Zinus vs Signature Sleep: Who’s the Best Mattress 2018?

For the upcoming comparison, Mattress1000 will mention two leading mattress brands that always provide top-of-the-line and affordable mattresses including Zinus and Signature Sleep. They come with some commonalities such as a high number of customers, impressive feedbacks as the best online mattress, great performance and inexpensive prices.

But, when it comes to comparing Zinus vs Signature Sleep mattresses, who will be the best one to buy?
Don’t worry since Mattress1000 will show every detail about these two mattresses so that you can fall in love with one and then bring it back home. Be ready to find out! There we come!

Find the best mattress after examining Zinus vs Signature Sleep

A Zinus vs Signature Sleep Full Comparison

To get a clear view of the comparison of two mattress brands, Mattress1000 will delve into two particular products. And by showing all the features as well as pros and cons for each, you will know which one is the best for your demand.

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress Review

Zinus Gel Memory Foam Mattress boasts of its comfort innovation with a memory foam that can mold to the natural shape of the body. Besides, it comes with the high-density foam base layer, offering enduring stability and durability. What’s more, it gives the perfect balance of comfort and support to guarantee that you will get a good night’s sleep.

Zinus Ultima

With a height of 8 inches, this mattress might not be the thickest one on the market; however, it won’t kill your comfort. All the three layers will work together to fit your shape and support you from below, allowing you to sleep well.

Regarding value, the Zinus Green Tea is one of the most affordable mattresses. So, if you want a budget pick, it will be a significant investment.


Foam and layers

As outlined above, this product includes three different layers of foam including a 2-inch memory foam layer, 2-inch comfort foam layer, and 4-inch base foam. And all create a mattress with a total of 8 inches thick.

  • The top layer is made of 2 inches of memory foam that uses to fit your body and makes a pleasing level of softness.
  • The second layer will respond to your body’s weight and offer pressure relief when the first layer of the mattress shapes the body. Relying on that, you will lessen the development of pressure points and pain.
  • The final layer with 4 inches thick will support the upper two layers of foam and keep the mattress in shape. It also helps to increase the overall durability and comfort of the bed.


The cover of the Zinus Green Tea is coated with a high-quality foam and fiber quilted to soft knitted jacquard cover. Not only does it offer an extra layer of softness but also a great level of support. Wonderfully, the cover provides breathability to the mattress, decreasing the level of heat retention.


When taking a look at a firmness scale of 1 to 10, the Zinus mattress attains the average level (5/10). So, that means it is not too soft yet not too firm.

Due to the average firmness, the average and back sleepers can get a good night’s sleep with ease. Also, the heavier sleepers fall in love with the extra support that this mattress offers.

Indeed, the two single memory foam layers work to give comfort and pressure relief to the body. Soon, you will recognize it fits naturally and comfortably to your body; meanwhile, the center comfort foam layer reduces pressure points and helps to adjust your neck and spine.

But, if you prefer a soft to medium feel or be a side or stomach sleeper, you will feel unsatisfied for the first night since it’s too firm to sleep.


This mattress has three layers with a total thickness of 8 inches. And all have superior foams including memory foam, comfort foam, and base support foam. BioFoam, one of the latest evolutions of memory foam, helps to replace some traditional petroleum with natural plant oil, keeping the mattress fresh at all times.

Body contour

The second foam layer permits the bed to contour with your body entirely. When laying, it will curve along with your body shape. Relying on that, pressure level reduces, and you can get a relaxing sleep or rest.

Motion transfer reduction

Since the Zinus Ultima is made of foam layers, it can absorb so much of the energy and lessen the motion transfer well. That means you always feel the overall comfort whether your partner is moving around the bed.


When it comes to the support, this product does protect your body nicely. But, some users reckon that it will sink over time and make them feel like being trapped in the mattress. On the contrary, some prefer the level of sinking because it does give an enjoyable hug and softness to the mattress.

Smartly shipped

The quick shipping provided with the Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress is genuinely one of the best things. Shipping is fast and effective with the tightly rolled compressed mattress box delivered to your door via UPS/FedEx.

Affordable and warranty

This mattress is affordable and fit for your wallet for sure. Believe us; you won’t break your bank to get a good bed. Moreover, it’s perfect for those who love comfort and style.
In terms of the warranty, you will receive a 10-year-limited one. In case there are any faults experienced in the manufacturing process during this time, you can contact the company to have it repaired or replaced.


  • This Zinus Ultima comes with 3 layers of foam that give ample body support as you lay.
  • It offers maximum comfort and fresh thanks to the Bio-foam technology.
  • CertiPUR certification guarantees that this product is reliable and durable.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • Its price is affordable.
  • It has a limited warranty of 10 years.


  • The mattress might be a bit stiff for softer sleepers.
  • It might sag over time and has a lingering smell after unpacking.

Signature Sleep Hybrid Reversible Mattress Review

Similar to other comparisons on our site such as Zinus vs Lucid or vs Leesa, we continue mentioning another product from Signature Sleep. From there, you can conclude which mattress is the best when examining Signature Sleep and Zinus brands.

