Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number Bed Full Comparison

Hi guys! It’s been a period of time since Mattress1000 provided you with information about Lucid vs GhostBed mattress products. Have you picked up the proper one for your bedroom yet?
Today, as some customers’ recent request, we would continue with other two heavyweights with high ratings in the mattress industry. Those are Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number Beds.
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Tempurpedic mattress review

About product

Tempur-Pedic, Inc. is a famous manufacturer in the mattress industry. It’s well-known for offering great products made of premium materials, memory foam and springs or foam.

There’re three product lines: Contour, Cloud, and Flex. The Flex line, like two rest lines, uses memory foam in the comfort layer. Its support core is made with pocketed innerspring coils that add bounce to the product without losing responsiveness of the mattress.


Besides, Mattress1000 would recommend is the lightest TEMPUR-Adapt product with faster response to the movement. The TEMPUR-Flex Collection has adaptive benefits of TEMPUR material with actively responsive feeling.


With hybrid construction, the Tempur-Pedic collection shows the new TEMPUR material and Dynamic Support Layer. This combination delivers support that more rapidly responds to your body.

The TEMPUR-Response material is essentially designed to respond faster to the movement to deliver a fully new responsive feel.

Foam and layers

The layers inside each product depend upon the firmness level you select. Below are potential layers this mattress contains:
Inside the Tempur-Pedic mattress

Top Cover

Each Tempur-Pedic foam mattress owns the same high-quality and easy refresh cover. It’s durable, soft, and simply zipped on and off in case of washing or replacing. It helps to wick moisture away and keep sleepers comfortable during the night.

Smart Climate System

This innovative system is a cooling layer that’s designed to let the mattress top cool-to-the-touch when the top cover draws moisture away.

Comfort Layer

It’s made from TEMPUR, a proprietary blend of memory foam and regarded as one of the highest quality memory foams that make this brand a household name.

It’s slightly cooler, more responsive and more comfortable than normal memory foam. With those features, this layer supplies the perfect contouring and support capabilities.

Response Layer

Its material is called TEMPUR-Response and a little bit firmer as well as more elastic than the layer above. It helps to distribute body weight across the mattress surface more comfortably while still provides the support.

Dynamic Support Layer

It’s a layer of separately wrapped pocketed coils. Being high-quality, they bring much contouring support by compressing when being underneath the sleeper.

Base Layer

It’s made from the standard high-density support foam that supplies the stability for the layers above.


As mentioned above, this mattress is equipped with the easy refresh and good-looking cover. It’s a combination of polyester and spandex, resulting in the soft feeling and a breathable and stretchable blend. It’s actually nice-to-the-touch and helps to draw moisture away.

It’s designed with a patent-pending, wear-tested dual zipper which is simple for accessing from any side and product maintaining.


Tempur-Pedic has the soft and firm version. The firm one scores about 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which may be a bit firm unless you want a firm product. The soft one scores about 4.5 which is as soft as you want it to be before getting too unsupportive.

Generally, many customers are satisfied with the actual firmness of the product when they lay on this Tempur-Pedic mattress.


Overall, this 10-inch thick medium-firm mattress pairs all the sleep-transforming benefits of temperature material with a fresh, dynamically responsive feel.

Motion transfer reduction

This’s a big strength of the mattress. With the memory foam construction and continuous design from one side to the other, it reduces “across-board” motion transfer by keeping your body in place. Accordingly, you can enjoy peaceful nights without being disrupted by your partner’s tossing.

Overall, this product has excellent motion isolation capabilities and rates very well among customers for addressing pain.


According to many users, pressure relief and conforming are great benefits of using a Tempur-Pedic mattress and Flex hybrids have the same function as well. They have more robust edge support due to such pocketed coils.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses with the memory foam will bring the adaptive support to your pressure points and supply sufficient spinal alignment.

Smartly shipped

The company offers white glove shipping. Your product will be shipped via free White Glove Delivery in about 7 days after placing the order. And the delivery person will help you bring the product inside. If no one helps you in setting up, you’re covered.


