Serta vs. Simmons Compaison For 2022

Do you experience sweating a lot using your old mattress? Then why not try Serta or Simmons mattresses just for a change?

Whether sweating is your problem or your sore back, we’ve got you covered with this comparison between Simmons and Serta. Without further ado, we’ve already prepared an overview and detailed review to help you get a new and better mattress.

Serta Mattress

  •  At a glance: Cool comfortable mattress  
  • Headline: Since 1931, Serta has been producing mattresses that offer exceptional comfort using the latest technology available like the iComfort Sleep System. Serta is also behind multiple breakthroughs in the industry which earned it a reputation for being a pioneer in comfort.

Simmons Mattress

  •  At a glance: Versatile and luxury mattress  
  • Headline: Simmons has been producing woven-wire mattresses since 1870 for as low as 95 cents to $12. Now, Simmons is widely known as an epitome of lux and for its vast selection of luxury mattresses with pocketed coils.

Quick Synopsis

Serta and Simmons may seem similar in some ways. Thus, here’s an overview of the main differences between these mattresses:

Quick Comparison

  • Feel – iComfort is available in more comfort levels: plush and firm while BackCare is available in medium feel only
  • Construction – BackCare has balanced foams and springs while iComfort is built with foams only

There is more to know about these two mattresses if you want to take your shopping seriously. So, keep reading to see what else is there to find out in this review.

Serta Mattress

Best For:

  • Memory foam lovers
  • Hot or cold sleepers
  • Petite to large individuals
  • Back, side, stomach, and combo sleepers
  • Those who are prone to back and joint pains
  • Customers who want more comfort level options

Serta’s popularity in the mattress industry is hard to deny since it already established a strong brand name. To provide high-end mattresses, iComfort beds were born. From CF1000, CF3000, and CF4000, we will focus on the latter for this comparison review.


So, is it your first time to come across with iComfort CF4000? If your answer is yes, then be sure to sit back and finish this up to its last period. For this model, you can expect a very thick mattress that has a 13.5 inches profile. With a mattress this thick, you can certainly find layers of materials under its cover. CF4000 is the latest and most advanced mattress model that is designed and manufactured by Serta. Whatever you can find in the iComfort CF1000, and iComfort CF3000, you can also find it in this mattress. However, there are additional materials that increased its height and made it more flexible. So, let’s start identifying each layer of this mattress from its cover to its last layer of foam. iComfort CF4000 has a max cold cover which is made of a high-performance fabric. Under this cover, there’s the memory foam that is made with an exclusive carbon fiber material. This is followed by another layer of memory foam that is infused with gel active. Moreover, this second layer of memory foam has an open-cell design to prevent that stuffy feeling while you’re sleeping. It also has a layer of air support foam that can move with your body and contour around during your sleep.


Unlike the iComfort CF1000 and CF3000 that are available in medium feel, this model is available in firm and plush feel. Therefore, it is up to you to choose between these comfort levels. If you are a fan of soft beds that wraps you in an embrace, the plush version will suit you. But if you prefer a firmer bed to provide you more back support, the firm version is perfect for you.


If there are two things that iComfort beds are best known for, it is for being cool and supportive. Serta’s iComfort CF4000 mattress is designed with multiple layers of foam incorporated with the most advanced technology available. As a result, all iComfort mattresses specifically this model offers support and resilience while you sleep. Stop worrying about your shoulders, back, and his too much since this mattress offers all the necessary support you need. For instance, its exclusive carbon fiber memory foam provides exceptional neck and back support. Meanwhile, its air support foam is designed to move and adjust to every sleeper’s unique body shape and size. Therefore, this foam is responsible for contouring and alleviating pain due to pressure points.

Temperature Regulation

Do you sweat easily whenever the temperature rises a bit in your room? If you’re a warm or hot sleeper, Serta’s iComfort CF4000 mattress can be the best solution you are looking for. Especially made with cooling foam technology, this mattress can keep even the warmest sleepers comfortable. In other words, its temperature regulation properties offer the coolest and most comfortable sleep many have been dreaming of. For those who are not hot sleepers, that’s not a problem. You can still enjoy this Serta mattress as well as its refreshing feel throughout the year.

