Nolah Mattress Review – Reasons To Buy In 2022

Is it possible to find a versatile mattresses at a reasonable price? Can you get the benefit of the body contouring offered by memory foam while still enjoying the cool feel of a latex mattress? Can you really get the best of both worlds? Yes, it is possible!

 As a technology-driven company, Nolah Sleep claims to maximize the latest sleep technology to create unique mattresses. Instead of the usual latex and/or memory foam, Nolah Signature’s AirFoam takes things in a new direction.

We based our ratings on the vital factors that affect sleepers in different circumstances. For more information about this flagship mattress, keep reading to see our full review. 

Recommended for Whom?

  • Anyone who wants a flippable bed. One of the best qualities of this AirFoam mattress is its flippable firmness design.
  • Those who suffer from back pain. Its multiple layers of foams provide great pressure relief to alleviate back pain of most sleepers.
  • Back, stomach, side, and/or combo sleepers. Nolah Signature responds well to all kinds of sleeping positions due to its high-density foams with different levels of firmness.
  • Lightweight, average-weight, and heavyweight sleepers. Regardless of your weight, Nolah Signature has a side for you.
  • Solo sleepers or couples. With the excellent performance of Nolah Signature in motion isolation, solo sleepers and couples can both enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

Who won't like this bed?

  • Sleepers who want tough edge support. Even though Nolah has an excellent motion isolation performance to accommodate couples, it has weak edge support.
  • Heavy sleepers over 230 lbs. Even though Nolah Signature can handle heavyweight sleepers, the mattress can sag sooner under their weight and cause discomfort.

Rating Snapshot

After an extensive assessment of the Nolah Signature Mattress, we divided our review into different parts. We based our review and rating on tests, evaluations, and data collection from verified Nolah Signature owners. This is the performance criteria and ratings that we included in the list:

Motion IsolationExcellent
Edge SupportPoor
Pressure ReliefExcellent
Temprature ControlGood
Good For Sex Good

Our mattress ratings reveal that Nolah Signature has an edge in motion isolation, pressure relief, and noise prevention. However, the mattress received lower ratings when it comes to edge support.

How is the Mattress Constructed?

Nolah Signature Mattress consists of 4 different layers that create its 12″ profile. To understand what made this all-foam mattress remarkable to customers, let’s check out the materials that Nolah used in its construction.

Mattress Cover

Nolah Signature Mattress is wrapped in a luxurious cover that is made of organic cotton. But unlike regular cotton mattress covers, Nolah Signature has unbleached customized organic cotton. This ensures that the fabric is free from any harsh chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive users. It is thicker than most standard polyester covers that are used in bed-in-a-box mattresses.

Aside from creating a soft feel, this cover is specifically designed to get rid of moisture from the mattress. Whenever you need to flip the mattress, you have to unzip and remove its cover first. Then, you can replace it to make sure the quilted fabric covers your new preferred sleep surface.

Comfort Layer

Under this cover is a comfort layer that is 2.5″ thick Cooling NolahAirFoam. This extra-thick AirFoam layer provides superior pressure relief while it keeps you cool. This is also considered as the soft side which feels better than regular memory foams because of its ability to contour perfectly to the body without making you feel trapped or stuck.

On the other side of the mattress, Nolah Signature has a thin layer of Cooling NolahAirFoam. This is considered the firm side since it only has 1″ of NolahAirFoam as a supportive layer. This firm side is made to provide enough amount of support to alleviate pressure on different parts of the body.

Transition Layer

For its transition layer, Nolah Signature has a 1.5″ support layer that is constructed to be more solid. This Deep Supportive foam with high-resilience is more durable than regular latex materials in mattresses. To make its soft side feel more comfortable, it also provides a healthy and responsive bounce.

Base Layer

To complete the 4 layer construction of Nolah Signature, this mattress also has a Reinforced Core Foundation. This high-density foam that is made in the U.S. is 7″ thick to reinforce the support and body-contouring layers above. This thick foam is breathable and durable to guarantee a longer lifespan. Its benefits are also applied on the other side when flipped in case you prefer the firm side.

Performance Ratings

After identifying the materials of Nolah Signature, let’s see how it performs based on different factors.


Nolah Signature is a pretty durable mattress not only because it is made in the USA. Since Nolah is still new in the industry, we can’t tell whether it can last a decade or longer yet. We based our durability rating on the materials of Nolah Signature as well as its quality of the structure.

