Tempurpedic vs Purple: It Is High Time to Get the Best Bed

If someone is figuring out the mattress, it is certain that two today leading brands – the Tempurpedic vs Purple.

It can say that the Purple is a new brand when it has been launched since 2015. And start selling mattress in a later year. The flagship and hybrid mattress are Purple’s two main force design.

The New Purple includes three various options of the thickness – 11, 12, and 13 inches and the firmness of each thickness is different.

Tempurpedic vs Purple for comfortable

Tempurpedic vs Purple for comfortable

Being established in 1992 and until 2012, the Tempurpedic formally merged with the Sealy Group. Considering the diversity, the Tempurpedic provides up to 16 options.

The Cloud and Contour mattresses are made from memory foam while hybrids are the main material to build-up the Flex collection.

According to the customer’s comments, the Tempurpedic and Purple bring certain satisfaction. And let you have a clear recognition on both, so Mattress1000 have compared and contrasted the different features and even the familiar points.
Read right now and you will clearly understand! Let’s go!!!

Similarities between Tempurpedic and Purple

Nothing is completely different, the Tempurpedic and Purple, too.

Relieve Pressure

Both contribute to reducing the pressure points. Correspondingly, bring a variety of health benefits to the users.
You will feel painless and refresh in the early morning. These online mattresses are considered a useful solution for those who are suffering from neck pains and backaches.

Quality & Durability

Whatever there is either the Tempurpedic or Purple, you will still get the high-quality and durable mattresses. It means that they are going to serve you for a long period of time.
This is due to the wear-resistant material.

Isolate Motion

Both are a friendly option if you have a custom that turns while sleeping. They prevent you from the movement from position to position. Make sure your sleep.

What to Make Purple Mattress vs Tempurpedic Different

Needless to say, the following differences will help you better understand on Purple Mattress vs. Tempurpedic


Purple – Produce the mattress with the 9.5” height and cover with a knit fabric. Include 3 layers that are utilized for the internal construction of the mattress.
For Smart Comfort Grid, the 2-inch top layer is built-in a Hyper-Elastic Polymer, a proprietary material patented. With a myriad of small squares, this polymer helps to compress when appearing the pressure and then quickly recover its original shape.
Owing to that, the Smart Comfort Grid not only is responsive but also provide the flexibility.
The next layer, polyfoam, has the 3.5” thickness. It is considered as a basis for the Smart Comfort Grid. Have a larger density than the next layer (1.8 PCF), the 4” bottom layer is approximately 2 PCF.
Tempurpedic – Build the different product lines, including Flex, Cloud, and Contour. If the manufacturer uses the foam material to construct Contour and Cloud lines, the Flex is made from a hybrid.
Both Contour and Cloud have the topmost layer made of memory foam – known as a high-quality foam. They especially contour and hug the body.
Under the memory foam, there is polyfoam – a base to create the comfort. If said to the Cloud and Contour lines, there are no under 10 various models. These mattresses are often different from the height and thickness.


The best mattress has to bring comfort. And the firmness is a prerequisite to deciding the comfort level when using a mattress.
But, how is soft? How does a hard mattress feel? Mention the proper firmness, it seems subjective. This mattress is probably soft for you, but others do not.
At here, I do not use the terms, luxurious, plush, for example; instead, I use the 1-10 scale to describe the firmness of the mattresses. Equally, the softest will be 1 and the hardest is naturally 10. And the mattresses in the 4-7 range will offer the medium firmness.
With the Purple mattresses, the firmness scale is medium within 6-7. Frequently, they bring comfort for the sleepers. But, if someone like a softer or firmer mattress, they cannot satisfy.
In another case – the Tempurpedic mattresses, the manufacturer provides a range of various options. The firmness range of the Cloud and Contour is 3-8 while the Flex models are no more 6.


Look at the satisfaction reviews of the customer, they basically have the high appreciation for both the Purple and Tempurpedic mattresses.
It is not necessarily identical. Base on the important ways, the sleep experience has a certain difference.
The below features will help you recognize the sleep experience clearly.

Temperature Control

Compare to the ability to control temperature, the Purple mattresses are more effective.

Owing to the Smart Comfort Grid design, the open air is considerably preserved in the comfort layer. In this way, help to keep the material without heating all night. Plus the sink level and resilience, the Purple mattresses will provide the airflow around your body and cool down.

The traditional Tempur foam is to retain the heat. With the heater the memory foam, the softer it will become. Like that, your body will sink more and more. Lead to the restricted airflow and the more serious issues is overheating.

Despite having the strides when releasing the reducing-hot design, it seems not enough. As the whole, the Purple mattresses are still a more optimal option because you do not have to worry about overheating during the evening.


The mattress manufacturers always try to avoid the motion of this part to affect another part. The Tempurpedic mattresses have owned this better characteristic than any mattress available on the market today.

Honestly, the Tempurpedic mattresses provide an insulating-motion hug and prevent the disruptions when your partner is moving on there.

Not as optimum as the Tempur…

But, the Purple mattresses also promise to offer motion isolation over the average level or even more.

