Loom and Leaf vs. Amerisleep Comparison Reviews 2021

Investing in a mattress nowadays is not as simple as buying a pillow in online or brick and mortar stores. So, we reviewed the mattresses from Amerisleep and Loom and Leaf to see what it can offer to customers. Check out our detailed comparison of these mattresses when it comes to construction, firmness, support, and more.

Loom and Leaf Mattress

  •  At a glance: Luxury memory foam mattress with various comfort levels  
  • Headline: As a subsidiary of the Saatva Company, Loom and Leaf is widely known for its original Saatva Classic. Loom and Leaf offers high-quality mattresses with premium foams and eco-friendly materials in the market.

Amerisleep Mattress

  •  At a glance: High performance and clinically tested mattresses  
  • Headline: Designed to comfort you throughout your sleep, Amerisleep provide a revitalizing rest using advanced mattresses. Proudly made in America, the brand promotes locally made and sustainable products that can be a long-term investment for customers.

Quick Synopsis

Here’s a bite-size outline of what you can expect in this comparison of Amerisleep and Loom and Leaf:

Quick Comparison

  • Price – Loom & Leaf is more affordable
  • Firmness – Amerisleep has a medium feel while Loom & Leaf has a firm feel
  • Size Options – Amerisleep offers Twin to California King and Split King sizes

Since these are just a taste of what we prepared in this post, read on to learn more about its difference.

Loom and Leaf Mattress

Best For:

  • Those who want a more eco-friendly mattress
  • Sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress
  • Price-conscious shoppers who seek an affordable mattress
  • Anyone who wants a luxury mattress with free setup

Perfect Cloud UltraPlush 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Handcrafted with American luxury, Loom and Leaf caters for a wide range of customers with its versatile mattresses. So, let’s find out what this best-seller model mattress has to offer below.


The Loom & Leaf is 12 inches thick mattress which contains multiple layers of materials. When it comes to its construction, this mattress consists of 4 layers of materials which include its cover and foams. For its cover, the Loom & Leaf mattress is encased in quilted mattress cover that is made from organic cotton. This organic cover is the first comforting layer that you can enjoy from this mattress with 5/8 inches foam. It is made with cotton circular knit where each mattress showcases unique quilt patterns. This quilted layer is also constructed with the Loom and Leaf’s natural thistle flame retardant materials to ensure its longevity. Next to this is a layer of thick eco-friendly premium foam that is meant to promote proper spinal alignment. This is part of the mattress’ combination of cooling gel and foam that weighs 5 pounds and 3 inches thick. This core layer is composed of an enhanced cooling gel and viscoelastic foam which is CertiPUR-US certified. Thus, rest assured that this mattress meets all criteria for physical performance, environmental stewardship, and indoor emissions. For its next layer, it has a transition loft pad that is 2 inches thick to reinforce the previous layer’s performance. Finally, this mattress has the multi-layer support foams that is 6 inches thick to serve as its support base.


This Loom and Leaf mattress consists of dense premium foams which makes it firmer compared with other memory foam mattresses. The brand only use USA sourced memory foams that weigh 5 pounds to give you an ultra-luxury feel. If you want a mattress that has a bit of soft and dense memory foam feel, this mattress has a medium feel. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose from a relaxed firm or firm mattress. Thus, its multi-layer of foams and organic cotton quilt mattress cover guarantee its comfort and support.


Aside from being a memory foam mattress, this model has a fine construction that guarantees its support. From its outer to inner layers, this Loom and Leaf mattress provides a firm but comfortable support. This is thanks to its first layer of premium memory foams which provide optimal lumbar support. Its viscoelastic foam and gel-infused memory foam serve as the core support. Meanwhile, its 5 pounds of eco-friendly foam also provides wholesome and stable support to the entire mattress. This memory foam distributes the body weight equally across the mattress using its gel swirl construction technique. Even its multi-layer of provides an extra deep contouring support. At the same time, its transition loft pad is there to ensure the efficiency of its upper foam layers and base layer.

Temperature Regulation

Since no one likes to experience sweating in sleep, Loom & Leaf packed this mattress with advanced cooling solutions. This is noticeable from its quilted mattress cover which is made of a breathable organic cotton covering. It also has a spinal zone gel layer infused with cooling gel to wrap your body in a cool mattress. Aside from its gel-swirl construction technique, its foam and gel construction also has a pin core design for better airflow. At the same time, it pulls the heat away from your body using its phase change material with infused gel.