Aside from having a thick profile, its level of durability depends on its 4 layers of polyfoams that have high-density. Normally, quality foam mattresses can last up to 6 or 7 years especially those that are under the ownership of lightweight sleepers. After all, lightweight sleepers are less likely to leave permanent body indentations in the mattress that lead to back pain over time.

Unlike regular foam mattresses, Nolah Signature doesn’t have any layer of low-density foam in its construction.  Mattresses with high-density foams tend to last longer than those with a mix of low-density foams. Nolah’s AirFoam is 300% more robust than standard memory foam to last longer and prevent sagging.

Motion Isolation

One of the most important factors to remember when reviewing mattresses is motion isolation, especially if you sleep with a partner. In this case, testers confirmed that Nolah Signature can handle any motion transfer in the bed with little disturbance.

Edge Support

Despite having an excellent performance in isolating motion, Nolah Signature Mattress doesn’t have much to offer for its edge support. Sleeping or sitting on the edge of the bed for an extended time can lead to an early sagging issue. Thus, it might not be the best mattress for you if you always sleep near or on the edge of the bed.

Pressure Relief

When it comes to pressure relief, the NolahSignature is impressive. It is thanks to its layer of Cooling Cloud Comfort Layer and Body Adapting dual Cloud Layer. These layers provide body-contouring comfort to all types of sleepers and 400% less pressure on shoulders and hips.

In addition to its soft comforting feel, this layer also provides sufficient support, especially to side sleepers. It promotes proper spinal alignment for the back, side, and stomach sleepers. However, its offered pressure relief is not enough for some stomach and heavyweight back sleepers who tend to sink deeper. It suits lightweight to average-weight sleepers more who weigh 230 lbs or less.

Temperature Control

Normally, foam mattresses feel hot especially if they contain memory foams where you can sink in slowly. Thus, Nolah formulated Cooling AirFoam to ensure the Signature mattress offers temperature neutral pressure relief. Its proprietary pneumatic foam construction includes billions of microscopic air capsules. These capsules release excess heat through the bottom foam layers of NolahSignature. Based on verified owners and testers, the mattress doesn’t overheat like other foam and hybrid mattresses with memory foam. However, it still traps a bit of heat on the softer side with a thicker layer of comfort foam.


Nolah Signature Mattress is made of foams only so there are no innerspring or any additional device that can create noise. You don’t have to worry about dealing with springs or other air channels that start to make noises overtime. Nolah Signature is a quiet mattress where you can relax anytime you want and catch up on some sleep. Even if you or your partner shifts in bed, it doesn’t have that annoying creaking noise that poor mattresses have.

Good for Sex

A mattress that is good for sex is worth investing in to save you from embarrassment and give you peace of mind. This is one of the reasons why Nolah Signature is good enough to keep up with customers’ sexual life. It has enough stability and discreteness to accommodate active couples. However, tests suggest that the firm side feels more suitable for those bedroom activities since it doesn’t sink as much. But if you’re looking for a very bouncy bed, this one is not that responsive.

Mattress Rating

The comfort level of Nolah Signature’s soft side is closer to medium soft. On a scale of 1 to 10, this can be measured as 4 to 5. Meanwhile, its other side’s comfort level is closer to medium-firm or 7 to 8. But then again, the firmness of a mattress varies from one person to person.  One of the main reasons why sleepers have a different opinion in mattresses is due to their specific shape and weight. Since we already mentioned some of the important factors above that involve sleepers’ weight, this section will enlighten you more.

Lightweight sleepers – below 130 lbs

Nolah Signature Mattress performs well with lightweight sleepers who make the most of its benefits. Lightweight sleepers get great pressure relief as well as spinal alignment whether they sleep on their back, stomach, or side. Despite sleepers’ differences when it comes to their favorite sleeping position(s), Signature generally appeals to those who like softer beds. Those lightweight sleepers who feel like they sink too much into the medium-soft side can always flip the mattress. With the medium-firm side, they can get more support throughout their sleep.

Medium weight sleepers – 130-230 lbs

Medium weight sleepers can also take advantage of Nolah Signature’s benefits. Medium weight sleepers can stay on their side, back, or stomach without feeling too much pressure on their different body parts. For medium weight sleepers who feel like the medium-soft side makes them sink too much, they can simply flip the mattress. The medium-firm side can give them better support to keep their spine in proper alignment which balances its comfort and support.