Here is the Signature Sleep Hybrid Reversible Mattress. It combines the high-density foam layer and the independently encased pocketed coil spring to offer you premium comfort.

Signature Sleep

Thanks to the innovative coil spring technology, you’re guaranteed to get years of longevity. Meanwhile, the cushioned memory foam layer makes it perfect for laying with the reduced motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep. Since this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, there is a guarantee to no off-gassing while the individual pocketed springs help to stop sagging for a long time.



Instead of showing 3 different layers like the Zinus above, this mattress highlights only 2 including the cushioning comfort insulator and main base.

On top and bottom of the coil, it’s a 1.6-inch high-density foam layer. This design also offers an even feel to the top layer. Wonderfully, it reduces the sinking feeling that is common with innerspring mattresses.

The main base of this product is a series of 480 independently pocketed 7-inch 15-gauge coils. Since these coils are individually covered in cloth pockets, they ensure the even weight distribution on the bed.

And when the weight is expanded equally, it permits the mattress to fit for your body’s curves. What’s more, the even distribution reduces your pains and aches if you’re suffering from pressure point pain.


Indeed, the mattress’ comfort begins right from the very top thanks to cotton-polyester blend jacquard. Aside from boosting your bedroom’s aesthetics with an inviting design, this cover is highly breathable. That means it can help to drive away heat and stop moisture development.


On the firmness scale, this Signature Sleep is a medium-firm mattress with a rating of 6/10.

So, it’s soft enough to offer body contour support for side sleepers. Besides, it can pull the side of the body so that your neck gets an ideal angle for resting on a pillow without feeling the strain. What’s more, this bed is perfect for stomach sleepers.

It works great for even back sleeper or any sleeping positions. And thanks to its progressive memory foam design and coil spring, you can get therapeutic benefits from this product.

Motion transfer reduction

In terms of the motion isolation, this bed can surpass all beliefs for a spring coil mattress. If you worry that you can wake up your sleeping partner with every move you make, forget it. Whether you’re getting in or out of the mattress or moving around while sleeping, this bed can solve excellently.

It removes motion transfer with its independently wrapped progressive spring coil design that maintains vibrations to a minimum and concentrates your body weight on the maximum number of springs. With more than 400 springs, each will be designed to work individually since they are suspended in memory foam that separates every spring.

But, please note that when the mattress isolates motion, the use of linen might make you feel your sleeping partner’s movement. Hence, it’s best to buy high-quality linens to fit the mattress.


Another great feature that increases the popularity of the Signature Sleep Mattress is that it’s reversible.
That means its opposite side has the same layers in the exact combination. As outlined above, this mattress highlights the top and bottom layer of memory foam. Hence, you should flip it to enjoy a neutral feeling at all times.

Support and comfort

This product is able to adapt to any sleeper’s body, but its contouring properties are not as excellent as other memory foam beds available on the market. Regarding comfort, it doesn’t show too much sinking as you lay on it.
Therefore, if you are suffering from lower back problems, you can consider this product.


A BIG concern that everyone cares whether this mattress becomes hot while sleeping like other innerspring ones. It doesn’t heat up, indeed.
Its construction including a proprietary memory foam design and spring coil system can draw air from the side of the mattress. When heat gathers below your body, the air will travel away from the body to drive away the heat. Also, the coil springs are covered in a breathable membrane and separated with an open cell memory foam that permits air to move throughout the bed.

Smartly shipped

When examining compare mattresses, the most wonderful thing that we prefer is its quick shipping. Your Signature Sleep Mattress will be sent right to your door in a single box within hours after ordering.

Value and warranty

Although this product belongs to the best mattresses under $200, it’s a bit higher as compared with the Zinus Ultima. But overall, it comes at a great price to spend.

How about the warranty? Although you only get a 1-year limited warranty, the company affirms that their product will be serviceable for 10 years.


  • The Signature Sleep Mattress is ideal for any sleeper, particular side, and stomach ones.
  • Its reversible design reduces the sagging level and increases durability.
  • It’s a medium-firm mattress for extra comfort and a good night’s sleep.
  • It provides maximum responsive to keep body weight and balance while sleeping.
  • It offers exceptional motion isolation.
  • It doesn’t heat up like other innerspring mattresses.
  • It comes with fast shipping and affordable price.


  • This mattress has only a 1-year limited warranty.
  • If you prefer more firmness, you need a thin topper.

Signature Sleep vs Zinus: Which is better after all?

For the comparison between Signature Sleep vs Zinus, you easily recognize both models with the same thickness of 8 inches to provide a great sleep. But since we need one winner for the bedroom, Mattress1000.com highly suggest the Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress.


It’s because this mattress offers three different layers to provide extra support and durability than the Signature Sleep. Moreover, it’s cheaper and has an extended warranty for 10 years. That means you’re guaranteed to use this mattress for years without worrying about wear, tear, etc.

Make your choice and bring back home the mattress you want most! Or if you want to find out more products, continue reading the upcoming comparisons on our site now!


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