Signature Sleep Mattress Reviews

This Memory Foam Mattress from Signature represents comfort. This Signature Sleep 12 inch Memory Foam mattress belongs to that class of memory foam mattress that encompasses the comfort of memory foam, minimizes pressure on the body, and provides balanced sleep support. The Signature Sleep memory foam bed mattress is able to create a perfectly personalized and balanced form around the body.



This mattress is certified under CertiPUR-US and has low VOC emission. This fabulous mattress puts support to body weight with all evenness. It is able to relieve pressure focused on the shoulders, hips, and feet, and eliminates motion disturbance too. All these combat to result in a unique and unprecedented sleeping experience. This collection of memory foam mattress ensures lasting comfort, with a dense foam core that ensures years of unbridled durability. The washable, zip-off mattress cover made of soft breathable fabric enthralls the mattress with some additional life. For user convenience and sake of economy, this mattress is shipped compressed, rolled and vacuum sealed.

  • This mattress will render very little or nil motion transfer. The result is uninterrupted sleep for all partners sharing the bed
  • The product is certified under CertiPUR-US and this implies that it is free from harsh and toxic chemicals. It is thus healthy too
  • Low emission of VOC is proof of improved indoor air quality
  • The quality of materials is top. Thus, it can be expected that the mattress will last for a few years before starting to sag
  • The mattress is served with a limited one-year warranty. This warranty is against manufacturing defects.

  • This mattress may be found a little firmer for new users
  • This mattress has made one-sided built-up. Due to this particular construction, this can’t be flipped over, unlike other mattresses. But, rotation at the junction of each season is imperative for all mattress
  • Complaints are there regarding time to regain to the original shape after the opening of the shipment

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Causes that engages us with Signature

This mattress comes in the best way to serve the sleeping purpose for any type of sleeper with any preference. Every sleeper is sure to get the comfortable position almost immediately. The company is committed to provide the users with best kind and quality of mattress. All products from this collection is certain to comprised of best quality material. The certification from CertiPUR-US indicates that these Signature Sleep Memoir 12-inch memory foam mattress is free from PBDE’s, TDCPP and/or TCEP flame retardants, mercury, formaldehyde, lead, heavy metals, and ozone depleters. 

Most customers have got better and happy experience from use of this mattress. This mattress is offered at almost half of the price of those which are contemporaries. The quality will never be compromised. A mattress is expected to sustain for at least 6 to 7 years. 

These mattresses are seen to render best support among all the varieties of Signature Sleep mattresses. This product is ideal for people suffering from back pain. There is a blend of memory foam and polyester layered between the outer cover and the coils. This provides the user with excellent comfort. The imbibed quilted design allows for greater breathability, and this is extremely smooth against the skin – Best queen mattress under $300

All products under this collection have come with a one-year limited warranty. This warranty is provided against defects in workmanship and material. On dissatisfaction, the customer is allowed to return the mattress. Upon such returning, the company will either repair or replace it, on the availability of identical materials. When similar materials are not available, the company will dispense with substitute materials of equal or greater quality. This warranty is subjected to availability only with purchase of the mattress from an authorized dealer, maintain the original bill of sale, and the law tags of the product are kept intact. Some things covered under the warranty include wires that are bent, broken or protruding, and sagging or indentations measuring 1/12 inch or greater.

This mattress is rolled and compressed into a tiny vinyl case resembling the package of folding chairs. The removal of the mattress may have witnessed with an appearance of a thick roll of bubble wrap. The mattress is required to allow for full expansion before using. Normally, the time limit is 48 to 72 hours. Once the mattress is expanded to full length, it will appear absolutely normal. Such technology makes future transportation easier too.



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