Zinus Vs Olee Sleep – Which Is The Better Mattress in 2022?

If you are in the market for a new mattress (and you should be if your current mattress is 10-15 years old!), you are sure to see both the Zinus and Olee Sleep brands coming up in searches. Both brands offer high quality mattresses in a variety of styles including memory foam and inner spring. Is Zinus better than the Olee Sleep mattress? Draw your own conclusions from this review.

Zinus Mattress

  •  At a glance: Eco-Friendly Mattress  
  • Headline: Zinus is a well-known mattress brand that sells a wide range of bedding products at an affordable price. From memory foams, hybrid mattresses, mattress toppers, to bed frames, foundations, and sofas, Zinus has got you covered.

Olee Sleep Mattress

  •  At a glance: Cool and Affordable Mattress  
  • Headline: Olee Sleep is another brand that is known for its economical mattresses that are sold directly to its online customers. But instead of expanding its list of mattresses, Olee Sleep focuses on enhancing its limited but primary products.

Quick Synopsis:

Before we dive straight down the rabbit hole, let’s take a quick look at the major differences between these mattresses. Check out these bullet points to know what to expect from their construction and performance:

Quick Comparison

Price – Both Zinus and Olee Sleep brands offer affordable mattresses. However, we consider Olee Sleep the winner in this category since it costs less than Zinus.

Support – As a hybrid mattress with individually wrapped coils, Zinus offer more support especially on the edges.

Cooling Effect – Both mattresses have cooling features but Olee Sleep feels cooler since it has more breathable layers. It even includes iGel infused foam right under its polyester jacquard cover.

Smell – Are you sensitive to smell? If that’s the case then pick Zinus which has natural green tea extract, plant oil, and charcoal to keep your mattress odor-free.

Now that we’ve already covered some of the important points here, keep reading for the details we gathered below.

Zinus Mattress

Best For:

  • Price-conscious shoppers who want a quality but low-cost mattress
  • Sleepers who want the combination of memory foam and innerspring
  • Back, stomach, or combo sleepers
  • Enjoying a versatile mattress that promotes better body alignment
  • Single or couple sleepers

To make it easier for you to choose and shop, we chose one mattress from each brand to compare. For Zinus, we chose the 10" Pressure Relief Extra Firm iCoil Hybrid Mattress. For Olee Sleep, we chose the 10" iGel Infused Memory Foam Mattress.


If you think that Zinus made it to the top just for offering budget-friendly mattresses, think again. From memory foam to hybrid mattresses, this brand can offer you a model that has a solid combination of materials. For instance, this 10" hybrid mattress has a couple of layers to meet your needed comfort and support. This Zinus mattress has 1.25" comfort foam, 1" high-density foam, and 7.5" iCoil pocketed springs. Its iCoil pocketed innerspring consists of individually wrapped coils that serve as its base layer to offer a customized sleeping surface.

Its comfort foam and high-density foam layers ensure that your body is always wrapped in a cozy mattress. At the same time, these layers work together to maintain the mattress’ comfort level. Of course, let’s not forget the soft and smooth fabric cover that encases this mattress. Unlike regular mattresses, Zinus used a combination of Celliant and microfiber fabric to create its cover.


This iCoil hybrid mattress from Zinus is more densely packed with individually pocketed springs than its other mattresses. These springs make the mattress extra firm which is great for those back sleepers who suffer from back pains. Even side, stomach, and combo sleepers can also enjoy it if they prefer a firmer mattress. Its cover also enhances its softness and firmness regardless of your favorite sleeping position.

Cooling Effect

This mattress is encased in a micro-fiber knitted jacquard cool fabric so you don’t have to worry about waking up sweating. This cover creates that soft and smooth feeling once your skin gets in contact with its surface. Its cover is also designed to prevent the heat retention in the mattress for a cooler and more peaceful sleep.


When it comes to this aspect, this hybrid mattress maximizes its 7.5" layer of innerspring to provide sufficient support. This allows the mattress to provide more support with enhanced motion separation to give you a more comfortable night’s sleep.

