Tuft & Needle Mattress Reviews

This product is among the apex products in terms of mattresses in USA. The leading consumer product review organization has rated this mattress as #1 Branded Mattress. Also it has endured with “Best Buy” entitlement. This is constructed with T&N adaptive foam that helps the mattress to provide a bouncy yet supportive feel. Such a feature helps in enjoying great pressure relief on all the points and ensures a quality sleeping experience. This mattress is adequate for all sleeping positions.



The combination of Latex and Memory foams has enabled the mattress to provide both cooling experience and comfort while sleeping. All the materials used in production can take a boast of quality. There is a free 100-night sleep trials offer is available with the product. Additionally, there is a 10-year warranty is provided with it. This product enjoys 95% positive customer reviews.

  • This product is made of top quality materials, i.e. foam
  • Offered at the most economic rate fitting any budget
  • Though this mattress is suitable for sleepers of all preference, this is especially recommended for back sleepers
  • The mattress offers a cool, cozy and bouncy experience that endows a great experience of sleeping
  • The unique motion isolation feature is there to provided no disturbance of partner from the toss and turn of the other person collaborating the bed

  • The choice is bound to be limited as there is only one option available
  • The edge support is extra normal making the motion isolation soft rated
  • The initial firmness may be not acceptable for side sleepers


Reason that T&N mattress is popular

The most outstanding aspect of this mattress is that it gives out the universal comfort with the basic design of white cover made by polyester blends or and high-density foam comfort layer. It is true that the motion isolation with this mattress is not that impressive; yet, it can be inferred that the bouncy design is helpful in minimizing the disturbance from movement of sleeping partners. This product has high supportive layers of 10-inch foam. This counts as a strong point for a 5-year old company. The mattress is built from an ingrained 2 layers of foam. The top layer is made of poly foam with 3-inch thickness, while the bottom layer is built with 7 inch base support foam.

 The poly foam at the top supports back posture and prevents back ache as well. There is another advantage of this poly foam. This induces the sleeper with a cooling sleeping experience. The slow heating up of the foam also measures for maintaining a cozy atmosphere. The surface has the property to make an enhanced flow of air. The surface helps in drawing the heat out of body thus eliminating the same through the layers. This is true that the mattress will not able to provide comfort of softness out of level of firmness. Another negative point of this mattress is that it does not have any solid foundation. Thus, the user is recommended to put the mattress on a firm foundation like box spring or strong frame. Else, the comfort level will have frequent change which is a unhealthy process.most the entire OH cost is cut down. Thus, the consumer is able to get the mattress at a far cheaper rate. This mattress is liked by persons who like foam mattress with some bounce, firmer mattress, and mattress without frills – almost everybody.


It is nonetheless to mention that bed is a place where we spend almost one-third of our lifetime. It is imperative to choose a good mattress from the various alternatives. In order to have your mattress, it is also needed that the user will be able to assess h/her needs and can accommodate the budget accordingly. Therefore, specific search may be elementary. The user will research through various products and make a comparison of those available online and other sources. This is one of the easiest processes to find the right mattress. Regarding budgetary effect, the recommendation will always be going for quality mattress at best price. It may appear dear initially, but ultimately it will provide values. It is also recommended to test the chosen mattress for at least half-an-hour. By laying on it, it is possible to evaluate its fitness for various sleeping positions. This is required as there is a favorable sleeping position for every sleeper.



I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.