Tulo vs Casper Comparison Reviews 2021

Which one will remain standing between Casper and Tulo?

Casper has been one of the front liners in the mattress and bedding industry since 2014. Meanwhile, Tulo stands for a night of better sleep by offering customized comfort. So, let’s find out in this review how the Tulo differs from Casper in construction and other aspects.

Tulo Mattress

  •  At a glance: Customized mattress for different sleepers  
  • Headline: No one sleeps the same and that fact inspired Tulo to design not just one but 3 comfort levels. Each comfort level is designed to match a certain sleeping style and address the needs of various sleepers.

Casper Mattress

  •  At a glance: A high-end mattress at a reasonable price  
  • Headline: Casper believes that sleep is what charges people to stay awake and productive. Thus, the company spent years studying the magic of sleep to introduced a smart and convenient mattress for customers like Casper Original.

Quick Synopsis

Before we jump to the main details, of this post, here’s an overview of the points we will cover:

Quick Comparison

  • Price – Tulo is more affordable compared with Casper
  • Feel – Tulo offers more comfort levels to cater for a wide range of sleepers
  • Support – Casper has a hybrid version that offers more back and edge support for all sleepers
  • Cooling solution – Casper uses open-cell foams with tiny pores and spring coils to get rid of excess heat and keep you cool

Now that you’re done with the overview, keep reading to check our full review.

Tulo Mattress

Best For:

  • Budget mattress shoppers
  • Customers who want more comfort level options for a customized feel
  • Small to medium-sized sleepers
  • Side, back, stomach, and combo sleepers
  • Couples with different sleep preferences

Mattress by tulo, Pick your Comfort Level

For Tulo, the secret of a great mattress lies in its layers. So, we will break down each layer of this mattress from its cover-up to its last layer of material.


Tulo Mattress has 5 layers of materials that make up its 10 inches profile. Starting with its cover, this mattress is encased in a top knitted polyester and Tencel blend cover that is soft to the touch. Underneath this mattress cover is a layer of memory foam that is 2 inches thick with 3.25 pounds density. Compared with standard memory foams, this layer has a more advanced function and density to provide you comfort. This is followed by a thin layer of breathable foam that is 1.5 inches that has 2.5 pounds density. This layer is paired with the cooling memory foam to provide a cooling effect on the mattress for a more comfortable sleep. Next to this is a thick layer of responsive foam that also has 2 inches height. This helps increase the durability of the mattress and make it last longer. For its last material, the Tulo Mattress has a layer of foundation foam that is 4.5 inches thick with 1.8 pounds density. This foam is designed to complement the previous layers of materials and technologies that Tulo used in this mattress.


The Tulo Mattress is available in 3 kinds of comfort levels that can match your needs. Depending on your sleeping position and body condition, you can choose from its soft, medium and firm comfort levels. The Tulo Soft Mattress is designed to relieve pressure points, especially on your hips and shoulders. Thus, this firmness level is great for side sleepers and those who are looking for a mattress with a softer feel. Tulo Medium, on the other hand, has a perfect balance of softness and firmness. Thus, this comfort level is great for those who prefer sleeping in different positions especially those stomach sleepers. Even couples who have different sleeping preferences or personalities can take advantage of this comfort level. Lastly, this brand offers the Tulo Firm Mattress which is great for providing full-body support. Therefore, this comfort level is suitable for most back sleepers and those who need more back support to align their spine.


To provide you sufficient amount of support, the Tulo Mattress has multiple layers of high-density foams to ensure that. From its top layer to its third layer of foam that is constructed with reinforcing technology make it a high resiliency firm foam. As a result, this layer minimizes the material fatigue and reduces the compression in the surface. Meanwhile, the bottom foundation layer has a solid construction of polyurethane material that provides support to the layers above it. Depending on the comfort level you want, this layer may have a soft, medium, or firm density.

Temperature Regulation

The top layer of the mattress has a blend of titanium properties and high-density Cool Flow. This ventilated memory foam is combined with another layer of foam that has a “peak and valley” design to promote consistent airflow. Together, these 2 layers of foams create a unique cooling system to guarantee you a cool sleep.