Heavyweight sleepers – over 230 lbs

When it comes to heavyweight sleepers, Nolah Signature’s medium-soft side can feel too soft since they sink deeper. Its pressure relief and temperature neutrality benefits are also reduced unlike in the medium-firm side which provides just enough sinkage. The medium-firm side feels more comfortable for some heavyweight sleepers who prefer a firmer sleeping surface. Moreover, it provides more support along the spine area compared with the medium-soft side to prevent back pains. Therefore, the firmer side is recommended to heavier sleepers who are interested in Nolah Signature.

Is it Good for Stomach/Back/Side Sleepers?

As mentioned above, the Nolah Signature Mattress is generally great for all kinds of sleeping positions. It works with those who prefer sleeping on their side, stomach, back, or all of the above.  Specifically, the medium-soft side is great for side, back, and combo sleeper since it provides extra-deep pressure relief. It provides enough cushioning on the hips and shoulders for side sleepers while back sleepers can benefit from its “cloud-like” softness.

Meanwhile, the medium-firm or firmer side is specially formulated to accommodate stomach and/or combo sleepers who prefer a firmer surface. Depending on your weight and personal preference, you can always flip the mattress and sleep on whichever side feels better.


The Nolah Signature Mattress is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. You just have to show proof that you are the original purchaser of the mattress to be covered by the warranty. Once Nolah Sleep verifies that your Nolah mattress has a manufacturing defect, it will either be replaced or repaired. This is valid for the first 15 years of original ownership including the free shipping cost.

Any replacement or repair after the first 15 years requires prorated charges plus $75 for its shipping cost. A prorated replacement charge of the mattress’ 50% of the original price is applied if it’s replaced in the 15th-25th year. Replacement after the 25th year of the warranty requires a prorated replacement charge of 60% of the original price. The Lifetime Limited Warranty for Nolah Signature Mattress is non-transferable and valid only if its damage isn’t due to improper use. Thus, there should be no craftsmanship defects even on the seams and zippers. The mattress cover is warranted for 1 year from its date of purchase against any faults in the craftsmanship.

Free Trials

Apart from the Lifetime Limited Warranty that is offered by Nolah, the Signature mattress also comes with a 120-night trial period. For best results, take your time to try both sides of the mattress before coming up with a decision. Nolah offers free returns and a full refund in case you change your mind and settle for a different model or brand. You can sleep on the mattress for 30 nights from its date of purchase during its break-in period. If you decide not to keep the mattress before the 120th night, the company will pick up the mattress immediately.


Despite being an award-winning mattress, Nolah Signature remains affordable to customers. Available with a 20% off, Nolah ships mattresses for free with FedEx. Furthermore, each mattress comes with 2 free Nolah pillows worth $158. So, check out its original and discounted prices depending on your preferred size:

  • Twin – before $1,069, now $855
  • Twin XL – before $1,169, now $935
  • Full – before $1,369, now $1,095
  • Queen – before $1,569, now $1,255
  • King – before $1,769, now $1,415
  • California King – before $1,769, now $1,415

To get the Nolah Signature Mattress, you can also pay later for as low as $71 every month through Klarna.

What Makes Nolah Signature Unique?

Nolah Signature is no doubt one of the most awarded mattresses in the industry. Despite its still young age compared with other brands, Nolah has already received praise from reliable review sites. Since Nolah Signature arrived, popular sites like Sleepopolis, Sleeping Ninjas Review, Mattress Advisor, and Slumber Yard already admired its performance. In case you’re wondering, some of Nolah Signature’s awards include “Best Mattress for Hip Pain”, “Best Mattress for Side Sleepers 2022”, and “Best Flippable Mattress”.


  • Wildlife Adoptions – If other mattress purchases come with huge discounts and/or freebies, Nolah creates and sells high-quality mattresses with a bigger goal. Nolah’s program encourages customers to help American wildlife and their home with every mattress purchase.
  • Feel and firmness – The biggest advantage of Nolah Signature over other mattresses is its versatile construction. As stated above, it has a flippable design that allows users to adjust to their comfort level easier. The top layer satisfies those who prefer softer beds with body-contouring comfort and coolness. Meanwhile, the bottom layer feels firmer for those who prefer more spinal support. Regardless of which side suits you more, you can adjust the mattress’s firmness by simply flipping it.
  • Fabric cover – Instead of encasing their mattress in a cover that is made of polyester, Nolah opted for the organic option. Sleepers with sensitive skin can sleep comfortably on their unbleached organic cotton cover.
  • Eco-friendly – It is free from harmful chemicals that usually discharge a strong chemical smell which requires hours or sometimes days of airing. Most importantly, cotton is naturally cooler than other kinds of fabrics which help it wick away moisture and comfy.


