Serta memory foam mattresses reviews

This beautiful memory foam mattress has been designed to provide with the best sleeping experience. This 14-inch mattress provides a medium level of softness. The top layer is comprised of gel-memory foam that offers superior support with the help of the exclusive gel beads. The 2-inch layer of the premium open cell memory foam provides added cushioning and comfort.



The Serta 14-inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress consists of four unique layers that are designed to respond together to provide an ultimate in comfort and support. The 1-inch top layer is comprised of gel-memory foam that offers coolness, accompanied with a cradling comfort. The 2-inch middle layer is constituted with premium memory foam that acts to provide an added cushioning and even distribution of weight. A 3-inch third layer is an ActivAir form of foam that provides for enhanced breathability and airflow. And, finally, the 8-inch base layer is comprised of Support foam for long lasting durability and stability.

  • This product provides excellent relief of pressure points with the premium open cell memory foam that acts to distribute weight evenly across the body
  • The deep compression support helps proper and effective stability and durability to the product
  • This mattress is fit for any kind of sleeping position
  • The even distribution acts to make a proper spinal alignment and ensure proper sleeping at night and refreshed wake up in the next morning
  • The top cooling layer acts to minimize heat retention and thus the user is able to enjoy a quality uninterrupted cooling experience
  • The limited or no motion transfer has made this product an attraction for couples
  • The materials are made in the USA – thus the user ca be rest assure about the quality of materials used and other norms have been observed with stringency
  • There is a limited 20-year warranty for this product against assured satisfaction

  • A mild off-gassing may be experienced when the shipment is opened
  • May appear too firm for some sleepers
  • The trial period is too short

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Benefits for using Serta

To ensure that the user may get best comfort and support, this kind of mattresses are comprised of four layers of high quality, durable foam, including gel memory foam, premium memory foam, Active Air Foam and high-density support foam. All these combat to make the mattress a total of 14 inches tall.

The top layer is made of 1 inch of gel infused memory foam. The memory foam can create a soft, plush feeling on contact, and it gently hugs the body. The cooling gel infused with memory foam helps to pull heat away from the body. This results in preventing the mattress from heating up and keeping to maintain a constant temperature across the sleeping surface. The next layer is comprised of 2 inches of premium memory foam. This foam material absorbs the pressure of body weight and makes an even distribution throughout the mattress. This layer makes a relief over pressure points, thereby minimizing pain and reducing tossing and turning too.  The layer comprising with Active Air foam has a role over again in the reduction of pressure points. This unique open cell design helps to make an increased air flow. It also helps to keep the spine in proper alignment. Thus, it is able to reduce the build-up of pressure and minimizing the development of pain. The foundation, however, has been constructed with 8 inches of high-density support foam. This layer supports the upper three layers of the mattress. It thus accounts for providing stability and durability. This material also renders deep compression support. It acts in further limiting any pain and allowing for a restorative night of sleep.

Thus, it can be inferred that this 14 Inch Gel Memory Foam mattress from Serta is very comfortable. It is guessed that all sleepers with average size and heavier composition should find this mattress comfortable. But, lighter sleepers may find that it is too firm. This mattress conveys a perfect demonstration of an enjoyable decent hug and an excellent level of support. Motion transfer was also very minimal in this mattress. This is important to mention, as it certainly impacts the overall comfort that the bed delivers. The durable foam materials absorb energy with confidence implying that the bed is will keep unaffected with the motion of bed sharer.



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