Tempurpedic vs Leesa Mattress – Which One to Choose?

There are more and more newbie companies in mattresses industry to enter the vast market. Today, Mattress1000 shall explore information about the newly-born brand that is Leesa. In comparison, Mattress1000 shall suggest the competition between Lessa vs Tempurpedic.

Do you support for the rush of newbies into the market? Or you are a fan of reputation brands? Tempur-Pedic is a reputable brand which is regarded as one of the biggest and well-known manufacturers of mattresses.
In contrast, Leesa is just a new brand stepping up into the race of the traditional mattress giants. While Tempur-Pedic focuses on the memory foam mattresses, Leesa majors in all-foam and hybrid mattresses.

Can the new breed of the traditional foam mattresses take down Tempurpedic? In this article, Mattress1000.com shall review the construction and performance; Mattress1000 shall help you get the deep comparison between the two brands: Tempurpedic vs Leesa. Now, let’s get started!

Leesa: Latex & Memory Foam Mattress review


Foam and Layers

The Leesa is the hybrid foam mattress. It is designed with three different layers of foam. The manufacturer uses various layers with different thickness to help you achieve the optimal cool, comfort and support feeling. Let’s see the three different layers of foam as follows:

  • Top Layer (pleasure): this layer is composed of Avena foam with a thickness of 2 inches. Avena is the alternative for latex foam and has a great reaction, bounce, comfort, and cooling as latex foam. Avena foam is also breathable and can’t quickly get hot.
  • Middle Layer (support) – this layer has a thickness of 2 inches of memory foam. This kind of foam provides great support, high compression stability, and pressure relief for the whole mattress. It aims to be arranged below the Avena foam to keep the mattress cool (because the memory foam is the top layer to bring the warm sleep).
  • Bottom Layer (foundational) – With the thickness of 6 inches, this layer offers the excellent density support foam. It acts as a foundation for the mattress and dissipates the heat from the mattress. This layer brings a highly breathable capacity for the foam.

Three layers construction of Leesa


The Leesa uses a simple four-bar design in the cover. It is made with the blend of polyester and lycra. The cover is extremely well made with a single piece of fabric and 100% seamless.
The stripes on the cover are designed to make the sharp corner with the appropriate thickness, smoothness and softness. Like the total structure of the Leesa mattress, the cover is made and originated from the USA.


In the scale of 10, the Leesa scores 6 regarding the firmness. We can see that this firmness and special structure to give the comfortable feeling to the majority of users. About 85% of users prefer the mattress in the middle range of firmness.


When I began to lie down onto the Leesa mattress, I could feel the immediate softness on the cover and Avena foam layer. Then, I saw a bit sink into the mattress.
Usually, the sinkage level is 1-1.5 inch. By the specific movement and body change, the mattress also offers quick adjust during the whole night.
The mattress structure seems to support almost every position. Even though I am a stomach sleeper, I felt as if the mattress never struggles to support me.
It aimed to maintain consistent spinal alignment and a high level of pushback to prevent me from getting deep sinking into the foams.


This mattress easily and quickly adjusts my position. It leads me to believe that users of varying weights shall be able to find a much comfortable place on the mattress. According to the claims of the manufacturer, it can support single users up to 300 pounds and couples up to 600 pounds

Body contour

One of the best attributes of best mattresses is the capacity of body contouring. It is also called compression support.
With an all foam construction, best mattress is able to provide a great level of contouring our body. It can quickly contour the sleepers right at the first touch by quick response weight over on it.
In addition, it serves an aid to users who manage to get out of bed by good bounce and response.

Motion transfer reduction

The most key feature of the best mattresses is its minimal motion transfer which helps limit partner disturbance.
By pressure-relieving capacity, this mattress is very responsive (like latex). When you move around, the foam only offers the immediate response to your movement and your partner wouldn’t realize.

Smart shipping and portability

Although Leesa is the new brand in the vast mattress market, it offers the professional policy of customer care such as free shipping and all-in-box wrapping. Especially, the customers can enjoy 100 nights of trial with no returning cost.


The Leesa offers ten years of warranty that the customer can make the new replacement if there are any defects of materials or components from the manufacturer.

Pros and Cons


  • The firm mattress
  • Plenty of hugs
  • The price is quite affordable for most customers


  • The Leesa is still too still warm to many customers desire.
  • Chemical Odor

Tempurpedic Mattress Review


Foam and layers

To make it convenient to see the differences between the Leesa and Tempurpedic Mattress, Homebodydc.com will choose the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze mattress with the thickness of 11.5 inches of foam. This mattress consists of 4 different layers.

  • The top layer (comfort): consists of the memory foam which has 2 inches of thickness. With this 2-inch thickness, this layer provides the soft feeling to users at the initial contact. This product line is also known for its sharp contour and huge degree.
  • The Second layer (comfort & support): this layer consists of 2 inches thickness of Visco elastic memory foam. This layer provides a great support with slightly firmer feel than the first layer. This layer aims to comfort for the users and aids in giving the smooth transition between the top foam into the bottom layer.
  • Third layer (support): This layer consists of 4 inches of polyurethane foam. It acts mainly as the transitional layer between the upper layers and bottom layers which bring the great support for the mattress.
  • The bottom layer (support & foundation): This layer consists of 3.5-inch polyurethane foam. It also acts as the deep compression support for the users as well as the capacity of off-gassing for the whole mattress.