  • Why is the Nolah Signature more affordable than similar mattresses?

Compared with other mattresses in the market, Nolah doesn’t have middlemen. Instead, the company sells all of its mattresses directly to customers from its factories in the U.S. Moreover, Nolah doesn’t have pricey distribution centers, retail locations, and salespeople to pay unlike other brands with physical stores. The company even removed the costly showrooms in LA and New York from the list. This cost-cutting strategy helps customers to purchase a high-quality mattress and enjoy huge savings all at once.

  • What is the difference between memory foam and Nolah Air Foam?

Unlike memory foam mattresses, Nolah’s Air Foam in Signature is about 4x more comfortable. Tests show that it reduces more pressure relief along the hips, and back area than other high-end memory foams. It also feels cooler since it doesn’t overheat like memory foams.  Instead, it has a consistent feel throughout the surface regardless of the constant temperature changes. Also, it can respond faster than standard memory foams to provide a body-contouring comfort.

  • What are the materials used in their cover? 

The Nolah Signature Mattress is encased in a high-end cover that is made from an exclusive blend of materials. These include soft luxurious Viscose fibers and high-quality polyester fibers. Together, these materials wick away moisture and dispel the excess body heat to prevent overheating and keep the mattress cool. T

  • What kind of foam is the Air Foam?

Nolah’s formulated Air Foam is a new kind of innovative pneumatic foam. As its name suggests, it is filled with air. Its foam is constructed under high pressure and then crushed to blast tons of minute air pockets inside. This means that the bed’s Nolah Air Foam contains billions of minute air pockets. Each pocket serves as a shock absorber to create a customized sleep comfort for each sleeper. This combines the level of support that comes from traditional memory foams and the bounce that latex provides.

  • Is the Nolah Air Foam temperature sensitive?

The answer is no. The mattress doesn’t trap heat as regular memory foams are known to do. It may not feel as cool as gel-infused memory foams but it is cool enough thanks to its air pockets.

  • Where is Nolah Signature Mattress made?

All Nolah Signature mattresses are made in the USA, including all the materials used. Nolah has a total of 8 factories throughout the US.

  • Where are Nolah mattresses shipped from?

Nolah produces mattresses according to customers’ specific orders. Each mattress is shipped from the factory that is closest to customer’s indicated delivery address.

How Does Nolah Signature Compare with other Brands/Products?

Nolah Signature vs. MemoryLux

Just like the Nolah Signature, the MemoryLux is another mattress that is marketed with luxurious features, looks, and performance. Both are multi-awarded foam mattresses and MemoryLux has patented AirCell foam while Nolah has Air Foam to disperse heat. This is due to its AirCell memory foam with billions of small air cells for pressure relief and shock absorption.

Both mattresses are also designed to promote spinal alignment and motion isolation while contouring to your body curves. However, the Nolah Signature has no gel-infused foam while MemoryLux has tufted gel foam quilt which pulls away heat from the body. While Signature has built-in medium-soft and medium-firm comfort levels, MemoryLux comes in 3 versions with medium-soft, medium, and firm feel.

Even if the latter doesn’t have a flippable design, its firm version feels great for heavyweight sleepers.

Nolah Signature vs. Nolah Original

The Nolah Signature Mattress is 2″ thicker than the Nolah Original Mattress which is 10″. Both are designed to offer pressure relief for hips and shoulders. Both mattresses also provide cooling comfort as well as upper and lower back support. Most importantly, Nolah mattresses are designed to last longer than most memory foams with its CertiPUR-US certification.

However, the Original has only one comfort level which is set at medium firmness. The Original version also is not flippable but can be rotated twice a year to balance its indentations. The Signature version is encased in an organic cotton fabric while the Original version is encased in a natural Viscose cover. This cover may be soft, breathable, and cool to the touch but not as comforting as the organic cotton cover.

It has a low motion transfer across the mattress as well as medium pressure relief and body-contouring capability. The Nolah Signature has a Lifetime Limited Warranty while the Nolah Original only has a 15-year warranty. The Original is ideal for those shoppers who are on a tight budget. Meanwhile, Signature is perfect for those who are willing to pay more for more impressive features.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.