Sapira vs. Leesa Comparison Reviews 2022

If you’re confused about which mattress to pick between Sapira and Leesa, we’re here to help!

These mattresses may seem the same for other shoppers at first glance, but not in our eyes. In this post, we will discuss the similarities and differences between these two mattresses to help you shop.

Sapira Mattress

  •  At a glance: Premium hybrid mattress  
  • Headline: From the makers of the popular Leesa mattress, this hybrid mattress was formerly introduced in the market as Sapira. Designed to target the luxury market, the company behind Leesa made sure that customers see Sapira as a must-have innovative mattress.

Leesa Mattress

  •  At a glance: Multilayer all-foam mattress  
  • Headline: Known as the makers of mattresses, bases, pillows, and sleep accessories, Leesa is in for good with its high-end products. From traditional mattress showrooms, Leesa showcases its trademark mattress online which arrives in vacuum-sealed plastics and compact boxes.

Quick Synopsis

Since you’re in a hurry, we already prepared an overview of Sapira and Leesa’s mattress right here:

Quick Comparison

  • Price – Leesa Original is more cost-effective than LeesaSapira
  • Construction – Sapira is hybrid while Leesa Original is an all-foam mattress
  • Support – Leesa Original accommodates small to medium-sized sleepers while Sapira can accommodate heavier sleepers

Aside from these mentioned points, there’s more to consider before you decide between these mattresses.

Sapira Mattress

Best For:

  • Those who want foam and innerspring mattress
  • Sleepers who want a cool body-hugging bed
  • Back, stomach, and heavy side sleepers
  • Anyone who wants a responsive but comfortable mattress
  • Small to heavy framed individuals or couples


Formerly known as the Sapira Mattress, this Leesa Hybrid Mattress is constructed with 5 different layers of materials. This model has 11 inches thick profile that combines layers of foams and an innerspring layer to create a hybrid mattress. Starting with the mattress cover, Sapira has Leesa’s signature cover which features the seamless white color with 4 gray stripes across the bed. Under this high-end fabric is a layer of 1.5 inches cooling premium foam. This top layer has 13 IFD and 3 pounds density to deliver a responsive foam performance with a soft bounce. Next to this is a comfort layer that is 1.5 inches thick. This second layer of body-contouring memory foam has 12 IFD and 4 pounds density to back up the top layer. Another layer of this mattress consists of a 14.5 gauge pocket spring system that is 6 inches tall. This spring system includes more than 1,000 individually wrapped pocket spring coils that adjust to different body weight and size. To reduce the discomfort feeling of the coils, Sapira also has a 1 inch layer of core support foam layer. This foam top of the coils has 30 IFD and 2 pounds density. Meanwhile, the layer of core support foam base below the coils has 32 IFD and 1.8 pounds density.


Since Sapira is a hybrid mattress with foam and innerspring combination, it feels slightly firmer compared with other mattresses. Considering the scale of comfort level, we’d say that it feels something in between the medium and medium-firm mattress. Its built comfort level allows it to provide advanced comfort and support that suits many side and back sleepers. Even stomach sleepers can take advantage of its firmness since it consists of thick foams above the coils. Its foams and spring coils balance the firmness of the mattress to prevent the mattress from sagging over time. Thus, you don’t have to worry about sinking too deep into the mattress or feel trapped whenever you need to move. Still, it has a comforting feel that can make you feel as if you’re floating in the water. Sapira has a bit of bounce and pressure-relieving firmness that is ideal for a wide range of sleepers.


As a hybrid mattress, Sapira has that balanced feel and support to ensure your satisfaction. But one of the best things that we like about it is its carefully chosen design that highlights its support. As mentioned above, Sapira can accommodate all types of sleepers. Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, this mattress can provide your sufficient support throughout your sleep. Its supportive layers provide relief on pressure points including your back, neck, and shoulders. Thanks to its supportive spring coils and foam layers, you can forget about back pains anytime soon or rolling off the bed. Sapira has a stable and durable construction that can reduce motion transfer throughout the mattress. If you’re a light sleeper and happened to share your bed, this feature comes in handy whenever you need to rest. You can even benefit from its provided spinal alignment and edge support regardless of your sleeping position, size, and weight.