The simple but unique design of Tempurpedic Mattress


The cover of Tempurpedic is composed by the mixture of polyester (94%) and spandex. The cover is thin and has the stretchy composition, and improved airflow in and out which help maintain the soft-to-the-touch and comfortable feeling to the sleeper.
The cover has a classic texture and great softness. It seems to be very well made. Tempurpedic uses a two-tone grey and white color stripes to contribute the contrary, along with a pop of blue, which really helps the design come to life.
The top cover is composed by the Tempurpedic material. It plays an important role to regulate body temperature. In addition, it is thin enough to help the airflow go in and out.


In the scale of 10 marks, the Tempurpedic can be scored with 5.
In comparison with Leesa, this mattress is a little bit softer. I can feel that this mattress can absorb most of my weight and slowly increase the sinkage depth. When I lied down and got the deeper sinkage level, I sunk in more 3 inches.
The Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze can do a nice job in maintaining the balance well. The Tempurpedic mattresses are famous for pressure relief and a nice degree of sinkage. Thus, you should be sure a fan of classic memory foam before deciding to choose this mattress.


In the Tempurpedic Mattress line, the thickness of products varies from 10 to 15 inches. With the traditional memory foam structure and high thickness, some Tempurpedic Mattresses are still labeled as “ultra-breathable”.

Body contour

Similar to the Leesa, the Cloud Supreme Breeze was so soft when I slept on my stomach. When I put my hips into the surface, I felt a slight sink and it created an uncomfortable feeling to my angle.
At the first few minutes of lying down, I can feel a cool touch feel, and after a while, this cool feeling gives way to the standard body temperature.

Motion transfer reduction

By the above firmness, the Tempurpedic minimizes the motion transfer which results in a reduced bounce. With the Tempurpedic memory foam, you can even feel the overall comfort when your partner is moving around the bed.


Tempurpedic still does an excellent job of creating great support for different weights and shapes of users. Although some part of our body experiences a certain sinkage degree, it provides a high level of comfort, good pressure relief, and strong spinal alignment.

Smartly shipped

The manufacturer offers free shipping policy. It takes 1 or 2 days to process the purchase order and 1 to 5 days by Wayfair shipping. Or even you can purchase via various retailers of this brand.

Affordable and warranty

For the people who enjoy the comfortable feeling of the ultra-luxurious mattress and don’t care about the high cost, the Tempurpedic is a smart choice. However, Tempurpedic costs you 3 or 4 times higher than the Amerisleep Mattress does.
In term of warranty, the Tempurpedic offers a 10-year warranty policy with full free replacement due to material defects.
No matter how wonderful the ultra-luxury models of the mattress are, the Tempurpedic has also both pros and cons as follows:

  • Thanks to the SmartClimate System, it offers the great cooling capability
  • Great contouring to the body shape with high pressure relieve
  • High durability and offer the least motion transfer


  • Incredibly expensive price
  • Undefined cooling technology and unknown materials
  • The trial period is varied by different retailers and refund delivery expense shall be charged by the buyer.

The two products are well-made with unique designs, and they are the best choices for their advantages.

Leesa Mattress vs Tempurpedic: Which is better?

Tempurpedic vs Leesa Mattress

I would recommend the Leesa to sleepers who:

  • Want the transparency in construction and materials – as the best contribute to its advantages. It is transparent and clear about the origin and structure. The manufacturer has provided the exact materials, thicknesses, densities, and other specs for construction. In contrast, the Tempurpedic is not as clear or transparent about the material origin and construction.
  • Want the balance and medium feel – I get most ideas on Leesa’s feel that the majority of users have a little bit better feel than other mattresses. It has a very balanced and offers a slight hug. It also offers great sinkage degree and support, good body contouring, and average firmness. If you like a deeper sinkage, you may turn to the Tempurpedic.
  • Want the better value – In the battle of price, the Leesa simply beats over the Tempurpedic. The Leesa’s Queen and King size are much cheaper than Tempurpedic’s Cloud Supreme Breeze.
  • Want a longer trial period & free delivery refund policy – Leesa offers a 100-day trial, and the free delivers refund policy. After use, if you don’t like this mattress, the Leesa shall refund 100% of your money and help you recycle or find the place to donate the mattress. Many Tempurpedic retailers fail to offer a free delivery return policy and not as long trial period as the Leesa.

I would recommend the Tempurpedic to sleepers who:

  • Want the soft and deep sinkage degree. In the battle of softness, Tempurpedic beats over the Leesa and become the favorite choice for those who want a higher degree of sinkage.
  • Want to enjoy high-end mattress with the long-lasting brand of mattress. It is understandable that certain expenses associated with warehouse storage, promotion, showroom commission, and high-quality materials make up the higher price than the Leesa.
  • Want to enjoy all-in-one packing and many different options. Tempur-Pedic makes shopping convenient because they have so many authorized retail stores and online service provider. This also makes you save a bit of money.

Which one do you fall in love with?

Are you considering which one is better to choose? And you are standing on the fence due to the wonder of financial ability; Mattress1000 recommends you the Leesa. As the newbie in the market, I felt so impressed with this manufacturer’s professional sales and after-sale policy.
Besides, Tempurpedic mattress is the good choice for those who consider that the price is no problem. Base on your budget condition, this brand of mattress remains its certain position in the high-end product line.
Let’s begin the great living condition with the race between the Leesa and Tempurpedic in the time of trial use; you might not be disappointed.


I am Nguyen Sarah 26 years old. Currently, I am the CEO Mattress 1000 -Mattress1000.com specializes in consulting bedroom furniture products.