Amerisleep Mattress

Best For:

  • Customers who prefers mattress with USA sourced materials
  • Side and combo sleepers
  • Sleepers who need a specific comfort level
  • Anyone who want a balanced firmness

AMERISLEEP AS3 Memory Foam Mattress

For Amerisleep, we decided to pick its best-selling model which is the AS3 mattress. Since our main goal is to promote convenience and enlighten you, we won’t let you wait for long.


For better sleep, this Amerisleep consists of three inner layers with 12 inches profile. For its outer layer, AS3 has a high-performance fabric that is made of advanced Celliant cover. In the market, Celliant is one of the most advanced fabrics that Amerisleep constructed with 13 thermo reactive minerals. These 13 minerals transform body heat into infrared light to improve the mattress performance while you sleep. With these properties, the mattress helps increase the blood flow to carry more oxygen through the entire body. If the looks of your mattress matters a lot, Amerisleep mattresses are also known for its signature design. It’s simple but striking pattern and color suits many minimalists. Its cover is made from a blend of 77% polyester and 2% spandex. Upon checking under its cover, we noticed its first layer which is made of an extra breathable layer. Compared with most traditional memory foams in the market, its Bio-Pur foam layer is 5x cooler due to its breathable design. For its second layer, the AS3 mattress has a layer of transition foam which provides that soft floating feeling. It responds to different body sizes and position while its sag-free final layer handles the rest. In addition to that, Amerisleep also added this support layer to make the mattress more eco-friendly using Bio-Core foam. This final layer is made of natural plant properties to replace petroleum and last longer. Amerisleep also designed this mattress to fit into all kinds of bed frame to be more versatile – even on the floor. AS3 mattress is available in different sizes from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, to Split King sizes.


Engineered by Amerisleep, this AS3 mattress offers a balanced comfort level to help you sleep like a baby every day. This mattress combined innovative materials where your body can slightly sink in the memory foam. Compared with the rest of Amerisleep mattress models, this As3 model has a medium feel. Since it stands somewhere in the middle, its comfort level suits side, back, and combo sleepers. It has a sweet spot that feels like a Cloud 9 to cushion your body and relieve pressure points. But depending on your size and weight, this mattress might feel a little different. For instance, the heavier you are the more you can sink into the mattress as the mattress might feel softer. Regardless, it will not make you feel trapped since it can recover or bounce back into its original shape. No need to wait for up to 60 seconds or more, this AS3 mattress just needs less than 5 seconds.


The AS3 mattress provides great support for a wide range of sleepers. With all its mentioned layers of materials above, this mattress can promote proper spinal alignment by contouring to your curves. Regardless of your favorite sleeping position, it can provide just enough sinkage and reduce the motion transfer across the mattress. As it can isolate motion, couples can enjoy using this mattress whether one has a habit of frequent bathroom breaks or not. This is also thanks to its capacity to distribute your body weight evenly in the mattress surface. Lastly, its layers of foams can ease the pressure on your body while you sleep.

Temperature Regulation

Since this is the most versatile model among Amerisleep’s mattresses, the brand will not let its temperature slip away. Its FDA-determined Celliant cover is designed to promote increased comfort, especially for warm and hot sleepers. It even has a Bio-Pur technology which is a superior technology that provides a cooling feeling with its open-cell structure. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about dealing with excess heat and moisture in the mattress throughout your sleep.


Now that you’ve come a long way to reach this part, let’s get into the differences of these mattresses. First things first, we noticed that the Loom and Leaf mattress costs less compared with the Amerisleep mattress. Regardless of the specific firmness you want, its mattresses cost between $849 (Twin) and $1,799 (King and California King). Meanwhile, Amerisleep costs between $899 (Twin), $1,499 (King and California King), and $1,898 (Split King) in case you want more size options. Another thing is the firmness wherein the Loom and Leaf mattress feels firmer over the Amerisleep mattress with a medium feel. This makes the former mattress more suitable for heavyweight sleepers and back sleepers. It also comes in handy for sleepers who suffer from back pain since it can provide optimal back support. Meanwhile, the Amerisleep mattress feels more responsive and soothing for those who want a softer mattress. When it comes to convenience, Loom and Leaf offers free delivery and mattress set up. However, Amerisleep offers a longer warranty period which is up to 20 years whereas the other brand offers 15 years only.


For the final say, consider these questions below:

Do you prefer more size options?

If you and your partner have a different preference in sleep, Amerisleep offers a Split King mattress.

What extra perks do you look for in a mattress?

If you want an antibacterial, allergen resistant, and flame retardant mattress, Loom and Leaf can give you that. But if you want a versatile mattress that promotes an increased blood flow, Amerisleep got your back.


I am Linda Jones 26, editor of Matress1000. Our mission is to help people sleep better.