Zinus vs Linenspa Review: Which one is better for you? [2020]

Between Zinus and Linenspa, which one do you think would stand out in this side-by-side bed review? Zinus and Linenspa have become fast-rising brands in the mattress industry. From memory foam to innerspring and hybrid mattresses, customers have grown to love its products and services over the years. Thus, we prepared this detailed review to discuss the popular hybrid mattress from these brands.

Zinus Mattress

  •  At a glance: Inexpensive Hybrid Mattress  
  • Headline: Zinus has successfully established a brand that is known for quality and affordable products from furniture to mattress accessories. Now, the brand comes with not just one but multiple models with different features, thickness, and sizes.

Linenspa Mattress

  •  At a glance: Low-Cost Memory foam Hybrid Mattress  
  • Headline: Linenspa is one of the best-selling mattress brands on the internet with more than a decade of experience in the industry. The brand creates products with extreme comfort and reasonable price.

Quick Synopsis:

Before we get drowned in details, here are some major points that you can find handy about these mattresses:

Quick Comparison

Price – Zinus is still cheaper compared with Linenspa. The price of its 12 inches variation ranges from $305 to $404 only.

Eco-friendly Materials – Zinus contains green tea extract and purified charcoal which reduces odor to keep the mattress fresh and moisture-free. It also uses natural plant oil instead of traditional petroleum in the construction.

Support – Linenspa has a thicker layer of support with individually encased coils that isolate motion better. Meanwhile, its outer foam encasement increases its edge support.

Comfort – Linenspa has a posh hybrid design that is hard to resist and worth investing in if you’re willing to spend extra.

We understand that these bullet points are not enough to satisfy your craving for information. Thus, we decided to break down the details in this short review.

Far from being average, a lot of customers today are showing interest in Zinus and Linenspa hybrid mattresses. Thus, we chose one hybrid mattress from each brand to compare. For the brand of Zinus, we chose the 12-inch Pressure Relief Gel Memory Foam iCoil Hybrid Mattress. For Linenspa, we chose the Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress which is also 12 inches thick.

Zinus Mattress

Best For:

  • Budget-seeking customers
  • Anyone who wants the feel of soft memory foam
  • Getting more support and bounce from its revolutionary iCoil pocket springs
  • Various sleeping positions
  • Providing pressure relief, superior edge support and ease of mobility
  • Sinking in a cool and body-conforming foam

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch


This hybrid mattress consists of multiple layers that are compressed and delivered in a tiny box. The top three layers of this mattress include foams with different thicknesses and specialties. For instance, its first layer is 1.25 inches of comfort foam while its second layer is 1.5 inches of fusion gel memory foam. Its third layer is ViscoLatex foam which is 1 inch thick only and its fourth layer is made of 0.5 inch high-density foam. For its thickest layer, it has 7.25 inches of iCoil pocketed spring which is protected by 0.5 inch high-density foam. The layer of memory foam with infused gel contours to any body shape well to give you that comforting feeling. Meanwhile, its high-tech ViscoLatex foam layer increases the comfort level of the mattress to ensure your pleasure. Not to mention because this memory foam hybrid mattress provides responsive pressure relief by distributing your weight evenly. Its two layers of HD foams minimize the feel of coil springs by encasing them to form a transition. These transitional layers increase the pressure-relieving capabilities of the mattress which can also spring back quickly. Most importantly, these combined layers minimize the motion transfer across the mattress so couples can enjoy better sleep. For the cover, this hybrid mattress is encased by two levels of coating . Its top peel is made of a knitted jacquard fabric while its second coating is made of microfiber quilted fabric. The latter may not be as visible as the top layer but it can make the surface cozier.


On a scale of 1 to 10, we give this mattress a score of 6 out of 10 in firmness. With a medium-plush comfort level, various types of users benefit from this mattress. Whether you are a stomach, side, or combo sleeper, this mattress can accommodate different sleeping positions. For instance, side sleepers can benefit from its supportive cradle as they sink in its foam layers. The sinkage will automatically cradle their hips and shoulders. If you suffer from mild to chronic pain in your back and/or stomach, its shallow sinking can soothe those pains. However, we don’t recommend this mattress for heavy sleepers as reaching its sinking limit easily will make it feel firmer. If you weigh more than 200 pounds, its sinkage finishes sooner.