Temperature Regulation

Mattresses nowadays are more advanced compared with the traditional mattresses before. One of the main reasons why customers love Sapira is due to its cooling feature. No, its foams were not infused with cooling gel or any cooling technology. However, its pocket springs are there to take care of that in case you’re a hot sleeper. Each pocketed spring coil in this mattress help keeps the mattress cool while you sleep. How? These coils increase the air circulation in the mattress and push the excess heat out instead of trapping it. With this mattress, you no longer need to worry about night sweats since cooling premium foam also reinforces its coils.

Leesa Mattress

Best For:

  • Memory foam aficionados
  • Shoppers who want a budget-friendly but premium mattress
  • Side, stomach, and back sleepers
  • Couples or individuals who want a mattress with a medium-firm comfort level
  • Small to medium-sized sleepers

If Sapira and Leesa still confuse you, just remember that we’re referring to the original model here. If Sapira is the former name of Leesa’s hybrid mattress, this is the original mattress that helped the company rise.


Leesa Original Mattress is 1 inch thinner compared with the LeesaSapira Hybrid Mattress with a 10 inches thick profile. This model also contains 3 layers only whereas Sapira has 5. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that this model is less efficient compared with the other mattress. Since this is the original model, it is the first one to showcase Leesa’s signature color and design. It got that seamless iconic gray color and 4 white stripes across the mattress cover.

Its cover is made of twill fabric which is known for being soft and comfortable. Underneath this high-end mattress cover is its first layer of material that is 2 inches thick. This is a cooling foam top layer that has 13 IFD and 3 pounds density. This is also known as the avenue layer which provides a little bounce in the mattress to match your movements. This is followed by a layer of conforming memory foam that is 2 inches thick as well.

This acts as the recovery layer which has 9 IFD and 3 pounds density. It can also contour to your body while its final layer supports the entire mattress. This is made of 6 inches core support foam base that has 32 IFD and 1.8 pounds density.


Leesa Original Mattress has 3 layers of materials that affect its comfort level. To achieve that “just enough” feeling that many sleepers love, this mattress was built to deliver a medium comfort level. Therefore, it’s not too firm or too soft to trigger pain even if you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. Instead, its firmness is just enough to promote spinal alignment while you enjoy a rejuvenating sleep.

This is thanks to its Universal Adaptive Feel,Leesa’s multiple foam layers feel more comfortable and responsive. This feature also allows the mattress to accommodate a wider range of sleepers by cushioning the back, hips, and shoulders.


For the supportive features of Leesa, it has a thick layer of core support foam base that supports the entire mattress. In spite of having an all-foam construction, this original model delivers efficient support to sleepers that last for years. At the same time, it is soft enough to conform to your body curves and provide relief to pressure points. Thus, you don’t have to worry about waking up with pain in your pressure points.

Temperature Regulation

Whether you’re a hot sleeper or not, this Leesa mattress can make sure that you wake up feeling fresh. Its cooling foam which is also known as the LSA200 is the first layer of foam that will comfort your body. This type of foam is constructed with a microcell structure to allow better air circulation through the mattress. Even if you sleep on your back, its body-hugging foam can keep you cool while you sleep.


First of all, Leesa Original is an all-foam mattress while LeesaSapira is a hybrid mattress. Therefore, Leesa Original is a way to go if you’re a memory foam lover. Meanwhile, Sapira is for those who want a combination of foams and spring coils. Since Sapira also consists of more layers, it is also thicker compared with Leesa’s original model.

If you’re looking for a lightweight mattress, Leesa Original suits you since its weight ranges from 45-92 pounds only. The hybrid version's weight ranges from 75-142 pounds.

If you want a more affordable mattress, Leesa Original is for you. It costs between $399 (Twin) and $999 (King and Cal King) while Sapira costs between $$799 (Twin) and $1,699 (King and Cal King).


To help you with your final decision, here are some guide questions that you can consider:

How much are you willing to invest?

If your budget is less than $1,000, Leesa Original comes more size options that suit your budget.

What is your weight?

If your weight fits under small to medium, the all-foam mattress can accommodate you. But if you’re heavier, you’re better off with the hybrid mattress.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.