How to move a mattress without a truck? Read here

It is common knowledge that moving, especially when it comes to moving huge stuff is not fun at all. Nowadays, with the availability of professional moving services, it seems a lot less daunting and challenging to do so. But in the real world, it is not that simple.
Let’s imagine this situation. You might not have to move the whole of your house, instead, all you need is to move some part of it, say, a mattress. So you may be thinking about whether it is worth the fee you pay. Then you decide to do everything on your own. But how?
Well, this article comes as a help for those who are looking for ways to move their mattress on their own without needing to hire a truck. Let’s find out how to do it safely.

What to Consider?

Before we jump into the whole story, let’s step back and consider a little bit. Do we really need to move?  Is it worth the effort, time and energy you spend? In some cases, it could be an old mattress that has been used for years. Should you buy a new one or move it to your new place?

A mattress is indeed a large investment you should carefully consider
It is widely known that you should evaluate the quality of your mattress every 7 to 8 years. As we spend up to a third of our life on a bed, it is important to have a high-quality mattress that helps release all stress. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding to move:

  • How many years have you been using the mattress?
  • What is the current quality of that mattress? Does it make you comfy? Is there any health-related problem caused recently?
  • Are you having any back pain or neck aches recently? Do you feel refreshed in the morning when getting up?

These questions help evaluate if you need to get a new mattress or not. If the answer appears to be positive, which means you do not need to buy a new one, then keep reading to find out what you need to prepare.

What You Need

As you are dealing with this moving all by yourself, it is crucial to get everything well prepared so you would not waste so much time. Here is a list of what you should have in the first place:

A person to help

Although the whole idea of this article is to help you move a mattress on your own, it does not mean you could not ask for help from friends. Moving a heavy thing indeed requires many people, if you still insist on doing on your own, then I must warn you, there is a good chance you could hurt yourself in the process.

A mattress bag

A mattress bag can be found anywhere from supermarkets to shopping malls. It costs you about 20-30 dollars for one. Made from plastic, this bad keeps your mattress protected during the process. In case you would not use the mattress in the future, this bag will also keep it from any stain or damage.


You are going to need the tape to keep the mattress in place when putting it in the bag. I recommend using high-quality packing tap to get the best results. Wrap the tape all the way both horizontally and vertically.


This common tool will help do the magic while you are moving. From my experience, you had better have two scissors because one may get lost during moving.

Straps or ropes

They will cost you about $20 to $40 for a set of straps. It is worth the money as you can use it on tons of things rather than just moving your mattress.

How to Move Your Mattress – Step-by-step guide

Here is the most important part! Move it. Let’s find out how to do it step by step:

Step 1: Remove all the sheets, pillows, covers or anything on your bed.

Step 2: With the help of a friend (obviously), get the mattress out of your bed. Some mattresses go with handles so let’s make use of them.

Step 3: Double check if there is any damage to the surface. Also, make sure your mattress is completely dry and clean to pack up.

Step 4: Well this is where magic comes in. Put it in a mattress bag for better protection and ensure that the bag is the right size. Here is a tip for those who seem to forget to prepare a mattress bag. You can use any sheet to cover as long as it is protective and thick such as blankets. But remember that a bag is still the best way to protect.

Step 5: Use tape to keep the mattress in place. At this point, you should roll it carefully and make sure no part is exposed. This prevents unexpected accidents while moving.

Step 6: Make sure the way out to your car is completely clear and wide enough for your mattress to move out. For those who do not know, a dolly would do so much help when it comes to moving heavy objects. You can easily hire one at any convenience store in your town.

Moving a mattress requires the help of many people

Below are all the basic steps you should finish to move your mattress to the new place. I always suggest moving with the help of three to four people as this task requires efforts from many people.

The most important thing you should remember is to handle it with care. Any careless mistake might cause severe accidents. You know what people say, carefulness is always necessary.

Tips When Moving

Although as convenient as it may sound, moving a mattress on your own car may cause some damages. Here are a couple of tips you should know to make sure those damages will not happen.

Pay attention to the weather forecast

This may sound ridiculous, however, as you are going to put the mattress on the top of your car, it would be exposed to sunlight or even huge rain. Choose the day that is warm and less likely to rain to move it.


If you have many mattresses to move, it will save a lot of time if you label them for easy movement and unpacking.

Double check

Regularly checking your load to detect any straps or rope losing would be a wise act. As there is a good chance you have to travel on a long road, double check helps avoid unexpected events in the middle of the process.

Mind your driving

It is crucial to driving slowly and cautiously as you are transporting a heavy object. Fast speed of driving can cause your mattress to fall aside, which may lead to huge accidents on the street.

How to move a mattress without a truck

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from what we have just discussed, I am pretty sure there are a couple of questions that may stay in your mind for a while. Below are three common questions I get asked all the time:

Is it legal to move a mattress on the top of your car?

Well, yes. It is surely not illegal to move a mattress on your car. However, there is a good chance you would be asked by an officer as there is a possibility of danger for surrounding traffic.

What if I do not have a handle?

Well, buy handles then. Although it is possible to move a mattress without handles, it is surely inconvenient and dangerous in some cases. Handles help carry heavy objects at ease while maintaining your strength and energy.

How fast should I drive while moving?

You should not drive faster than 20 miles per hour. The heavier the mattress is, the slower you should drive. Homebody would rather drive slowly and arrive safely than rush and deal with all the consequences that may happen.


Due to some budgetary concerns, some people may choose to move their mattress on their own rather than hire professionals. With proper help and guidance, you are totally able to transport to a new place safely as long as you know how to pack and move your mattress properly.

Pro tip: Consider buying a foldable mattress,if you move around a lot.

What you should take away from this article is that initial protection from exposure is always necessary. Make sure you have chosen a good protection bag and also make sure you handle it with care. A mattress is a large investment, for that reason, be careful at every step you do to avoid any unexpected damage.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.