Simmons Beautyrest/BeautySleep Mattress Reviews

This mattress product is a portable roll-up bed. It provides a comfortable sleeping space or lounging solution absolute instantly. The lightweight and twin size mattress measure 75″ L x 31″ W and features a 3″ thick plush memory foam consisting both memory foam and comfort foam.

Simmons Mattress Reviews


This product is ideal for camping, sleepovers, dorm rooms, playrooms, guest beds, and as a mattress topper. It also makes for a great space-saving alternative to cots, foldaway beds, and futons. It can be rolled up with convenience to 12 inches in diameter, thus allowing it to fit easily into the included carrying bag for hassle-free transportation and compact storage. The collection of Simmons BeautySleep Siesta 3 inch memory foam mattresses includes a removable ultra-plush machine-washable cover.

  • This kind of mattress is one of the best mattresses made in the USA. Thus, the quality if the product is assured. There is certainly also about the fact that the materials will not contain any toxic chemical
  • The mattress helps in distributing body weight most evenly throughout the mattress and this property helps in relieving pressure points in areas like hips, back, and shoulders
  • The memory foam conforms fast into the body thus helping proper alignment of the spine
  • This product is made light-weight. Thus, it is convenient to carry out to various excursions like trek, exploration and similar ventures
  • All these products are available in twin sizes

  • This product has an extra sophistication. This property has made it fair dearer
  • Off-gassing is experienced when the shipment is opened

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What makes this mattress usable

This mattress is helpful in providing the enjoyment of the Beautysleep Siesta Twin Memory Foam Guest Bed. It can help the user to make an instant bed within a bag. This bag will ultimately convert into a comfy mattress. This unique property enables the user to enjoy rest and leisure at any convenient place in the path of the journey. This bed comprises the nature of guest bag that is perfect for all sorts of traveling purposes. This type of bedding is also a fit for dormitories, camps, as a guest bed and for slumber parties too. This mattress constitutes lounging solution too.

This type of mattress can be carried as a rack-sack when there is a tour for any excursion like trekking, explorations, normal short tour to nearby places where this bed constitutes perfect gossiping and relaxing resolution too. When the mattress is not in use, this can be conveniently packed up like a shipper. This convenient mattress rolls up to just 12 inches in diameter when leading to such packing. It is then made hassle-free transportation and compact storage.

The product consists of a single layer of construction comprising 3 inches thick memory foam. This layer is comprised of memory foam and comfort foam to provide both comfort and relaxation accompanied by coolness that is required for quality sleep. A beautiful cover is also associated with this product which adds to the elegance of the product with the ingenuous superior plush get up. A nylon bag is also provided for carrying the whole thing and this also adds to the comfort level of carrying.

The twin layer of memory and comfort foam adorned in the mattress cradles the body with the most sophistication. Though some sink might be experienced that may bring about the feeling of being trapped within the mattress. However, some of the users will enjoy the sink while relaxing and the nice hug that it makes and adds to the softness of the mattress.

The products are offered at affordable prices. Since the existence of middlemen are not there, the product prices can be conveniently kept within a specific range and the buyers falling within budget range are also capable to buy these products. The products are offered with a short trial. Returns are definitely allowed but within certain norms. One, the return will be made within 30 working days of receiving the shipment. No damage to the product will be entertained. The product will have to be the most possible new condition. And the returns will be entertained subjected to stipulated fees as decided by the company. The buyer will have to be responsible for the return shipping and the freight will be borne by him/her. This is of course, recoupable for customers enjoying the shipping label provided by the company.



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