Zinus vs Leesa Reviews, Comparison: Which is Better?

These two brands offer some of the best bed-in-a-box mattresses on the market. But which one complements your taste and preference more? Zinus and Leesa are both considered as champs when it comes to mattresses. So picking one of them can be challenging whether it is your first time or not to buy a mattress. In this post, we will help you decide which mattress offers the best features according to your needs.

Zinus Mattress

  •  At a glance:Affordable Mattress 
  • Headline: Zinus is a widely known brand for its affordable products but what made it more popular is its eco-friendly features. Its incorporated natural features are what keep its affordable mattresses more efficient and odor-free even after years of regular use.

Leesa Mattress

  •  At a glance: High-End but Affordable Mattress 
  • Headline: Leesa is also a popular brand that is known for its affordable products. But compared with other brands, Leesa maintains its reputation in producing premium mattresses that they sell directly to customers. This is due to its cut of middlemen to attract more customers.

Quick Synopsis:

Zinus and Leesa mattresses might seem similar for most customers but they have differences too. Here are the major differences between these mattresses to give you an idea about what to expect before you shop:

Quick Comparison

Natural Ingredients – When it comes to offering safe and eco-friendly ingredients, Zinus is definitely a pro. The natural green tea extract neutralizes odor in the mattress to maintain its freshness. Meanwhile, the castor natural seed oil and the purified charcoal absorb moisture help minimize the odor-causing agents in mattress.

Price – Clearly, Zinus is the winner in this aspect unless you’re aiming for a premium mattress that Leesa offers.

Luxurious Feel – Lessa has more edge over Zinus when it comes to providing a mattress with a luxurious feel. Its premium materials maintain its neutral memory foam feel.

Support – Though Zinus has an HD foam base, Leesa offers better edge support with its thicker base layer.

Since we can’t fit everything in these bullet points, keep reading to see the rest of what we gathered for this review.

Zinus Mattress

Best For:

  • Customers who want a more budget-friendly mattress
  • Those who usually sweat a lot in sleep
  • Back, side, and combo sleepers who prefer a mattress with just enough firmness
  • Relieving pressure points to avoid body pains
  • Anyone sensitive to smell

For this comparison article, we chose one mattress from Zinus and Leesa to compare their features and performance. From Zinus, we chose the 10-Inch Cooling Green Tea Gel Memory Foam Mattress and the 10-Inch Original Mattress from Leesa.


This Zinus mattress consists of 3 layers that are specially chosen to help improve your sleep. For its first layer, this mattress has 2 inches of memory foam which is designed to contour to your unique body curves. Its second layer is 2.5 inches super soft foam which reinforces the first layer of foam to provide sufficient back support. This layer is also crafted to help promote proper spine alignment to improve your posture. For its last layer, it has 5.5 inches high-density foam. This thickest layer can determine how comfortable your sleep could be as it keeps the mattress in its best shape. With a wave design, this final layer also promotes better ventilation throughout the mattress so you can sleep better.


With 10 inches profile, its core layers and squishy foams guarantee its medium-firm feel. Based on the comfort guide of Zinus, this mattress has a 5.9 rating with 1 as Firm and 10 as Plush. In case you’re wondering, this guide reflects the personal experience of Zinus mattress users and in-house Zinus experts. Thus, you can relax and focus on the “just enough” feel of this memory foam mattress.

Cooling Technology

As its name suggests, this memory foam mattress from Zinus is far from being an ordinary bed. If an average memory foam mattress can make you sweat, especially during hot nights, you might want to consider this. It has cooling foam that can make you feel that refreshing zing that hits your body once you lay on a cool bed. This is due to its gel-infused memory foam which regulates the mattress temperature. Its gel foam can resist your body heat and keep the mattress cool all night to ensure your improved sleep.


This memory foam mattress consists of CertiPUR-US Certified foam which meets all strict standards for durability, content, and emissions. Most importantly, it offers a reliable BioFoam base for support. Its thick high-density foam offers a critical support system.

Leesa Mattress

Best For:

  • Budget shoppers who want a premium mattress
  • Enjoying that soft memory foam feel
  • Stomach, side, back, and combo sleepers
  • Couples who want a mattress that consists of light and neutral foams
  • Anyone who wants a medium-firm mattress for all body type


Like the Zinus mattress, the Original Mattress from Leesa consists of 3 layers of high-quality foams plus its cover. Its Leesa cover has a seamless gray design that is made of the twill fabric cover. This kind of fabric that encases the mattress is known for its soft and appealing aesthetics. With or without sheets, your bed will still look attractive and welcoming. Disclaimer: We’re not discouraging you to put sheets on your bed here because you should! We just want to emphasize how great its design is that it already looks perfect as it is. Moving on its first layer of foam, it has a comfort layer that is 2 inches thick. This top layer is also known as the avenue layer which offers enough bounce to match your movements in bed. The next layer is a memory foam that is also 2 inches thick. This recovery layer contours to your unique body curves and helps relieve some pressure on your back, hip, and shoulder. Now, the last and thickest layer of this mattress is the 6 inches foam base which gives its signature support.


The multilayer foam construction of this Leesa Original Mattress is designed to be perfect for most if not all sleepers. It has a medium-firm comfort level that can make you go “ahh” once you lay your body on it. It is not too firm and not too soft which allows it to contour to your body better. At the same time, it also promotes spinal alignment for all body types and sleeping styles. How? This is due to its Universal Adaptive Feel which Leesa incorporated to provide your needed comfort. But despite having the same firmness level, this mattress feels softer than Zinus because Leesa prefers a plush surface on its mattresses. Thus, sleepers tend to fall asleep faster compared with other mattresses on the market.

Cooling Technology

If you’re a hot sleeper, this Leesa mattress can make sure that you wake up feeling fresh and not sweaty. Its breathable LSA200 foam guarantees a cooler night’s sleep is made with a microcell structure that allows air to pass through. Hence, the LSA200 foam which is also the responsive layer keeps the mattress cool without compromising its comfort and support.


When it comes to the mattress support, Leesa has a thicker foam base which ensures its support. This also guarantees that mattress’ durability which is enough to accommodate all body shapes and sizes. Whether you’re thick or thin, you’re welcome to jump on this mattress!


Now that we’re done with the features of Zinus and Leesa mattresses, let’s break down their differences. If you just want a decent memory foam mattress that is available at a lower price, go for Zinus. But if you are keen about having a premium mattress without breaking the bank, Leesa’s mattress is worth it. Though both mattresses in this post are primarily made of memory foams, Leesa offers a more bouncy mattress compared to Zinus. This is thanks to its avenue layer which makes it perfect for adults as well as for children. However, we give more points to Zinus when it comes to motion isolation. This is because of its thicker layer of foams that absorb vibration across the mattress whenever there’s movement in bed.


So, have you made up your mind on which mattress is more suitable for you? If you’re still confused then let us help you in making your final decision. For the final duel, we will focus on its price and feel only.

If you have a small budget, Zinus is a way to go.

With less than $200, you can already get a Queen Size mattress from Zinus that is 10 inches thick. You can also take advantage of its natural ingredients which ensures the mattress’ fresh smell for years.

If you want a premium bed at a lower cost, go for Leesa.

Leesa aims to provide luxurious mattresses to a wide range of customers at a lower cost. It provides plenty of support without sacrificing its softness and comfort.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.