The individual wrap of each spring allows the springs under you to function individually. If you move, the springs will focus on your weight only and minimize the motion transfer without decreasing its support. Of course, this also means that you will not disturb your partner if you share your bed.


Olee Sleep Mattress

Best For:

  • Budget mattress seekers who want a cheaper alternative
  • Anyone who prefers to sleep on an all-foam mattress
  • Back, side, stomach, and combo sleepers
  • Sleepers who tend to sweat more in sleep especially during hot nights


If the hybrid mattress from Zinus is not enough to impress you, perhaps this Olee Sleep mattress can. Just like Zinus, this one also has 10" profile which also consists of multiple layers of materials. These include 1" and 8 lbs of soft memory foam, and 1" and 25 lbs of convoluted high-density foam. Then there’s 1" of gel-infused foam that sits on top of its high-density foam.

Its thickest layer is the 7" HD base which guarantees optimal support. If the Zinus mattress only has one mid-layer, this Olee Sleep has two mid-layers. The high-density foam layer helps prevent the defection of the memory foam easily while the memory foam layer provides support. If you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, this mattress has multiple layers to cushion your body for comfort.

Moving on to its cover, Olee Sleep has a polyester jacquard fabric while Zinus has a knitted jacquard cover. This top layer helps the mattress maintain your body shape so you can sleep in your most comfortable position.


Olee Sleep has a total of 33 lbs of intermediary layers on top of its high-density base layer. This is slightly firmer than other all-foam mattresses but still softer compared with the hybrid mattress from Zinus. On a scale of 1 to 10, Olee Sleep has a 6.4 rating which makes it a medium-firm mattress.

Cooling Effect

Nobody likes waking up in the morning only to find out that they are covered with sweat. That’s why Olee Sleep designed its cover to be more versatile. Aside from being soft and smooth, it’s also breathable to reinforce its gel-infused foam and ventilated memory foam. Its eco-friendly and breathable cooling gel properties help regulate your body temperature. To ensure your comfort, its convoluted HD foam also adds to its layers of breathable foams.


Olee Sleep has 2 intermediary layers to cushion your body. Compared to Zinus, we can say that this mattress offers almost the same level of motion isolation. But since the latter has individually wrapped coils, Olee Sleep has a slight disadvantage when it comes to edge support. Even though it is just .5 inch thinner than Zinus, the edge support of coils feels more solid than the foam.

Nonetheless, both mattresses can keep you from falling out of bed while you sleep. This mattress is resilient enough to hold your weight and last for years. Just don’t expect too much from Olee Sleep if you’re sitting on its edge, especially if you’re a little heavy.


First things first, the Zinus hybrid mattress is ideal if you want a 2-in-1 mattress. It’s like having the best of both worlds by having a combination of foam and innerspring mattresses. But if you’re looking for an all-foam mattress, Olee Sleep is the way to go.

Depending on your preferred firmness level, we have here two mattresses with different firmness levels. The hybrid mattress from Zinus is extra firm while the Olee Sleep mattress is medium-firm. If you’re not a fan of mattresses that are too firm, then a medium-firm mattress might work for you. Though Olee Sleep also promotes eco-friendly materials, Zinus still has more edge since it has natural plant oil, purified charcoal, and green tea extracts to keep your mattress smelling and looking fresh.


We understand that mattress shopping can be a tedious job. That’s why we’re here to guide you throughout your journey. To make up your mind whether it is the Zinus or Olee Sleep mattress that suits you best, here’s a few more tips.

If you’re a hot sleeper, go for Olee Sleep.

Olee Sleep has multiple foam layers that are breathable which reinforces its gel-infused memory foam and polyester jacquard fabric cover. It also costs less than the Zinus mattress which makes it a more practical option.

If you want firmer support, go for Zinus.

As a hybrid, Zinus has more advantages when it comes to offering a mattress with solid support, which makes it great for couples who need more edge support.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.