Zinus vs Linenspa Review: Best Mattress to Rest Easy

Zinus vs Linenspa Detailed Review
Zinus vs. Linenspa


This 12-inch Zinus hybrid mattress is made from iCoil-pocketed spring, gel-infused memory foam for eliminating heat, and viscolatex foam. It even includes a thin layer of comfort foam, high-density foam, and a micro-giber quilted fabric. Thus, it offers almost everything that you need in a supportive, comfortable, and durable mattress in less than $500. However, its bounce rate is only minimal and back sleepers may find its firmness quite uncomfortable.


Known as the softest Linenspa mattress, this 12-inch hybrid mattress has thick cooling gel memory foam. It also has heavy-gauge coils that are independently encased to provide greater comfort and edge support. Since it’s a medium-firm mattress, it offers more support for back sleepers and those with existing back pain.

Based on our comparison table, Linenspa offers more back pain relief. However, it’s not as lightweight and durable as the Zinus mattress with higher customer satisfaction.

Comparison Table of Zinus Vs Linespa Mattress

Brand NameZinus 12 InchLinenspa 12 Inch
Customer Satisfaction8/107.8/10
No Back Pain:
Weight86.5 pounds
90.8 pounds
Warranty10 Years10 Years

Zinus vs Linenspa Mattress Reviews

Zinus 12-inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Zinus is one the furniture company that has been in the market since 1979. They offer extreme functional and affordable house stuff. Zinus mattress also known as the green tea mattress because it has an infusion of green tea extract.

The product is produced under CertiPUR-US certified beds license to guarantee its endurance, functionality, and content.

Zinus 12 inch hybrid mattress


Foam and layers

The mattress arrives at your door in compression. The structure of this cushion consists of numbers of layers with a 7.25″ iCoil-Pocketed Spring to support the elasticity.

On top of all is a combination of three foam layers include a 1.25 inches Comfort Foam, 1.5 inches Fusion Gel Memory Foam and 1 inch of ViscoLatex Foam.

The tier of Swirl Gel Memory Foam plays a role in drawing heat away from the body as well as circulating it out of the mattress thereby keeping an ideal temperature during the sleep.

The next ViscoLatex Foam layer of high technology contributes coziness along with the second top 1.25 inches Comfort Foam to maximize your pleasure. Also, this lamina provides a responsive pressure relief by distributing mass evenly.

This memory foam mattress by Zinus further offers two layers of high density encasing the innerspring forms a transition that does all the heavy lifting. These transitional layers add extra pressure relief point to help the mattress spring back with no bothering the surrounding area.


There are two coating levels whose top peel is a knitted jacquard fabric which is pretty basic. You can find it in any ordinary mattress as it’s been a favorite but old invention.

The second membrane is made of micro-fiber quilted fabric which is unlikely for us to have a visual look but it is there to bring additional leisure.


I give it a score of 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This type of medium softness appears in a diversity of the population. It can inhibit individuals with a variation in sleeping positions.

If you’re familiar with the feeling of sinking down to a mud pool, you may find lying on this mattress is none of a foreign solace.

For people with the sleeping habit to the sideways, you may like the supportive cradle sinkage that grabs your mass focus of shoulders and hips. On the other hand, back sleepers would not find the mattress supportive.

When your pressure spreads evenly across the bed, it is the firm you’ll experience rather than the softness.

Besides, sleepers who suffer a chronic backache and stomachache will likely to find the shallow subsiding in great help to soothe the pain.

When I first set my body on the mattress at back position, it compressed gradually through the first layer then turned a bit harder once it reached the maximum springing force again my weight.

I’m not a massive person, but for people above 200 pounds, the sinkage finishes more quickly.

Like most memory foam mattresses, you probably don’t want to choose this mattress if you have difficulty in standing up. If you sit on the edge of the bed, you will sense the delayed response memory foam that keeps sinking in, even after seven to ten second.

There is no help to launch you up with ease; though you may not collapse, it would be discomforting for the elderly.

Moreover, when it comes to sleepers who move multiple times during the night, they may have to put slightly more effort to relocate the body due to the minimal bounce.


With a total of 8 layers that form a width of 12 inches, I would not debate about its weight. One thump to the product is the infused green tea extract to maintain the freshness through years and generate pleasing aroma to prevent odor.

Motion transfer reduction

The performance in limiting motion transfer is one definite highlight for your consideration. The mattress does an excellent job of isolating movement within the impact area. If your partner has to get up a lot at night or keeps changing the position, it won’t be a disturbing factor.


The green tea mattress brings in excellent support for any sleeper. The air flow technology helps to alleviate the heat and emit it out to maintain a cooling surface at all time.
Besides, the breathable mesh portion assists to dispel unwanted stink.


The mattress is compressed and rolled in a box for easy transportation to your door. The manufacturer suggests unpacking the product within 72 hours to save its original shape.


The mattress weight is roughly 86.5 pounds which make it movable without difficulty. You can roll and compress the cushion and put within a box for transport.

Body contour

The high-density foam allows the mattress to form a curve outline along your body shape. This contour line provides conformance and pressure relief at first, then deeper down support and stability, virtually eliminating motion transfer from your partner.


This memory foam mattress by Zinus is an inexpensive item. Though it is not a product of ultra-quality material, the advantages it suffices every basic need. Quality and attractive price range make a killing combo. You get what you pay for.