Casper Mattress

Best For:

  • Those who prefer a thick mattress
  • Sleepers with small to medium or large built
  • Individual or couples who need good edge support
  • Side, back, stomach, and combo sleepers
  • Customers who tend to sleep warm

Casper Sleep Foam Mattress

Casper is a popular company that supplies high-quality mattresses in the market. Whether you’re into an all-foam or hybrid mattress, this is one of the best companies that you can rely on. So, we will get on with the all-foam and hybrid version of the Casper Mattress.


The Casper Mattress has a total of 5 premium layers of materials and 12 inches in height. Adored and admired by many customers for its award-winning design, the original mattress remains the most popular option in the market. Great for all types of sleepers, this mattress is encased in a blend of fabric with polyester that is soft and stretchable. Beneath this cover is a layer of breathable foam that has 1.5 inches height Under this top layer is a pressure-relieving material that is also 1.5 inches thick. If there are a body-contouring relief and comfort that you want, you can thank Casper for this layer. Another layer of foam that comes in handy is its 1.5 inches zoned support foam that targets the hip and shoulder areas. Exclusive for the hybrid version only, the Casper Mattress also has a support system that is composed of 7 inches spring coils. Finally, this versatile mattress also has a firmer base foam layer that encases the supportive spring coils. This is one of the 2 layers that are available only in the hybrid models.


As mentioned above, the original Casper Mattress is available in 2 kinds of mattresses which are the all-foam and hybrid. This means that you can also have more options when it comes to the firmness or comfort level of Casper. If you want a thicker bed, you can get the hybrid version which offers a medium comfort level. But if you want a foam mattress, you can get the all-foam version. Depending on your needs and preferences, these versions offer a medium to a medium-firm comfort level. The hybrid version has a rating of 5.9 on a scale of 1 to 10, which offers a balanced feel of softness and firmness. On the other hand, the all-foam version has a rating of 5.5 which makes it a bit softer than the hybrid version. Regardless, both versions are loved by all types of sleepers.


When it comes to the supportive layers of both versions, Casper made sure that all sleepers always get the best. Thus, you can rely on its pressure-relieving foam that can absorb weight and transfer the pressure away from your key areas. How? That’s simple since this layer can distribute weight evenly throughout the surface. Its zoned support feature is also there to cushion your hips, shoulder, and back whether you want to sleep on your back or side. For those who are interested in the hybrid version out there, Casper also has a layer of resilient but gentle springs. These individually wrapped spring coils provide more durable and resilient base support. Meanwhile, its enhanced edge support provides a firmer perimeter to all sides of the mattress. This means that getting in and out of the Casper Mattress is easier compared with other mattresses in the market. Of course, this increased edge support is also available in the hybrid version only. Regardless of your favorite sleeping position, this bed can give you the pressure relief and support where you need it the most.

Temperature Regulation

Are you a hot sleeper? That’s not a problem as long as you have this mattress in your room. The Casper Mattress is packed with advanced layers of foams and springs to keep you cool during your beauty rest. If most types of foams trap heat in the mattress which causes discomfort and sweating, Casper has an answer to that. Its foams are made with an open cell construction that features tiny pores throughout the entire mattress. These tiny pores or holes allow the excess heat to escape from the mattress to regulate the comfortable temperature you need.


Are you ready for this part? Well then, you better be because these mattresses are sure unique in their way. But first, the first you can consider is construction. All versions of the Tulo Mattress are made of foams only while Casper offers a hybrid version. The Casper Hybrid is great for those who want a combination of foam and innerspring in a single mattress. Casper is also thicker by 2 inches compared with the Tulo Mattress. Though both contain breathable foams, Casper appears to be cooler due to its breathable foam and spring. But when it comes to the price, this is where Tulo has an advantage. Tulo costs between $499 (Twin) and $899 (King and Cal King). Meanwhile, Casper costs between $626 (Twin XL) and $1,166 (King and Cal King).


To help you with your final decision, here are some points you can consider:

What kind of mattress do you need?

If you want some layers of foams with an additional spring layer, the Casper Hybrid is worth investing in for better support. But if you are content with an all-foam mattress, the Tulo mattress is a more affordable option.

What is the comfort level that you prefer?

If you want a softer mattress to cushion your body, Tulo offers a soft and medium version to satisfy you. Casper also has an all-foam mattress that is a bit softer than its hybrid version.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.