Simmons Mattress

Best For:

  • Customers who prefer a more eco-friendly mattress
  • Back, side, and stomach sleepers
  • Small to medium and large sleepers
  • Those who want extra bounce and support from pocketed coils
  • Solo individuals or couples

[img_products img_code="51G0fXlxIpL" alt="Simmons BeautySleep Siesta Memory Foam Mattress" star_class="star-4-2" code="B00FLCFI68" reviews="396+]

If the iComfort series impressed you, wait till you see Simmons’ series of mattresses. Simmons offers multiple series of mattresses from Beautyrest Black, Beautyrest, BackCare, Dreamscapes, Beautyrest Ultimate, and BeautySleep. For now, we will review the BackCare Series which includes the BackCare Ultimate 755 mattress.


The BackCare is one of the most popular lines of mattresses from Simmons due to the benefits that it offers. So, we decided to compare one of its mattresses called the BackCare Ultimate 755 to Serta’s iComfort CF4000. As its name suggests, this mattress is specially designed by the brand to cater to a wide range of sleepers. Not to mention those who spend most of their sleep while on their backs and those who want a thicker mattress. BackCare Ultimate 755 has a patented non-flip construction which enhances its overall comfort and support with about 14.2 inches profile. Starting from its top layer, this mattress has a super pillow top sleep finish. This pad ensembles its high-quality materials from wool, cashmere, latex, silk, and memory foam. Its layers of 5-zoned airband foam system and 5-zoned insert spring system work together to match all 5 zones of the human body. Also, this BackCare mattress has a layer of gen foam and bamboo fabric which promotes an eco-friendly mattress. Not only that, this bamboo yarn has natural anti-bacterial and hygroscopicity properties so it is safe for those who have allergies. Tested and proven through Cornell University Indentation Test, Simmons is proud to offer this bed with increased durability. Of course, you also ought to know where this mattress is imported from which is Korea.


BackCare Ultimate 755 has a balanced plush and firm feel due to its combination of foam and spring system. Compared with the iComfort CF4000, we’d say that the comfort level of this mattress is closer to medium. After all, the BackCare series is known for its excellent back support by keeping the body on top of the mattress. This means that you don’t have to worry about sinking too deep into the mattress regardless of your sleeping position. Also, its firmness enhances its benefits which include better blood circulation while you sleep. So, this bed is great for those who seek a softer sleep surface with firmer support underneath. It even includes high-quality materials such as wool, cashmere, silk, and more which make it cozier.


As a hybrid mattress, BackCare Ultimate 755 has a pretty impressive combination of foams and spring layer. It has a gen foam, 5-zoned airband foam system, and super pillow top sleep surface that feels loftier and softer. These cozy layers make sure that any discomforting feeling of a 5-zoned insert spring system is eliminated. Thus, Simmons incorporated this mattress with a 5-zoned support system that allows the mattress to match your body’s 5 zones. Meanwhile, its 5-zoned airband foam system is there to provide proper spine alignment and sufficient body support. Its layer with barrel-shaped pocketed coils is designed to conform naturally to unique body shapes and sizes for optimal support. At the same time, these coils are there to minimize the motion transfer on the surface which promotes uninterrupted sleep. Lastly, this model includes a 5-zoned insert spring system which provides an alternate placement of its shorter springs to increase its support.

Temperature Regulation

BackCare Ultimate 755 will not be left behind when it comes to cooling technologies. Thus, Simmons used a high-tech fabric called mesh border fabric to guarantee better breathability and airflow throughout the mattress. Even its gen foam helps promote air circulation in the mattress to improve your sleep.


When it comes to the differences, the first thing we noticed is the construction of these Serta and Simmons mattresses. BackCare Ultimate 755 is built with a combination of foams and springs while iComfort CF4000 is built with various layers of foams only. Between the two, the Simmons mattress is also thicker which is great for those who want a taller mattress. But if you prefer an all-foam mattress with just enough height, the iComfort CF4000 will do just fine. Since both offer cooling comfort, we will focus on its firmness and unique properties. If you want an eco-friendly mattress, BackCare is perfect since it has bamboo yarn, wool, and other natural materials. It is also great for those who want either a firm or plush feel. But if you want a mattress that specializes in cooling even the warmest sleeper, the iComfort mattress is a great choice. Also, this is for those who want a balanced or medium feel.


If you need help to make your final decision, try to consider these points:

What size do you prefer?

iComfort is suitable for customers who need Twin XL while BackCare is for those who only want bigger size options.

What kind of mattress are you looking for?

If you want a mattress with a combination of foam and springs, we recommend Simmons. But if you want a mattress with different layers of foams only, pick Serta.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.