Cooling Effect

It has an enhanced airflow technology which can reduce the heat from the mattress. Furthermore, its cooling gel technology can let you experience that cool feeling once your body hits the mattress. Its cooling foam can extend that feeling all night while it contours to your unique body shape. With the ability to resist body heat, this hybrid mattress can make you feel fresher when you wake up.


With multiple layers that make up its 12 inches profile, this Zinus mattress can give you excellent support. Aside from providing pressure relief, its individually wrapped iCoil spring system promotes customized spinal alignment and reduced motion transfer. It also provides a superior edge support thanks to its extra layer of high-density foam. This thick foam has an encased edge support system that features an additional layer of HD foam around the mattress. Thus, it can prevent you from rolling out of bed while you sleep. At the same time, its mesh portion is designed to assist in dismissing any unwanted sink.

Linenspa Mattress

Best For:

  • Any mattress foundation or bed frame
  • Embracing an impeccable fashion sense at an excellent value
  • Getting that long-lasting comfort and quality
  • Maximizing budget-friendly designs
  • Anyone who wants a mattress with plush quilted top
  • Side sleepers and combo sleepers

LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress


Just like the Zinus mattress we reviewed, this Linenspa mattress also has 12 inches profile. Its cover is made of 1 inch quilted memory foam. Next to it is the comfort layer which is made of 2 inches memory foam with gel infusion. This gel memory foam sits on transition foam which is 1 inch thick only. For its base layer, this mattress has 8 inches tall of coil spring system with individually encased coils. Of course, let’s not forget about its foam edge support which keeps the coils tamed and protected. Its materials include 74% polyurethane foam, 18% polyester fiber, 7% rayon fiber, 3% polypropylene fiber, and a coil spring unit. Its comfort layer and polyfoam are made of soft materials that allow your body to sink in. But since it has a quick response to pressure, you don’t have to worry about feeling stuck and have difficulty moving.


When it comes to firmness, this hybrid mattress has an ultra-plush feel. This means that its 2 inches layer of gel memory foam can cradle your body. At the same time, it can perfectly align your spine while you sleep soundly at any time of the day.

Cooling Effect

Aside from being a hybrid mattress, one of the top things that we like about this model is its cooling technology. We all know how popular is the memory foam in the mattress industry because of its benefits. However, we also know that it can be annoying too sometimes especially if you’re a hot sleeper. If the traditional memory foam can cause sweating in sleep, this gel-infused memory foam can put your mind at ease. This advanced technology is created to absorb heat from your body and dispel it out of the mattress. To reinforce the cooling foam, the coil system below is also designed to regulate temperature and create a cooler sensation.


If you worry about the efficiency of this mattress when it comes to its support, you can relax now. This Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress provides all-out support with its heavy-duty coil system with individually wrapped coils. This thick layer of support provides a durable foundation for the mattress. Its coils work independently which makes this one of the softest models in the line of hybrid Linenspa mattresses. Even if you move, it will not create a tidal wave across the mattress. Your hips can keep on sinking while the mattress maintains your spine in a good position for optimum comfort. If you share your bed, you can also take advantage of its extra edge support to keep you from falling.


At last, we’ve reached this part where you will determine the differences between these two mattresses. If the price is your concern, you can buy these mattresses at an affordable price. However, Zinus is the best option you have if you’re on a tight budget. Its Queen Size version alone costs $349 only while the Linenspa mattress with the same size costs $354.99. For the mattress that offers a more comfortable sleeping surface, we would go for Linenspa. After all, the company managed to make it ultra-plush despite its thick layer of coil system for comfort and support. But this doesn’t mean that the Zinus mattress is a total flop since it also has a high score in comfort. But for those who struggle in getting out of bed and standing up, the Zinus mattress might not be the best option. Its memory foam has a delayed response which can keep you sinking especially when you sit on the edge. Meanwhile, Linenspa has solid edge support which couples can surely enjoy.


As stated above, the Zinus and Linenspa mattresses have a lot in common. That’s why we’re here to help you out in making the final decision. So, take your time in answering these questions to make your decision easier:

First, how much edge support do you need?

If you want more solid edge support, go for Linenspa. The Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress features a thick coil system with an outer foam encasement for ample support.

Second, do you want a more eco-friendly mattress?

If you want a mattress that contains natural materials to keep it fresh and safe even for sensitive users, we recommend Zinus.



I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.