Best Olee Sleep Mattresses Product Reviews 2022

Are you struggling on finding the right mattress that can let you sleep like a rock and wake up feeling refreshed? We all know how important it is to get a good sleep whether you work at night or in the morning. Thus, you wear your most comfortable sleepwear, fluff your pillows, and tuck yourself in your favorite blanket. However, these things are nothing when you have a junk mattress. This is where Olee Sleep mattress comes in to save you from sleepless those nights and aching body. From the mattress look, construction, price, and overall performance, we can say that this brand is indeed worth your money. Thus, our Olee Sleep mattress reviews below will help you know which are the most affordable and high-quality models.

4 Top Olee Sleep Mattress Reviews

Olee Sleep 10FM01Q Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size

Compared with ordinary memory foams, this one contains i-gel infusion which helps in keeping the mattress cool. At the same time, it has a breathable design that reinforces i-gel in maintaining the mattress’s proper sleep temperature. It is designed to adapt to different body shapes, weight, and temperature to provide pressure-relief while sleeping. Most importantly, its layers of materials also ensure its resilience and durability.


  • Weighs 59.3 pounds with 80 x 60 x 10 inches product dimension
  • 8 pounds of 1 inch soft memory foam provides support with a soft power
  • 25 pounds of 1 inch HD foam prevents the memory foam from being damaged
  • 1 inch of i-gel infused foam prevents the build-up of temperature to maintain the mattress cool temperature


  • Uses eco-friendly and breathable materials
  • Maintains a cool sleeping temperature
  • Durable and highly resilient than ordinary memory foams
  • Helps maintain a good body shape while sleeping


  • Feels too firm for other users
  • Starts to get softer and softer after quite some time

Olee Sleep 13SM01F Galaxy Euro Box Innerspring Mattress, Full Size

If you want to experience a mattress that has a 5-star quality, this might be the perfect one for you. It is thick enough to provide optimum support by contouring to your body shape. It contains encased coils that are made from tempered steel which helps create a balanced weight distribution. It also eliminates the motion disturbance so you can enjoy a longer sleep even if your partner moves a lot.


  • Weighs 84.2 pounds with 75 x 54 x 13 inches product dimension
  • I-gel memory foam provides a layer of body conforming comfort
  • 5 inches dura spring base with continuous coil design provides proper back support from head to toe
  • Individually pocked coil provides excellent stability and durability of the mattress
  • Motion absorption materials reduce the motion transfer to ensure an undisturbed sleep


  • Very stable and durable
  • Helps regulate your body temperature while sleeping
  • Provides proper support for a weightless feeling
  • Offers a 5-star level with it comes to luxurious comfort


  • The firmness starts to decrease faster after a few months of regular use
  • Feels a little firmer for some users

Olee Sleep 12FM01F Noblesse Memory Foam Mattress, Full Size

With its attractive floral design and thick construction, this mattress combines aesthetic and great engineering perfectly into a unique mattress. It contains 5 layers of different foam layers and a polyester jacquard cover that ensures its comfort. Its cool i-gel memory foam provides an excellent sleeping temperature by diffusing your body pressure and body pressure. Most importantly, it uses materials with high-density and elasticity for durability and support.


  • Weighs 69.7 pounds with 75 x 54 x 12 inches product dimension
  • 5 inches intricate layer provides better ventilation and disperses your body pressure
  • 25 pounds of 1 inch HD foam compensates for any defect on the memory foam
  • Gel foam helps maintain its comfortable sleeping temperature
  • Combination of Tencel fabric provides a comfortable and soft to touch cover


  • Doesn’t require a box spring to experience its full benefits
  • Doesn’t produce a nasty chemical smell when opened
  • Retains a longer lifespan with additional support
  • Contains durable and high-density layers


  • You can’t flip this mattress to make the most of its reserved firmness
  • Not the ideal mattress for enjoying adult activities

Olee Sleep 09FM01Q Luna Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size

This is the most affordable Olee Sleep product if you’re looking for a thinner mattress. But just like the previous models, it still contains layers of high-quality memory foams. It can also minimize the pressure on your body and eliminate motion transfer while maintaining its balanced support. Thus, you can sleep without feeling pains or aches along your neck, shoulders, hip, and feet. Most importantly, it has a dense foam core which guarantees its durability and longer lifespan.