Tempur-Pedic is a dense foam which is perfect for body support but may be heavy and fairly difficult to move around.
Normally, it can be delivered folded to make it convenient for moving and handling. And if you transport or store it, you should lay it flat but not folded or on its side.

Body contour

Memory foam is usually supposed to be great for its body-conforming trait. When you adjust to mount your bed and warm up the mattress, the sleeping surface will contour along the body and allow your weight and shape to settle into it well.
Being a primary memory foam mattress, Tempur-Pedic products own this excellent feature, so they’ll conform to you.


If you intend to own a Tempur-Pedic mattress, you’re going to wind up paying a premium price for it. Although its price is a bit higher than many others, the comfort and great support it brings will surely satisfy you.


Tempur-Pedic allows a 90-night trial period, and you’re entitled to exchange your product for a new one, not claim money refund. And even with the exchange, you have to pay for the $175 processing fee of your existing product.

Besides, Tempur-Pedic comes with the standard 10-year warranty, and this’s non-prorated coverage for 10 years, which means there’s no cost to you for repairing or replacement.


  • Above-average pain and pressure reduction
  • Great motion isolation
  • Excellent support
  • Providing overall restful and great sleep quality
  • Durable and resilient
  • Great for overweight people
  • Memory foam material provides support for all sleeping positions and reduces the painful pressure points
  • Being automatically adjust to provide the support
  • A 10-year warranty


  • A bit more contouring for stomach sleepers
  • A bit sinking for lightweight users
  • Tends to sleep hot
  • Only exchanges– no money refund
  • Slight off-gassing odors at first
  • Fairly difficult to move
  • Costly

Sleep Number mattress review

Check the price here

About product

Sleep Number is known as a famous line of air mattresses. It provides airbed mattresses with customizable firmness for users. There’re eight individual models available from this line.

Sleep Number supplies a wide selection of mattresses, starting from the Classic Series, and moving on to Performance Series, Innovation Series and 360 Smart Beds, which are equipped with the smart technology.

The Sleep Number 360® C2 smart bed we would recommend is fairly affordable and will bring you comfortable feeling as well as convenient and adjustable functions.


Foam and layers

The C2 model construction is more basic than other versions. It’s made up of a soft zip-off top layer that has soft fiberfill sewn into the product top and the adjustable air chamber below.

The air chambers connected to a pump which can deflate or inflate the product for additional cooling, depending on the setting. In reality, each of the mattress sides can be independently adjusted. This’s called “DualAir technology.”

However, there can be a rubber odor from these air chambers, but it’s non-toxic and will rapidly fade. Thus you should unzip the top cover to let the air chamber air out for some hours at the first time.


The top cover is high-quality knit fabric and breathable and can keep the temperature balanced. It’s elegant and can be zipped on/off.

However, you’re not highly recommended to wash it because this may cause shrinking and permanently damaging to your cover. Instead, you can try spot cleaning its stains by using the mild detergent.


With dual air chambers, airbeds of the Sleep Number line will offer sleepers with instant adjustment to the bed’s firmness levels.

Most of the users appreciate this feature. You can adjust and have split dual firmness option as you want for your part of the bed. And both sides have a separate set of air chambers. Thus you can relax without disturbing your partner.

However, it may take time to find out the exact firmness level of your mattress. Normally, to understand firmness level, you can look at the model number. The higher the number, the more thick layers each product will have. Thus, the C2 model is generally rated as the firmest.


The C2 mattress is 8 inches thick and made with the Rayon/polypropylene fabric blend. And with only 8-inches of depth, this product doesn’t have lots of cushioning and will most likely be on the firmer side than others.

Motion transfer reduction

The mattress has good ratings for this function. Its separate chambers can be adjusted to the own setting and will provide different surface comfort levels.

This feature seems to work well for couples because it’ll help to prevent the transfer of motion, so you won’t disturb your partner while sleeping.


