question – as is revealed by many customer reviews
  • A mild off-gassing may be experienced when the shipment is opened.

WHY Lull

The Lull mattress is incredibly comfortable for users with a cult for experiencing firmness. This is made with non-compromising quality foam materials and the aesthetic will resemble them to be at quite highly priced. This mattress is provided with 100 Night Trials and return is permissible if made within this time. This is offered with a three-layer advanced sleep technology. While the other mattresses offer comfort and suitability for one or max of two positions, this mattress serves equally to all sleepers with their own unique preference. Persons suffering from various physical problems like injury or ache in the cervical positions, neck, and back will get healing touch support from this type of mattress. Ladies with pregnancy will get the right way of support and comfort; so will do the stomach sufferers. The great specs have made it vowed with extreme comfort and durability. Though available in a combination of settings, but may feel firmer than average for each firmness level. This is an ideal product for users enjoying the experience of memory foam as well as of sinking into the bed. 

There are scopes too when this mattress may not be preferred. A person, who likes spring mattress or foam mattress equipped with the quality of having extra bounces, may not like Lull mattress as the latex foams are present in this mattress in the 2nd layer. This will induce a feeling of traditional memory foam mattress rather than a spring mattress. This product is sold only online. This also has made some repulsive effect on a lot of customers.

From a comparative assessment of the above, it reckons that this is perhaps the best memory foam mattress that provides efficient coolness and sunken experience. The celli and cover ensure durability and gel impels significant airflow. The density offers less motion transfer – though the reliability of this has often been questioned.



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