Of course, they cannot compare to the Tempurpedic models because the Purple creates more motion.


After searching and experiencing, I recognize that the supportiveness of the mattresses is key to get a good sleep.

Coming to the Purple mattresses, you will get the sleeping supportiveness over the average level. According to the customer reports, the mattresses from Purple are initially supportive.

The supportiveness from the Tempurpedic mattresses has the conjunction with the firmness. So, they contribute to keeping your back aligned in that way.

In fact, this makes them lack the optimization. Consequently, the best plan would be to choose the materials, which align with your sleeping position as well as your body type.

Edge support: You can understand that there is resistance along the mattress sides. In this aspect, the Tempurpedic mattresses are more dominant. You will not recognize any dip whether you are sitting on the side of the bed.

Bowling ball test: This one is helpful for measuring the firmness of the mattress. Via this test, you also know the even support or not. Personally, I realize that the Purple mattresses provide a more even support.


Both the Purple and Tempurpedic mattress has owned the last-long durability.
From the confidence in their own items, the Purple Company provides a long warranty in 10 years. Aside from that, you have 100 nights to try experiencing the product.
Similarly, the Tempurpedic also give a 10-year warranty. But, you will get refunded. Instead of that, they allow you to exchange another product. For the trial period, it is shorter than the Purple. Just have 90 night to experience.

Shipping & Price

Price – All 3 product lines from Tempurpedic are more expensive than the Purple mattresses. Fundamentally, you will pay over $3,000 when purchasing the Tempur mattress. Its lowest price is also approximately $2,000.
Nonetheless, the Purple items frequently range between $6,999 and $1,299. They are clearly much cheaper.
Shipping – Whatever what your choice is – either Purple or Tempurpedic, you get the free ship. With the Purple mattresses, they are put in a compressed box.
Generally, you will receive the item after 2 order days. In case you will get the product later ~ 1-5 days, you require shipping through Wayfair.

Tempurpedic vs Purple Mattress Reviews

Continuously, I will review two outstanding products from Purple and Tempurpedic. Based on that, you will clearly recognize the different features and then give the right decision.

Tempurpedic Contour Mattress Review

The product makes sure the comfort and the evenly distributed body weight.


  • The 11.5-inch thickness built-up by the temperature material helps to support the entire body.
  • Have equipped a comfort layer made from the optimal material that allows adapting to the high temp.
  • Include the Smart Climate System that helps to draw the moisture all night. It ensures that you will feel comfortable.
  • Have the one-touch design inside the cover of the Smart Climate treatment. What a beneficial it is!
  • With the top cover, you can wash and replace anytime if desired.
  • Own a base layer designed for dispersing the heat. So, you will not feel too hot when sleeping.


  • The first drawback is the high-cost. You will have to pay over $2000 to get it.
  • As previously stated, the Tempurpedic mattresses are not actually effective temperature control, this Tempurpedic Contour Mattress no exception.
  • I do not recommend it for those who are suffering from a backache.

Purple Queen Mattress Review

It is considered being an optimum option to experience the best things – the relaxation and even recovery.

Purple Mattress


  • Not only provide the equalized pressure but also support your appreciate spine alignment.
  • Have owned the innovative technology – the motion isolation. Provide an overall health and life happiness.
  • Create an efficient alignment of your spine. At the same time, equalize your body weight pressure. Thanks to that, you can sleep well whatever your partner is moving.
  • Unlike the latex or memory foam, the Purple mattress with the breathable channels offers the free airflow. From there, help to neutralize the temp.
  • Not involve the artificial germicides; instead, the manufacturer uses the natural antimicrobial. Prevent the dust as well as allergens. Being a safe option of any age.
  • With the Smart Comfort Grids, contribute to enhancing the ability to support and fold. Custom according to each person.


  • Create the comfort for an initial hour, but not much longer. Even though it is made a little difference, it seems not enough to be comfortable.
  • Exactly, the Purple mattresses have the problem with pressing, especially, the edge of the mattress.

Which One Should I Buy?

Really, Purple and Tempurpedic have certain advantages and disadvantages.
Purple vs Tempurpedic: Which One Should I Buy?
The Tempur mattresses have full of the advanced features. Last long over time and promise to provide a good sleep.
And of course, so do the Purple mattresses.
The items from Purple have also owned the similar characteristics. Even, they are both cheaper and cooler than the Tempurpedic mattresses.
In my opinion, Mattress1000 give my selection – the Purple mattress.
Obviously, there are not many reasons to persuade us to pay a large budget for an expensive one, right?

On the Whole

All in all, the total information above is all that Mattress1000 think of the two mattress.

From my point of view, people sound to pay for the Tempurpedic’s products in a high-cost. Admittedly, their mattresses are high-quality, but they are actually expensive.

On the contrary, the Purple provides a more proper price when they also bring the same quality.
The last word, a decision is based on your need and preference. Do it your way!


I am Nguyen Sarah 26 years old. Currently, I am the CEO Mattress 1000 -Mattress1000.com specializes in consulting bedroom furniture products.