The product comes with a 10-years warranty to free you from hesitation. What’s more? The company offers 100-days risk-free trial which you can return for a full refund.


  • Ideal firmness (for people with a backache and stomachache)
  • Green tea extract gives a pleasant aroma
  • Well function in regulating heat for perfect temperature
  • Marked of certiPUR – the United States Certified
  • Great support and customer service


  • Made in China
  • Back sleeper may find it uncomfortable
  • There will be cost to return the mattress

Linenspa 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Meet the mattress that claims to be the softest mattress in the Linenspa line. This hybrid mattress scores to the benefits which strike the strings of affordability and high quality. There is a reason why this product has won a good deal of positive feedback from consumers.

One of the top features which come to my mind when talking about the LinenSpa hybrid mattress is it’s super friendly to any user from young to old. It also proposes the ultimate comfort for almost every sort of sleeper.

Linenspa mattress

Let’s dive in and discover what makes this memory foam mattress so successful.


Foam and layers

The Linenspa Hybrid has a base of a coil layer that stands 8 inches in height encased with foam edge support. This coil spring system provides support to the layer above it as well as deep compression to support the sleeper on top of the mattress.

Below the cover is a comfort layer of polyfoam made from soft material means to enable you to sink in right after lying down. The quick response of pressure to save you from feeling stuck when resting.

One highlight aspect lies in the gel infuses memory foam to expel back heat throw the air-space of the coil system for temperature regulation and cooling. The supporting heat emission means a lot to people who frequently sweat in the middle of the night.

You’ll find a felt pad that is essential in keeping the longevity of the mattress by giving further insulation to the coil innerspring. Besides, this one-inch transitional layer protects the top memory foam from contacting directly to the coils.


One exception you may notice about the protection of the Linenspa mattress is it got quilted into the top gel in-fused layer. It acts like a cover itself while providing some medium pressure relief.


The firmness of this mattress doesn’t beat that of the bed from Zinus. 6 out of 10 is widely accepted among consumers.


Those mentioned above indicated the height of the coils already took 8 inches plus the additional layers that make the cushion to have a depth of 12 inches in full. This measurement is prevalent in most queen size beds.

Motion transfer reduction

Thanks to the extra larger 8-inch steel coils, they do a perfect work in sustaining your body’s mass. In other words, the maximum sink radius only occurs on the two top layers up to 3 inches.

When lying on my back, I felt my weight distributed evenly across the area. There was no feeling of sunken into the mattress, so I was able to change my position with ease. No more fear for you or your partner if anyone of you moves a lot while sleeping.


Because of the increasing weight concentration over a lower surface area, side sleepers push through more layers of the mattress. That is why who sleep sideways should be extra conscious of pressure points at shoulders and hips.

The Linenspa hybrid mattress combines the 2-inch layer of gel memory foam and the transitional foam. You will not feel any interaction with the coils which makes the bed the softest in the Linenspa line.

The opposite of side sleepers, sunk sleepers tend for firm mattresses. They keep their hips from falling in and spines aligned in a good position. So, without a massive pressure putting on the cushion, you can feel a complete enjoyment resting on it.


The product comes in a rolled and sealed box which you can move it upstairs with two helpers. Once it’s unboxed and decompressed, you can enjoy watching it expanding.


The mattress weights 90 pounds which aren’t too heavy for two people to carry. You can always roll and tight it with rope to move to another bed.

Body contour

Though this product doesn’t promise decent contouring to light-weight people because of the powerful innerspring, it embraces your body shape in a slight hug. Individuals with extra pounds can expect to skin far into the mattress.

However, with the quick response to pressure from the poly foam in the comfort layer and the coil layer, there is pretty good pressure responding. Hence you won’t find any discomfort lying on this bed.


This Linenspa hybrid mattress is definitely on the budget side for its promising quality. HomeBody don’t have any complaint about what I paid for.


A good product is always confident enough to give a 10-year warranty, so is the Linenspa memory foam hybrid mattress.


  • Functional hybrid
  • Suitable for any sleeper at any position
  • Affordable
  • Central and edge support
  • 2-inch gel memory foam layer for thermoregulation
  • works for kids and smaller individuals


  • Sometimes, it doesn’t emit heat very well

Linenspa vs Zinus: Which one is better?

The Zinus and Linenspa mattresses above have their references to meet different criteria. While the price range of Zinus dominant over the Linenspa, it doesn’t own better quality to deliver better sleeps.

It’s clear to me that the Linenspa exposes to be a better choice, but I wouldn’t mind having both of them in two separate bedrooms. In that situation, I’ll pick the LinenSpa Hybrid for my kids and the Zinus memory foam for my own.

Final Verdict

A good mattress matters essentially in giving you quality sleeps after a long day. Whichever cushion you pick, don’t forget to look through its specs, and seek for the compatibility that suits your own need.

Zinus and Linenspa in term of health benefit, safety and quality all serve the best out of their advantage.

Mattress 1000 think both worth the price, and you will not regret when buying any of them. Home Body hope my review has somehow given you an idea of what to buy out of the bustling market.


I am Nguyen Sarah 26 years old. Currently, I am the CEO Mattress 1000 -Mattress1000.com specializes in consulting bedroom furniture products.