  • Weighs 53.8 pounds with 80 x 60 x 9 inches product dimension
  • Multi-layered memory foam that includes dura memory foam, dura HD foam and dura HD convoluted foam provides a 5-star comfort level
  • Dura i-gel memory foam keeps your body temperature regulated while molding perfectly to your body shape
  • Premium cover made from poly jacquard provides the first-class feeling


  • Remains fresh and clean longer with a top-notch mattress cover
  • Provides a maximum level of comfort
  • Ideal for back, side, and stomach sleepers
  • Contains palm oil instead of customary oil


  • Hot sleepers may still sweat despite its cool i-gel memory foam
  • Not ideal for users who prefer a medium-firm mattress

What Do I Need to Know About Olee Sleep?

Never heard about the Olee Sleep mattress before? Well, that’s totally fine since we will guide you all throughout. The Olee Sleep mattress is a trademark that is introduced by Grantec International. Grantec International is one of the top manufacturers when it comes to spring and foam mattresses. At the same time, the company manufactures mattress toppers, pillows, metal foundations, and other bedding accessories.

With 34 years of experience in manufacturing, as well as in Research and Development, the company strives for more success. The company goes by its:

  • Vision to be the top innovator in the sleep industry by offering the best experience to customers
  • Mission to offer the most steadfast and advanced products that lead to the best sleep experience

With these things in mind, Olee Sleep brings in a whole new level of comfort and support to customers. The company’s Research and Development division carefully evaluates customers’ feedback to come up with innovative solutions. Moreover, the company sticks to its goal to keep an open business. This way, you can easily get in touch the support team to give your comments and suggestions about their products. So, these are the 6 stages of innovations you can enjoy on every Olee Sleep mattress:

  • Eco Innovation

This includes dura bio foam which is an eco-friendly foam that minimizes the emission of VOC. It reduces the production of petroleum-based materials by using materials that come from natural plants. Its recycles steel serves as the foundation while its smart packaging reduces the cost and materials to ensure a hassle-free delivery.

  • Foam Innovation

This involves air memory foam that is known for its great resilience and breathability compared with other memory foams. Its dura foam technology offers the perfect fusion of a shock absorbing viscoelastic support and resilient latex foam. Olee Sleep mattresses use i-Gel together with memory foam to come up with hybrid foam. Lastly, its allergy-free duraflex foam contains a fusion of a shock absorbing viscoelastic support and a resilient latex.

  • Steel Innovation

Olee Sleep’s dura coil contains pocket springs that are individually wrapped to reduce its motion transfer and noise. At the same time, these pocket springs provide excellent support and pressure relief for a better sleep experience. Meanwhile, its dura metal provides a lightweight mattress foundation for hassle-free setup. Its compressed packing allows the mattress to be shipped in a small compact box without causing damage to the mattress.

  • Fabric Innovation

The luxury knit of Olee Sleep mattresses contains a triple layer of premium fabrics with contemporary design. Tencel is another environmentally-friendly fabric that helps the mattress remains fresh by wicking away moisture. In addition, its organic cotton fabric is made from OE 100% made from organic materials. Olee Sleep mattresses with OE 100 fabric contain organic cotton fiber that comes in yards, fabrics, and finished products. Of course, getting these mattresses include successful transaction certificates.

  • Safety Innovation

When it comes to mattresses, your safety is something that you shouldn’t take lightly. In this case, Olee Sleep mattresses got you covered with its green tea extract that prevents nasty odors. Fresh charcoals also protect the mattress from absorbing moisture and developing a bad odor. You can also guarantee that these mattresses contain a CFR 1633 fire barrier. These mattresses are constructed under the US Government’s fire safety standard.

  • Comfort Innovation

Last but certainly not the least, Olee Sleep mattresses contain a pressure relief system. This ensures that mattress’ proper weight distribution to prevent points. At the same time, its open cell design allows better airflow through the mattress for a cooler feeling.


Are you ready to invest in an Olee Sleep mattress that can complete your bedroom? For more than 3 decades, customers are patronizing Olee Sleep mattresses have been focusing on high-quality products and services. Unlike regular mattresses, these mattresses prove to be thicker with its multiple layers of comfort and support layer. Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose a mattress that contains memory foam, latex, or an innerspring.

Thus, these mattresses are great for those who can’t sleep with a memory foam mattress only. These mattresses can help you enjoy the best of both worlds in a single mattress without spending a huge amount. So, stay updated about our latest Olee Sleep mattress reviews whenever you need a new one.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.