With 2-inch gel-infused comfort layer, the mattress has great support and comfort. Moreover, this S N B is made from air bladders which are placed within a padded side and top.

The top and side set up the mattress form, and the air bladders provide the support for the top of the mattress as well as keep your product in good shape.

Besides, the company also offers the Flex-Fit adjustable base for any of their mattresses, and this base will allow you to raise the head and foot of the product up for better comfort.

Smartly shipped

The company offers standard and white-glove shipping with Comfort Service SM Home delivery. It supplies transportation and assembling services wherever the delivery is available.

However, the company doesn’t provide the free shipping service since there’s the exceptional requirement for shipping, handling as well as assembling.


The mattress is easy to move or transport due to their light weight and the fact that they can be disassembled into separate components.

Body contour

According to some comments, although Sleep Number products perform well in terms of conforming, they score a bit lower than the way Tempurpedic perform in this area.

Their ability to mold and contour to your body so as to provide support and minimal pressure points doesn’t actually match up to that of Tempurpedic products.


Generally, the price of the C2 mattress of the Queen size without a base is lower than Tempur-Flex Hybrid Prima mattress.

However, if you go with the suggested Flex-fit 1 base of Sleep Number, there will be an extra $1,199 added to your bill. After all, both Tempurpedic and Sleep Number products are significantly more expensive than many other brands on the market.


Sleep Number offers a long 25-year limited warranty. However, it doesn’t accept any exchanges or returns on upholstered collection.

This policy is fairly strict. Nevertheless, the 100-night trial period is great.

Besides, you should notice that Tempur-Pedic offers non-prorated coverage for 10 years, but Sleep Number offers non-prorated coverage for only the first two years.

Warranty Terms
0-2 years after purchase No cost for repairing
3-20 years after purchase Customer pays 20% of repair costs plus 4% of repair cost for every year since the original purchase date
21-25 years after purchase Customer pays 96% of repair cost


  • Personalization features and firmness
  • Great for elderly or injured people
  • Easy to move
  • Isolates motion well
  • Durability
  • The firmness can be set manually and changed at any time.
  • An impressive warranty
  • Long lifespan


  • A bit firm for some users
  • Restrictions on the trial and warranty policy
  • Some complaints about the air pump issues
  • Not perfect for heavy people
  • Sudden changes in external air pressure can soften the programmed firmness
  • A multitude of settings make some users unwilling to learn how to get the most out of the product

Sleep Number Bed Vs TempurPedic -which one is better?

Sleep Number vs Tempur-Pedic are two famous mattress brands, and it may be challenging to know which will be better for you.

First, when deciding to buy them, you should have a budget. Although both mattresses are a bit costly, they usually provide run promotions or discounts.
Tempurpedic vs Sleep Number Bed
Taking the price problem aside, both brands perform well in terms of comfort and support. Tempur-Pedic is likely better in comforting with TEMPUR memory foam while Sleep Number seems to be a bit more supportive of the air-chamber support core.
Thus, Mattress1000.com list some ways to help you:

Purchase a Tempur-Pedic mattress when you want:
– More contouring and hug or a superior degree of pressure relief
– A hybrid option
– White-glove delivery with the lower extra cost: $25 for Tempur-Pedic products but $199 for similar services from Sleep Number

Purchase a Sleep Number mattress when you:
– Enjoy the flexibility
– Share your bed with a partner who has a different firmness preference
– Are worried about sleeping hot
– Live in the available area because you can only purchase a Sleep Number product from a Sleep Number Store.
After all, you should consult the suggested reviews and consider your personal taste and requirements to select the product that adapts your needs most.


Both TempurPedic vs Sleep Number have big strengths and weaknesses. Neither of them is better or worse. And what you need to do is determine whether those benefits and weaknesses align with requirements or not. Thus, don’t hesitate to consult our guide to select a proper product. Thank you for reading our post! See you in the next one!


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